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Arby Q Sandwich

Are Arby’s roast beef sandwiches among your favorites? Then perhaps you ought to try their Arby’s Q sandwich. Since its debut in 1977, this sandwich has been on and off the menu several times, but its fans have remained devoted. The roast beef, barbecue sauce, and bun that make up an Arby’s sandwich are basic ingredients.

Sandwich at an Arby's restaurant.

At participating locations, the Arby-Q sandwich is once again available for a short period of time.

If you haven’t tried it yet, this is the ideal time. Arby’s famous roast beef is the main ingredient in this sandwich, which is made with toasted sesame seed bread with barbecue sauce that is both acidic and sweet.

Despite how straightforward it is, the sandwich is tasty and will definitely sate your desires.

History of Arby Q Sandwich

In the 1970s, Arby’s originally offered the Arby-Q sandwich, which remained a mainstay on their menu for many years.

arby q sandwich

Arby’s famous roast beef, slathered in tangy barbecue sauce and served on a sesame seed bun, was the main ingredient of the sandwich.

A common menu item that many patrons appreciated was the Arby’s sandwich.

The Arby’s sandwich has experienced some modifications over time. The sandwich underwent a makeover in the 1980s and incorporated a new barbecue sauce.

Pickles and onions were also included with the sandwich, which gave it an extra layer of taste.

To the dismay of many consumers, the Arby-Q sandwich was removed from the menu in the 1990s. The sandwich, however, has returned in recent years and is now offered at a few Arby’s locations.

Even today, the slow-roasted, thinly sliced roast beef from Arby’s is still used to make the Arby-Q sandwich.

After that, a tangy barbecue sauce is spread over the sandwich, which is then placed on a sesame seed bun.

Anyone searching for a nice and filling supper may consider the delectable and flavorful Arby’s sandwich.

Overall, the Arby’s Q sandwich has a long history and is a well-liked menu item.

The Arby-Q sandwich will satisfy your cravings and leave you feeling full, whether you’ve been a fan of the sandwich for a long time or are experiencing it for the first time.

Ingredients of Arby Q Sandwich

An iconic fast food item that has been a mainstay of the Arby’s menu for years is the Arby Q Sandwich.

Roast beef is slathered in tangy, sweet barbecue sauce and served on a toasted sesame seed bread in this straightforward yet delectable sandwich.

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Here are the ingredients that make up the Arby Q Sandwich:

  • Roast Beef: The star of the sandwich is the thinly sliced roast beef that is slow-cooked to perfection. It is juicy, tender, and flavorful.
  • Barbecue Sauce: The barbecue sauce used in the Arby Q Sandwich is a proprietary blend that is sweet, tangy, and slightly smoky. It complements the roast beef perfectly and gives the sandwich its signature flavor.
  • Sesame Seed Bun: The bun is an important component of the sandwich, providing a soft, slightly sweet base for the roast beef and barbecue sauce.
  • Lettuce and Tomato (optional): Some versions of the Arby Q Sandwich may include a leaf of lettuce and a slice of tomato for added freshness and texture.

In conclusion, the Arby Q Sandwich is a straightforward but filling fast food dish that is ideal for a quick lunch or snack.

Since it contains savory and high-quality ingredients, it is a favorite among Arby’s consumers.

Making of Arby Q Sandwich

You’ll need a few materials, some time, and the Arby Q sandwich to make it at home.

The following instructions will let you make your own Arby Q sandwich:

  1. Start by gathering the necessary ingredients. You will need roast beef, barbecue sauce, buns, and beef broth. You can use store-bought barbecue sauce or make your own using a recipe found online.
  2. Place the roast beef in a crockpot and pour the barbecue sauce over it. Cook on low for 8 to 10 hours, stirring occasionally. This will allow the roast beef to absorb the flavor of the barbecue sauce and become tender.
  3. In a large skillet, heat the beef broth until it simmers. Separate the slices of roast beef and add them to the broth. Warm the meat for 2 minutes, then remove from the heat.
  4. Spread the homemade Arby’s sauce on the bottom of the onion buns. Divide the roast beef evenly over each bun.
  5. Serve the sandwiches with a side of fries or onion rings, and enjoy your homemade Arby Q sandwich!

Without having to leave the comfort of your own home, making your own Arby Q sandwich at home is a terrific way to enjoy this iconic sandwich.

You can make a wonderful sandwich that rivals the original with a few basic ingredients and some patience. So why not give it a shot and see what happens?

Nutritional Information

The Arby-Q Sandwich from Arby’s might be a tempting choice if you’re searching for a quick and simple dinner.

But it’s crucial to understand what you’re getting into before you bite. The nutritional analysis for the Arby’s sandwich is as follows:

  • Calories: The Arby-Q Sandwich contains 400 calories. This is a moderate amount of calories for a fast food sandwich, but it can add up quickly if you’re not careful.
  • Fat: The sandwich contains 11 grams of fat, which is on the lower end of the spectrum for fast food sandwiches. However, it’s still important to keep an eye on your fat intake, especially if you’re watching your weight.
  • Carbohydrates: The Arby-Q Sandwich contains 58 grams of carbohydrates, which is a significant amount. If you’re watching your carb intake, you might want to opt for a different sandwich or skip the bread altogether.
  • Protein: The sandwich contains 15 grams of protein, which is a decent amount. However, it’s important to note that the protein comes from the beef and not from any vegetables or other sources.
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The Arby-Q Sandwich has a moderate amount of calories and fat overall, but it has a lot of carbohydrates.

Consider one of Arby’s salads or a sandwich with more vegetables and less bread if you’re searching for a healthy choice.

Always be mindful of your daily caloric and nutritional consumption, and limit your intake of fast food.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Arby-Q sandwich?

The Arby-Q sandwich is a popular menu item at Arby’s. It is made with roast beef, which is drenched in barbecue sauce, and served on a bun. The sandwich has been on and off the menu at Arby’s since it was first released in 1977.

How many calories are in an Arby-Q sandwich?

According to, an Arby-Q sandwich contains 400 calories, 11 grams of fat, and 58 grams of carbohydrates. It’s important to note that the nutritional information may vary depending on the location and preparation of the sandwich.

Is the Arby-Q sandwich gluten-free?

Unfortunately, the Arby-Q sandwich is not gluten-free. The bun contains wheat flour, which is a source of gluten. If you have a gluten intolerance or sensitivity, you may want to consider ordering a different menu item at Arby’s.

Can I customize my Arby-Q sandwich?

Yes, you can customize your Arby-Q sandwich to your liking. You can ask for extra barbecue sauce, add cheese or bacon, or even substitute the roast beef for another protein, such as chicken or turkey. Keep in mind that customizations may affect the nutritional information and price of the sandwich.

Is the Arby-Q sandwich available all year round?

No, the Arby-Q sandwich is a limited-time menu item at Arby’s. It may only be available during certain seasons or promotions, so be sure to check with your local Arby’s to see if it is currently being offered.


The Arby-Q sandwich from Arby’s might be worth a try if you’re searching for a quick and delectable lunch.

On bread, the sandwich is made up of roast beef that has been covered in tangy barbecue sauce.

It’s a straightforward sandwich with flavorful ingredients, making it a terrific choice if you’re craving something hearty and substantial.

The Arby-Q sandwich is a delightful delicacy that is ideal for those occasions when you want to indulge a little, despite the fact that it may not be the healthiest option available.

Remember that the sandwich is only accessible for a short period of time, so you’ll need to move quickly if you want to sample it.

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Overall, if you’re looking for a quick, tasty dinner on the run, the Arby-Q sandwich is a good option.

It’s a sandwich that will definitely sate your hunger thanks to the marriage of soft roast beef and tangy barbecue sauce.

So, if you’re craving something savory and delectable, stop by your neighborhood Arby’s and try the Arby-Q sandwich.

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