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Does Arby’s Serve Onion Rings?

Are Arby’s onion rings to your liking? If so, you might be curious as to whether the fast food restaurant company still serves this dish. Yes, onion rings are still available at all of Arby’s locations. Due to low sales, Arby’s previously stopped selling onion rings. But due to popular demand, the well-liked side dish is once again available.

An Arby's restaurant in Wilson, NC

You can still enjoy the crispy, fried taste of Arby’s onion rings whether you eat them alone or as a side to your preferred sandwich or sub.

So, if you ever feel like your meal might benefit from a side of onion rings, know that Arby’s has you covered. Visit the nearest restaurant to enjoy this traditional fast-food staple.

Arby’s Menu Overview

The answer is yes if you’re asking if Arby’s has onion rings. However, let’s first take a short look at the Arby’s menu before moving on.

Fast food restaurant company Arby’s is known for its roast beef subs. They do, however, also have a selection of different sandwiches, sides, beverages, and desserts.

Their sandwich selection includes a variety of options, such as roast beef, turkey, chicken, corned beef, brisket, and more.

Additionally, they provide sliders, which are scaled-down versions of their standard sandwiches.

Curly fries, mozzarella sticks, jalapeno bits, onion rings, and other selections are available at Arby’s if you want sides to go with your sandwich.

For those seeking a lighter option, they also provide salads and soups.

Arby’s offers a variety of drinks and desserts in addition to its meal offerings. They sell milkshakes, tea, lemonade, and soft drinks. They serve chocolate molten cake, cookies, and turnovers for dessert.

Whether you’re craving a sandwich, a side, or a sweet treat, Arby’s menu offers a decent selection of alternatives.

Let’s return to the original query: Does Arby’s serve onion rings, now that you have a broad notion of what the restaurant’s menu has to offer.

Yes, it is the answer. The Steakhouse Onion Rings that Arby’s sells are produced with fresh onions that have been cut into rings and then dusted with a special flour mixture.

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The outcome is an onion ring that is crispy and tasty and goes great with any meal or on its own as a snack.

Onion Rings at Arby’s

If onion rings are your favorite food, you may be wondering if Arby’s serves them. Yes, Arby’s does indeed sell onion rings.

Fresh, entire onions are used to make Arby’s onion rings, which are then cut into rings and dusted with a special flour mixture.

The distinctive crunchiness and distinct flavor of the rings are a result of this special mixture.

Onion rings are available as a side dish or as part of a dinner combination. Several Arby’s sandwiches, including the Smokehouse Brisket and the Loaded Italian, can also have them as a topping.

It’s important to note that Arby’s onion rings were previously unavailable at some locations but have now returned in response to customer demand and are now offered at all Arby’s locations.

So if you’re craving some tasty, crispy onion rings, stop by Arby’s and try some now!

Alternatives to Onion Rings

There are a few alternatives if you’re looking for anything to take the place of Arby’s onion rings.

Here are some substitutes to take into account:

Curly Fries

If you enjoy Arby’s seasoned curly fries, onion rings can be easily swapped out for them.

These fries are tasty and crispy, and they have a special seasoning that makes them stand out from other fast food fries.

You can get as much or as little of them as you choose because they come in a range of sizes.

Mozzarella Sticks

A traditional starter served at many fast food establishments, including Arby’s, are mozzarella sticks.

These mozzarella cheese breaded sticks are deep-fried to a crisp, golden brown. For anyone looking for a cheesy, salty snack, they’re a fantastic choice.

Jalapeño Bites

Onion rings can be replaced with spicy Arby’s Jalapeo Bites. These snacks are made from hot jalapenos that have been breaded and deep-fried to a crispy texture.

They have a hearty crunch and a spicy kick that will definitely awaken your palate.

Loaded Curly Fries

Try some Arby’s Loaded Curly Fries for a filling snack. Cheddar cheese sauce, shredded cheddar cheese, and crispy bacon bits are sprinkled on top of these fries.

For anyone who desires something a little more delicious than ordinary fries, they are a decadent and filling option.

Classic Fries

Arby’s basic fries are usually a wonderful option if you’re looking for a straightforward and uncomplicated meal.

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These fries have a subtle seasoning that accentuates the potato flavor and are thin and crispy. They go well with any sandwich or burger as a side dish.

Overall, Arby’s offers a selection of delectable onion ring substitutes that are sure to sate your cravings.

There is something on the menu for everyone, whether you’re craving something hot, cheesy, or just classic.

Customer Opinions on Arby’s Side Options

The side dishes that come with fast food are equally as significant as the main courses.

Curly fries, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, and other sides are available at Arby’s. But what do consumers believe about Arby’s side dishes?

Arby’s curly fries are a favorite among customers, according to numerous internet forums and social media sites.

The spice and crispy texture of the fries are much praised by customers. The best curly fries in the fast food market, according to some.

Some clients, meanwhile, prefer a milder flavor since they believe the seasoning to be too overbearing.

Another popular option among Arby’s consumers is mozzarella sticks. The oozy cheese filling and crunchy breading are well-liked.

The mozzarella sticks, however, have been criticized for being hit or miss depending on the location. In certain places, they might not be fried for long enough, leaving them with soggy sticks.

Opinions on onion rings are a little more polarized. Some consumers adore the flavor and crispiness of Arby’s onion rings.

They like how they go nicely with Arby’s sandwiches and are not overly greasy. Some people have, however, pointed out that the texture and size of the onion rings might vary.

Furthermore, there have been instances of some establishments not having any onion rings at all.

Customers tend to generally prefer Arby’s side dishes. The majority of consumers appear to love the variety and quality of Arby’s sides, despite a few minor complaints.

If curly fries, mozzarella sticks, or onion rings are what you’re craving, Arby’s has you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Arby’s still have onion rings?

Yes, Arby’s still has onion rings on their menu. In fact, they recently brought back their Steakhouse Onion Rings that they had previously discontinued. These onion rings are thick-cut, battered, and fried until crispy, making them a popular menu item among Arby’s fans.

How many calories are in Arby’s onion rings?

Arby’s onion rings are a tasty treat, but they’re not the healthiest option on the menu. According to the Arby’s website, a small order of onion rings contains 400 calories, while a large order contains 670 calories. Keep in mind that these calorie counts do not include any dipping sauces.

Can you order onion rings without breading?

Unfortunately, Arby’s does not offer onion rings without breading. If you’re looking for a gluten-free or low-carb option, you may want to consider ordering a side salad or a meat-based sandwich without the bun.

Are Arby’s onion rings vegetarian?

Arby’s onion rings are not vegetarian, as they contain eggs and milk in the batter. If you’re looking for a vegetarian option at Arby’s, you may want to consider ordering a side salad or a veggie sandwich.


In conclusion, onion rings are listed on the menu at Arby’s. The thick-cut, battered, and crispy-fried Steakhouse Onion Rings are a favorite menu item for many patrons.

There have been claims that Arby’s has stopped selling onion rings, however this is untrue.

To the delight of their loyal patrons, they have actually brought back the Steakhouse Onion Rings that they had previously discontinued.

Fresh, entire onions are used to make Arby’s onion rings, which are then cut into rings and liberally dusted with a special flour mixture.

The unique crunchiness and distinct flavor of the rings are a result of this unique combination.

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  1. Arbys does not carry onion rings on the standard menu they may be available in some test markets however you will not find them in the vast majority of the restaurants. You will also not find molten lava cake that was a limited menu item that has not been back on the menu for years. I am a director of operations for a large franchise and can assure you these items are not on the menu. I just don’t want guests to read this and show up to be disappointed when they are not available.

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