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7 Jack in the Box Secret Menu Items to Try

Jack in the Box started as a simple burger and shake concept but expanded its menu over the years to include delicious salads, sandwiches, and hard-shelled tacos. Its menu has undergone various revamps and continues to invent new creative dishes.

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There are plenty of menu items that were either seasonal specialties or legendary customer creations that never became permanent fixtures despite their popularity.

You can still get that special burger, dessert, or sandwich if you know how to order it. That’s why I’ve compiled the following list of Jack and the Box secret menu items. 

Check out the secret items at Jack in the Box to switch up your order.

Bacon Bacon Cheeseburger

You know to expect good things when you see “bacon” twice in one title.

Bacon has always been the height of carnivorous decadence, and its addition to any dish instantly upgrades it. So, how does bacon show up in this burger?

In two ways; as a crispy strip and a chopped additive to beef.

The Bacon Bacon Cheeseburger starts with a bacon cheeseburger, with a beef patty smothered in melted cheddar and topped with crispy bacon strips and the veggies of your choice, then garnished with an extra layer of bacon bits.

You’ll be in hog heaven with this decadent burger.

Ciabatta Bacon Cheeseburger

One distinguishing characteristic that gives Jack in the Box a leg up on its burger-serving competitors is its wide variety of bread types.

While beef and cheese may define a burger, you’d be surprised at how different bun types can elevate an American classic.

If you want to put an elegant, Italian twist on a standard burger, try ordering the Ciabatta Bacon Cheeseburger.

This wonderful menu item used to be a permanent fixture on the menu but has since disappeared.

Luckily, Jack and the Box still stocks ciabatta bread, so all you have to do to order the Ciabatta Bacon Cheeseburger is order the regular Bacon Cheeseburger and ask to replace the sesame seed bun with ciabatta bread. 

Mint Oreo Cookie Shake

If you’re a mint chocolate chip ice cream fan, the only thing better would be a mint Oreo cookie ice cream.

You could be waiting years for this flavor to debut, so why not create it for yourself at Jack in the Box? 

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Oreo milkshakes are one of the most popular flavors anywhere, and Jack in the Box mixes Oreos with vanilla ice cream to create their own cookies and cream shakes.

Sometimes they stock mint ice cream for seasonal specialties.

If you’re in luck, the Mint Oreo Cookie Shake will be yours. Just ask the server if they have mint ice cream to swap with vanilla in the oreo cookie shake. 

Sourdough Bread

The Sourdough Jack is one of Jack in the Box’s most popular menu items.

The combination of a savory burger, Swiss cheese, and tangy sourdough is certainly a stroke of culinary genius.

Sourdough bread brings a gourmet complexity to the flavor profile of a standard burger, making the bread as important as its contents.

If don’t want a sourdough jack but still want sourdough bread, Jack in the Box is happy to oblige. You can substitute sourdough jack for any sandwich or burger bread on the menu.

I like subbing a sourdough bun for a buttery bakery bun on my spicy fried chicken and cheese sandwich.

Loaded Breakfast Sandwich

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then the Loaded Breakfast Sandwich just increased its significance.

This behemoth breakfast meal uses every breakfast fix-in on the menu to provide you with a sandwich that will fuel your whole morning.

The Loaded Breakfast Sandwich isn’t a secret at all, but a fan favorite on Jack in the Box’s signature breakfast menu.

It starts with toasted sourdough bread, then loads on a freshly cracked egg, hickory smoked bacon, melted American cheese, a sausage patty, and a thin slice of ham.

 If that’s not loaded enough for you, you can always ask for an extra helping of whatever ingredient you deem fit. 

Loaded Fries 

Another fan favorite that sets Jack in the Box a cut above other burger chains is its seasoned curly fries.

Everything from the shape to the texture, to the flavor, makes for award-winning fries. You might think that they’re perfect as is, but Jack in the Box found a way to improve upon them. 

Loaded fries are an utterly decadent snack that came out in 2018, featuring two different variations of sauced and garnished curly fries served in cute little Chinese take-out-like boxes.

The takeout boxes might not exist anymore, but you can still request loaded fries.

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They come doused in chili cheese sauce or using a blend of three different types of cheese sauces plus the addition of chopped bacon. Bring a fork!

The Extra Cheese Burger

If you’re feeling extra hungry, don’t be shy, order extra!

While you might think that doubling or tripling the meats and cheeses on a burger will, in turn, double the price, think again.

You can add extra cheese for under 50-cents a slice or an extra patty for a dollar. 

The Extra Cheese Burger can be as extra as you want it to be. Do you want to turn your burger into a veritable patty melt? Ask for a triple serving of cheese slices. 

Originating in 1951 in San Diego, California, Jack in the Box was a name inspired by the whimsical circus décor that founder Robert Oscar Peterson used to adorn his first chain of restaurants he developed during the 40s. 

Jack in the Box was a novel concept for America both as one of its first fast-food chains and the first drive-through burger stand with an intercom system.

Before Jack in the Box, drive-throughs were as slow as walk-up stands, but the intercom system revolutionized fast food efficiency.

Jack in the Box has a vast and eclectic menu that encompasses America’s favorite comfort food, from burgers to fried chicken to tacos. They’ve also taken bold and creative steps to set themselves apart from the competition by varying their bread and dessert options.

Consequently, Jack in the Box welcomes special orders and novel customer creations as well. If you want to think outside of the box, try one of my recommended Jack in the Box secret menu items.

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