14 Items You Can Only Find on McDonald’s Australia Menu

Try these unique items at McDonald’s locations in Australia.

Traveling to new destinations is a fun and exciting experience, but there are moments that pop up that can cause you to be homesick. When this happens, finding a place that gives a familiar feeling can help curb that twinge of emotion. Luckily, McDonald’s locations are all over the world, including Australia!

Australia Mcdonalds Drive Through

One of those places is the hugely popular chain McDonald’s. Walking into one of these establishments, with its familiar colors and highly recognizable arch logo, can make you feel like you’re back at home.

However, there are different menu items that are offered, and they all depend on your location.

What items are different when visiting Australia? We have compiled a list of menu options that may surprise you when you step into a McDonald’s down under, referred to as “Macca’s” by the locals.

McDonald’s Australia Menu

Check out some unique items you can find on the McDonald’s menu in Australia below.

Chicken McBites

There are two kinds of people – those who are Team Nugget and others who are all in for the lengthier chicken tenders style.

Chicken McBites offers the best of both worlds for those on both sides. You get a piece of chicken that is a bit smaller than that of a classic nugget but has the texture of a tender. 

While diners in the United States often order items like this as a main entree, Australia serves Chicken McBites as a side dish to other meals.

Oddly enough, American McDonald’s used to offer this version of chicken. However, they were quickly discontinued around 2013. 

Chicken ‘n’ Cheese

A few years back, someone told me that they always ordered their McChicken with a slice of cheese added.

My mind whirled because I couldn’t understand messing with the perfection that the McChicken upholds.

Why mess with that outstanding combination of chicken patty, lettuce, and mayo?

However, I gave in the next time I visited McDonald’s. I wasn’t disappointed! The cheese really does add something new and flavorful.

And what’s great is that it’s a standard menu item at Australian McDonald’s restaurants!

Known as Chicken ‘n’ Cheese, it’s exactly like what we know a McChicken to be, sans the lettuce.

Aioli Chicken McWrap

We all know that there is quite the uproar over McDonald’s taking the Crispy Ranch Snack Wrap off their American menu.

Australia never deviated from the wrap menu options, thankfully. What’s more, they have upped their game with the Aioli Chicken McWrap

Personally, I am a sucker for a good aioli. This garlic version that accompanies pieces of crispy chicken, lettuce, tomato, and mayo will hit every taste bud when it hits your mouth.

In typical Australian spirit, the wrap itself is made of wholemeal. All in all, you get a top-notch experience in the unique addition of garlic aioli mayo and traditional Australian flavors in wholemeal ingredients.

Caesar Chicken McWrap

As you will quickly understand, Australia doesn’t sleep on its McWrap offerings.

In addition to the Aioli Chicken McWrap, the franchise offers a Caesar Chicken McWrap that is every bit as enjoyable as the above mentioned option.

Having more than one delicious wrap to choose from will give you a highly satisfactory meal any which way you decide.

What do you get with a Caesar Chicken McWrap when visiting an Australian location?

Along with the telltale wholemeal wrap, you will bite into the perfect combination of chicken breast, parmesan shavings, Caesar dressing, and lettuce.

For added flavor and happiness, you will also see the addition of rasher bacon to the mix.

Wholemeal Snack Wrap

If you were concerned that the Snack Wrap options ended with the Caesar Chicken McWrap, you have no reason to be.

Australia didn’t just stop at two wrap options. They also included the Wholemeal Snack Wrap, which has become one of the most popular menu items in McDonald’s restaurants throughout Australia.

This particular wrap comes with the familiar wholemeal wrap, which is made with 100% Aussie wheat.

You will find chicken breast, lettuce, and mayonnaise within the wrap. In what has become the Australian wrap version of the American McChicken, the simplicity of the ingredients creates a high-quality entree for diners to enjoy.

Classic Angus

Everyone loves a quality burger. And, of course, McDonald’s has burgers in spades.

One of the most popular within Australia is the Classic Angus, which is made with 100% Aussie Angus Beef. 

Topped with a slice of cheese, onion, tomatoes, and pickles and finished with mustard and mayonnaise, you get the experience of a phenomenal burger with the unique addition of Aussie Angus Beef. 

Although the Classic Angus differs from American menu options like the Big Mac and Quarter Pounder, you’ll find that it has a comforting feeling of home. 

BBQ Bacon Angus

If you find yourself visiting Australia, do not forget to check out the BBQ Bacon Angus Burger that is prominent on the McDonald’s menu.

With the quality Aussie beef patty that is also included with the Classic Angus, you know the foundation of the burger is solid. Adding to that, the toppings make this sandwich all the better.

It may not seem like much, but the toppings of crispy bacon, barbecue sauce, and a cheese slice give an extra kick to an already phenomenal meal.

A perfect combination of sweet and savory allows dual experiences and will have you craving more.

Big Brekkie Burger

When you lay eyes on the Australia-exclusive Big Brekkie Burger, you will understand what love at first sight truly feels like.

This morning delight combines every popular menu ingredient into one delicious and fulfilling sandwich that will not disappoint.

Starting with two Angus beef patties sandwiched with rasher bacon, you then have a freshly cooked egg with a hash brown and melted cheddar cheese on the top.

Finished with a splash of barbecue sauce and a toasted sesame seed bun, the taste is unique and the sandwich hearty.

You may want to consider enjoying this as a brunch because you won’t be hungry when lunch rolls around!

Mighty McMuffin

We all know what a McMuffin is. It’s common knowledge that the most well-known breakfast menu item comes in different varieties with your selection of meats.

However, they take it a step further in Australia with the Mighty McMuffin

You’re triple covered in the meat department with two separate layers of rasher bacon situated on a sausage patty.

However, Macca’s doesn’t end it there. You will also have a freshly cooked egg, a slice of cheese, and the standard toasted English muffin.

It’s easy to see why they dubbed this breakfast delicacy as mighty. With the boost of protein that you get from this sandwich, you’ll be good to go for most of the day.

McDonaldland Cookies

We all have childhood memories that stick with us through the years, even when they are no longer in existence.

For many American millennials, these memories revolve around McDonald’s birthday parties and the little packs of cookies featuring our favorite characters like Grimace, Ronald, and the Hamburglar.

For those chasing their childhood memories, visiting Australia will give you a piece of nostalgia.

Purchasing a baggie of McDonaldland Cookies will take you right back to the days of playing in the play place and crowding around a fast-food dining table to sing Happy Birthday in front of a colorful sheet cake.


In life, I try my best to be happy with what I have and to avoid jealousy at all costs.

But when I learned that Macca’s serves up chocolate macarons in their Australian locations, I was immediately jealous of everyone in the country down under who possesses the seamless ability to sail through the drive-thru and come out with exquisite macarons.

Sure, other establishments carry the popular treat. But having the chance to pick up your coffee, lunch, or even just a quick mid-day snack and add on a macaron? It’s just not the same. 


The Toastie is another simple menu item with a top spot on Macca’s menus throughout Australia.

There are two different choices when ordering a Toastie, including an option with just cheese and another that contains both cheese and ham. 

A Toastie is an excellent option for those who don’t want a heavy meal and are looking for something a bit lighter.

With protein and carbs included, it has the ingredients necessary to tide your stomach and appetite over until your next meal without leaving an overly full feeling. 

Bundle Deals

As a meal option slowly gaining speed in some of the McDonald’s locations within the United States, the Dinner Bundle Deals are a top choice for busy families on the go.

Coming in a combination of sandwiches, fries, and drinks, you can order enough for your whole family in one fell swoop.

Australia offers three different versions of its Dinner Bundles. You can select from a McFavourites Bundle, McFamily Bundle, and a McValue Bundle.

The options vary with different amounts and types of sandwiches, chicken nuggets, and drinks.

The choice between sandwiches with nuggets, large fries, and drinks and sandwiches with small fries and drinks separates the different types. 

Frozen Cokes and Fantas

A few McDonald’s locations in the United States offer frozen drinks in the flavors of Coke or Cherry.

However, the Australian menu gives many more options than we are used to in the States. 

Not only do you have the different Coke flavors in frozen form, but there are a significant amount of Fanta flavors that you can order frozen as well.

While we have Fanta in the United States, it isn’t as popular here as it is down under, so it’s a welcome treat to discover when visiting Australia

Between Fanta Mango, Grape, Raspberry, and Blueberry, you will spend the duration of your time in Australia trying out all the new frozen flavors you can’t get at home. 

McDonald’s Australia Menu

  1. Chicken McBites
  2. Chicken ‘n’ Cheese
  3. Aioli Chicken McWrap
  4. Caesar Chicken McWrap
  5. Wholemeal Snack Wrap
  6. Classic Angus
  7. BBQ Bacon Angus
  8. Big Brekkie Burger
  9. Mighty McMuffin
  10. McDonaldland Cookies
  11. Macarons
  12. Toasties 
  13. Bundle Deals
  14. Frozen Cokes and Fantas

Final Thoughts

You will be hard-pressed to find an individual who has never been to a McDonald’s. For that reason and many more, the chain has a sense of familiarity and home no matter where you are.

You know that when you step foot in the golden arched doors, you will see colors and items that remind you of home and good memories.

Although you will find foods that remind you of home, you will also be greeted with a few surprises. An Australian-based McDonald’s, also known as Macca’s, is no exception.

This guide lays out some of the most popular menu items you will find down under, mixed in with some of the more familiar options from home. 

Have you visited an Australian McDonald’s? What was your favorite meal during your time there? Let us know in the comments. 

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