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Burger King Unleashes Million Dollar Whopper Contest

Burger King, the iconic home of the flame-grilled Whopper sandwich, is inviting fans and culinary enthusiasts to embark on a culinary adventure like never before. In a groundbreaking move, Burger King has announced the launch of the first-ever Million Dollar Whopper Contest, an opportunity for fans to showcase their creativity and potentially win a mouthwatering $1 million prize.

The flame-grilled Whopper, already boasting over 200,000 customizable combinations, has become a cultural icon since its debut in 1957. However, in an unprecedented move, Burger King is handing the reins to its fans, urging them to reimagine the beloved Whopper with their wildest, most innovative toppings and flavors. From savory sensations to sweet and sour showstoppers, the possibilities are as vast as the imaginations of the participants.

Entering the Million Dollar Whopper Contest is a breeze. Burger King enthusiasts can visit or use the BK App (no purchase necessary) to submit their Whopper creation from February 5, 2024, through March 17, 2024. With the freedom to include up to eight toppings, participants can let their culinary imaginations run wild. The contest is accessible to all through the free Royal Perks account, ensuring that everyone has a chance to contribute to this flavorful journey.

After submitting their Whopper concept, participants will receive an A.I.-generated image and a personalized jingle inspired by their creation. The magic of artificial intelligence adds an extra layer of creativity to the process, allowing participants to share their unique Whopper vision across social media platforms.

The stakes are high, with a $1 million prize awaiting the creator of the winning Whopper. Later this year, three Whopper creations will be selected by the contest judges. The creators of these chosen Whoppers will be invited to Burger King’s headquarters in Miami, where they’ll have the exclusive opportunity to refine their concepts before they hit menus nationwide for a limited time.

Once unleashed in the Burger King outlets, guests will be able to try out each of the three finalists and cast their votes for their favorite Million Dollar Whopper. The finalist who secures the most votes will not only win the hearts and taste buds of Burger King fans but will also take home the coveted $1 million prize, making this contest a true celebration of culinary creativity and public choice.

But the excitement doesn’t end there. Burger King is taking the Million Dollar Whopper experience to the next level with “Million Dollar Whopper World” at the Santa Monica Pier on February 17 and 18. This immersive pop-up experience allows Burger King enthusiasts in the Los Angeles area to sample a California-inspired Whopper or create their own Million Dollar Whopper-inspired sandwich, featuring ingredients not found in regular restaurants. Exclusive merchandise and more await those who embark on this flavor-filled journey.

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The Million Dollar Whopper Contest is a celebration of culinary innovation, a testament to Burger King’s commitment to its fans, and an opportunity for one lucky creator to claim a $1 million cash prize. So, fire up your imagination and let the flavor journey begin!

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