Top 11 Fast Food Fries Ranked

If you’re like us, you probably find it hard to imagine a world without fries. Their golden, crispy goodness is beloved all around the world but, here in the U.S, the humble fry may be more popular than anywhere else.

fast food fries and ketchup

Think of fast food and you think of fries. Whether you have a cheeseburger, a chicken burger, a hotdog, or even a milkshake, fries are the perfect accompaniment (that’s right, fries dipped in milkshakes can be delicious!) Just about every drive-thru food item out there pairs well with fries. It’s incredible how much you can do with just a potato. Whether you fry, strip, or salt this humble veggie, you will end up with something tasty. And, best of all, they come in all shapes and sizes. From skinny fries to fat wedges, there is a fry out there to suit everyone’s tastes. So, in today’s blog, we will be focusing on the best fast food french fries in America. We have reviewed countless fast food joints and done the “hard” work of finding out which place serves the best fast food fries. It’s hard work, but we’re up to the task! Get those taste buds ready as we dive into the mouth-watering world of American fast-food fries. Learn more about these french fries to find your perfect fry!


There is no other way to begin a list of the best fries with the most famous fries of all, McDonald’s. Just about anywhere you eat fries, you will unwittingly compare them to McDonald’s. We think that fries are honestly one of the greatest things on their menu. McDonald’s was arguably the first major fast-food chain to serve fries. While they were once served in soda cups, their cardboard holders are now world-famous and somehow make the fries taste better. While there are so many other fast food joints serving delicious fries (as you will see below), if you catch McDonald’s on a good day, there are not many better foods to satisfy your fast food cravings than their salty, skinny, crispy fries. 


The fries at Arby’s aren’t just any old, regular type of fries. No, these are curly. And utterly mouth-watering. With perfectly tight spirals and a crunchy texture, Arby’s curly fries may be the best in the country. The classic seasoning that Arby’s uses on their potatoes also add to the unique taste that these fries offer. Bathed in some sort of orange spice flavor, your taste buds will be ready to party with these curly fries. While their taste is relatively strong, they don’t overpower other menu items. Instead, Arby’s curly fries act as the powerful sidekick to the main food item.We highly recommend topping these fries off with Arby’s famous sauce and Horsey sauce. Seriously, your taste buds will thank you forever! Just tell your local Arby’s staff to get used to your face because you will be visiting far more often after trying these curly delights.

Five Guys 

If you’re out with your friends and fancy some fries, there is a chance that some of you will be dying for McDonald’s classic serving or Five Guys Cajun fries. If you have never tried these cajun bad boys, then you have not lived yet! Leave your comfort zone and try these highly flavorful fries instead. Trust us, you will fall in love immediately. Five Guys has become increasingly popular over recent years and one reason is their generous portions. You always get a fully loaded bag of fries and, sometimes, this can be more than you can eat. While the fries can lose their crunchiness by the time you get to the bottom of the bag, the stars of the show at the top are world-beating (watch your back McDonald’s). Admittedly, Five Guys can be hit and miss with their fries but when they get it right, they get it very right. These fries, when eaten immediately, have a perfect crispy texture with a buttery, rich Idaho potato waiting for you inside the deep-fried exterior. If seasoned fries are not your thing, just go for Five Guy’s regular fries. These come seasoned with salt and are just as tasty. You can always ask for a side of cajun seasoning to see if you like the extra spice. Control the seasoning yourself and you can enjoy a unique fry tasting experience. 

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We’ve all had regular fries. Most of us have eaten curly fries. But, how many of us have enjoyed waffle fries? Okay, even if you have, you must try Chick-fil-A’s classic, ultra-tasty waffle fries. As with curly fries, these waffle fries add a perfect texture as a side dish. With every fry presenting a waffle texture, you can enjoy the best of both worlds – waffles and fries. In other words, you’ll be in pure ecstasy! Ordering these fries on their own will be more than enough to satisfy your hunger but pair with Chick-fil-A’s famous chicken sandwich or other menu items and you may experience the best fast food meal out there. Crispy on the outside but soft and buttery on the inside, these waffle fries have a distinct texture and flavor thanks to the hot peanut oil they are fried in. With a moderate coating of sea salt, these Chick-fil-A satisfying offerings are not too salty or bland. However, catch the fast-food chain on a bad day and you could be met with a soggy and mushy pile of fries.While the quality of Chick-fil-A’s waffle fries can be somewhat sporadic (as well as how much they offer), on a good day, you will not find many tastier fries in the country. 

Raising Cane’s 

Although Raising Cane’s may not possess a household name like our previous entries, the fast-food chain does provide some of the tastiest fries on the market. Famous for its delectable chicken fingers, Raising Cane’s manages to meet the high expectations of customers with solid, crinkle-cut fries to accompany their chicken dishes.When you have finished the chicken at Raising Cane’s, you’re usually left with some sauce. What better way to mop this sauce up than with some delicious french crinkle-cut fries! A crunchy exterior and a hot, smooth potato on the inside is the least you’d expect from a french fry but the additional Raising Cane’s sauce just takes these to another level of tastiness.Although cooked from frozen, all fries at Raising Cane’s are made with attentiveness. The crinkle-cut is the perfect friend for sauced-covered chicken. And, if you’re a sucker for crinkle-cut fries, these frozen salty pieces of joy are just what you have been looking for. 

Taco Bell 

Visit Taco Bell at the right time and you can enjoy some of the best fast-food fries possible. While they are not always available, when they are, they are totally worth the wait. Best of all, they regularly updates their fries with different seasonings making it more interesting every time you visit. We’re going to give you two for one with Taco Bell as the famous fast-food chain offers two supremely tasty ingredients together – seasoned fries and nacho cheese sauce. The nacho fries may be the most popular type of fries on the menu and for good reason. It’s just torturous at times as you may head to Taco Bell one week and enjoy some nacho fries only to return a week later and find they have been removed from the menu. The fries, themselves, have a crunchy, almost battered outer layer that is seasoned with spices like garlic powder, paprika, and onion powder. Their classic fry cut makes them the perfect choice to accompany other Taco bell menu items or as a stand-alone treat. While nacho fries create a vision of salsa, guacamole, and tonnes of cheese, these are closer to simple seasoned curly fries. For more nacho cheese sauce, just ask for a side helping. Just get there quick before Taco Bell takes these fries off the menu again.

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There may be some uproar from a few fast-food fans when they see that we have included KFC on this list. But, hear us out. While their regular fries leave much to be desired, the Kentucky Fried Chicken joint has some special potato wedges to serve us.To be honest, these are not for everyone but we believe KFC’s potato wedges are simply incredible. They have a crispy, seasoned outside that crunches perfectly in your mouth before meeting a fluffy, soft interior that melts in the mouth. However, on some occasions, you can come across a frozen inside which is not ideal. If potato wedges are not your idea of “classic fries”, then you could always opt for KFC’s Secret Recipe fries. Seasoned with 11 herbs and spices, these fries somehow taste very similar to the chain’s famous fried chicken. While these are undoubtedly tasty, especially if you love southern fried chicken, they can sometimes lack that fried crispiness that, let’s face it, makes a French fry a French fry. The Secret Recipe fries from KFC are best enjoyed with a bucket of chicken rather than on their own but the potato wedges, when cooked correctly, can be enjoyed just as much as a bucket of chicken. 


When it comes to cajun fries, it’s a close call between Five Guys and Popeyes. Apart from their rhyming names, Popeyes’ fries are superior in one department – the crunchiness. Unlike Five Guys Cajun fries, Popeyes’ fries are battered meaning each one crunches and breaks like heaven in between your teeth. Yes, the creaminess inside is somewhat lacking due to a longer cooking time but the additional batter provides a distinct flavor and texture that is hard to come across anywhere else. Spicy with flecks of pepper, these orange sheened fries do not have as much as a kick as you may like but are more than enough to add a certain “buzz” in your mouth. Seasoned lightly with garlic and onion powder, black pepper, and paprika, these hot, crispy potato delights taste just as good, if not better, after they have been left to cool in a box. Even when soggy, they somehow taste great! With an inviting, appetizing smell and no greasy aftertaste like so many curly fries offer, Popeye’s Cajun fries are certainly worth a day out for. We encourage you to cover them in ketchup, or honey. Any sauce will do! Even if you eat these on their own, you will be blown away by their almost perfect taste. 

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It wouldn’t be a fast-food list without our nation’s beloved Wendy’s. Recently, Wendy’s introduced a new French fry to the menu and it has become a very popular choice with customers. Wendy’s isn’t known for having the best fries out there as the chain often ranks low on “French fry lists.” However, the new Hot & Crispy fries have taken everyone by surprise. Wendy’s Traditional fries were nothing to write home about. Skin-on potatoes were once used which left an earthy taste but were pleasant enough as a side snack. Now, the Hot & Crispy fries are much thicker and their exterior is much crispier and crunchier than ever before. Even when they go a little cold, that crunchiness remains meaning you can leave some for a long road trip if needed.As with any fries, the quality diminishes a little as they get colder but not as much as others. Of course, they are best enjoyed when fresh out of the fryer. So, don’t wait around! Wendy’s is waiting for you to try these delicious fries. Just be prepared to see a look of shock and horror when you ask your friends to “go for some fries in Wendy’s.” Just show them this article as proof that Wendy’s has improved their fry game at last! 

Shake Shack 

We finish our list with another “not-so-famous” fast-food name but one with top-class French fries for all of us to enjoy. If you’re on the lookout for flavorful crinkle-cut fries, Shake Shack is the place to go. Every fry that comes out of this fast-food joint is as crispy as you can possibly get a fry. We’ve never experienced a soggy fry here which is pretty remarkable. We love the salt they use at Shake Shack. It is unlike any salt used in other fast-food restaurants as it tastes a little stronger but not enough to make you feel sick. If you’re a fiend for saltiness, then these crinkle-cut fries are the ones for you. They may be too salty for many, especially as a side dish to a burger. The stronger saltiness can overpower some menu items. On their own, Shake Shack’s crinkle-cut fries are perfect. Whether you need a quick snack or something for the road, these will have your back and leave a salty yet pleasant aftertaste for hours to come. Check out the rest of the Shake Shack menu to complete your meal!

Rally’s / Checker’s

Rally’s and Checker’s, sister fast food restaurants, both serve the same, high quality French fries. The seasoned fries at these fast food chains are some of their most popular menu items. While they don’t have the same reach as bigger chains like McDonald’s or Burger King, fans of Rally’s and Checker’s know that these french fries stand up well against bigger competitors. These fries are battered, so they have a perfectly crunchy exterior, but the inside is still soft and potato-y. The seasoning contains onion powder, garlic powder, and paprika, giving extra flavor so that you don’t even need a dipping sauce, although you certainly can dip these fries in your sauce of choice.

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