Top 9 Dunkin Flavor Swirls to Add to Your Coffee

The most delicious coffee flavor swirls to order from Dunkin

Dunkin Donuts might have been known for its donuts at some point, but nowadays it’s all about the franchise’s coffee drinks.

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Even though people make a big deal about the Starbucks secret menu and the seasonal flavors there, Dunkin Donuts offers delicious coffee flavors year-round that don’t require insider secrets to order. 

From the limited edition pink velvet swirl around Valentine’s Day to Baskin Robbins’ ice cream-inspired rocky road swirl, the flavors keep on coming at Dunkin Donuts.

But, with so many delicious flavors, both seasonal and constant, which one should you order next?

8 Best Dunkin Donuts Coffee Flavors

Don’t even worry about it. I’ve got you covered with some of the best coffee flavors at Dunkin that I can personally attest to.

So, if you want to swing through the drive-through and try out your new favorite flavor, keep reading.  

Caramel Swirl

The caramel swirl flavor at Dunkin Donuts is a staple for the franchise.

You can add this swirl to pretty much any Dunkin drink to elevate the flavor and add some sweetness.

For me, I love to get a classic iced coffee with a caramel swirl instead of adding sugar and cream to it since the flavor is already sugary and creamy enough to replace generic whole milk. 

However, if you want a little something more extravagant, you can get the sweet cream cold brew with an added caramel swirl flavoring, otherwise known as “the Charlie,” for a smoother taste, or the classic Caramel Macchiato, which is a classic Macchiato with a caramel swirl. 

Honestly, there isn’t a coffee-based beverage on the Dunkin menu that you can’t add caramel to make it better. 

Butter Pecan Swirl

Think cozy, think comforting, think buttery.

Butter pecan, the lesser-known of the Dunkin flavor swirls, is all three warm feelings melted into one sweet syrup.

I like to get a butter pecan latte around the holidays in place of the traditional peppermint mocha or salted caramel because I think its buttery flavor brings some warmth to the colder months that those other flavors don’t. 

You can still enjoy this flavor any time of year though. For example, if you want a chilled, sweet treat to cool you off on a hot summer’s day, I recommend adding the swirl to Dunkin’s frozen coffee, it’s like a butter pecan milkshake with a caffeine jolt to get you through the rest of the day. 

Hazelnut Swirl

The hazelnut swirl at Dunkin Donuts is nutty and warm.

It can effortlessly elevate a boring coffee drink into a delicious treat.

The coffee flavor does particularly well during the colder months when added to a hot coffee beverage, whether a plain drip cup or frothy latte because its nutty flavor is reminiscent of the holidays. 

Although, you can still get this flavor any time during the year.

If you’re looking for recommendations, you can’t go wrong with an iced latte with a hazelnut swirl or a hazelnut swirl macchiato, hot or iced.

French Vanilla Swirl

Like the caramel swirl, the french vanilla swirl is a staple at Dunkin and a very versatile flavor.

You can add it to a latte on its own or pair it with another flavor to make a special treat. 

For example, say you can’t decide between the caramel or vanilla swirl for your latte. Get both. I’ve done this before and swear by it.

The french vanilla and caramel together create a delightfully warm flavor since they work well together. 

However, you also can’t go wrong with adding the French vanilla swirl to a classic cold brew or iced coffee either to add a bit of sweetness to that bold brew, especially if you want the caffeine kick but don’t particularly like the bitter flavor of either drink black. 

Mocha Swirl

When you see or hear the word mocha, you might not understand what the flavor will taste like outright, but you can think of it as chocolate.

The mocha swirl adds a rich, chocolate flavor to coffee drinks, which complements the boldness of the beans. 

The flavor isn’t sickly sweet either, making it one of the best coffee flavors at Dunkin for those who don’t like adding sugar to their drinks. Instead, the mocha swirl amplifies the coffee flavor.

If you want to give the mocha swirl a try, I recommend adding it to a hot latte first because it makes the beverage taste like a delicious hot chocolate with a little hint of coffee. 

Pumpkin Swirl

Although it’s one of the season Dunkin flavor swirls, the pumpkin swirl is always a favorite when fall rolls around.

The flavoring is fine on its own with an iced or hot black coffee since it has plenty of sweetness and flavoring to add to the drink. However, if you want to create a fun, flavorful fall drink, I can personally attest to the signature pumpkin swirl latte. 

You can order this autumnal beverage either hot or iced, but I think it’s served best hot.

The hot, frothy milk, rich espresso, and pumpkin swirl melt together, creating a warm, spiced drink to comfort you on a crisp day. 

Peanut Butter Cup Swirl

Peanut butter might not seem like the best complement to coffee at first glance, but, like a match made in heaven peanut butter and chocolate combination in a peanut butter cup, the peanut butter cup swirl makes a cup of coffee out of this world delicious. 

Dunkin created this new signature swirl as a part of its Halloween-themed releases.

I haven’t had the flavor in any of Dunkin’s other coffee beverages because the peanut butter cup swirl macchiato is too good for me to try it in anything else.

Especially as a hot macchiato, the peanut butter cup swirl makes the drink taste like melted Reeses.  

Caramel Mocha Swirl

What happens when you combine two of the best coffee flavors at Dunkin? You get the chocolatey caramel goodness that is caramel mocha.

This coffee flavor tastes like a liquid milky way or caramel truffle when added to any coffee drink at Dunkin. 

In the winter, you can order this flavor to mimic the salted caramel mocha offered at Starbucks for like half the price.

Or, you can add it to an iced latte in the summer for a sweet, mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

However you order the caramel mocha, I’m sure you’ll be delighted by the sweet, chocolate flavor that erupts after your first sip. 

Rocky Road Swirl

Ice cream lovers and coffee fanatics can rejoice over a new common favorite, Dunkin Donuts’ rocky road swirl.

Somehow, the coffee has combined chocolate ice cream’s richness with almond goodness and marshmallow sweetness to create this sugary syrup. 

As an ice cream-inspired flavor, the rocky road swirl goes well in a frozen or iced coffee drink.

But, it can add a bit of chocolatey goodness to a hot latte or macchiato too.

Personally, I tried this flavor as an iced latte over the summer and was pleasantly delighted at how refreshing it was despite the rich flavor profile.  

8 Best Dunkin Donuts Coffee Flavors

  1. Caramel Swirl
  2. Butter Pecan Swirl
  3. Hazelnut Swirl
  4. French Vanilla Swirl
  5. Mocha Swirl
  6. Pumpkin Swirl
  7. Peanut Butter Cup Swirl
  8. Caramel Mocha
  9. Rocky Road Swirl

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for your new seasonal go-to flavor, a day-to-day fundamental favorite, or a totally new combination flavor you’ve never heard of before, you can’t go wrong with any of these eight best coffee flavors at Dunkin. 

If you’re looking for even more ways to pair these flavors, or a new drink entirely, check out some of the most amazing drinks to order at Dunkin Donuts.

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  1. You do realize that Dunkin’ Donuts no longer sells hazelnut swirl or hazelnut shot, they don’t even sell the bagged hazelnut ground coffee anymore. Since I only drink hazelnut, they lost a loyal customer.

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