Best Desserts at Burger King 

Try these items from the Burger King dessert menu for a sweet treat

Burger King first started in Miami in 1953 and has been thriving as the undisputed king of burgers, namely the Whopper, for decades. There are also delicious Burger King desserts that you can add to the end of your meal, however.

Burger King Fast Food Restaurant Front View

Head to head competitor with other giant food chains like McDonald’s and Wendy’s, it has managed to create a trademark and maintain it because of its wide range of food items, all at an affordable price point. 

It was not too long ago when Burger King launched some decadent dessert items on their menu. From their Hershey’s Sundae Pie to their Vanilla soft-serve cone, this article will review the best Burger King desserts you can treat yourself with.

Best Burger King Desserts

I have personally tested each one of them to see if they are worth the hype or not. The availability of desserts on the list may vary from place to place. 

Let’s dive in!

The delectable Chocolate OREO Cookie Shake at Burger King tops our list of the best dessert items due to its smooth, velvety texture.

It might be a 674 calorie boost, but the combination of chocolate sauce, oreo chunks, and soft serve vanilla ice cream was a pure pleasure for my taste buds.

What makes the Chocolate Oreo Cookie Shake different from the regular Oreo Shake is the chocolate sauce is just the right amount of sweet, and the vanilla ice cream, which mimics the vanilla layer of Oreo, gives the shake more vanilla goodness. 

Without a doubt, the Chocolate Oreo Cookie Shake is one of the best Burger King Desserts that should be on your must-try list!

2 Chocolate Chip Cookies

The best thing about Burger King’s 2 Chocolate Chip Cookies is that they come in a pack of two (like the name suggests), and they have the right amount of gooeyness and sweetness to them.

The 2 Chocolate Chip Cookies are, without a doubt, a great addition to any meal.

Once you try these cookies, you will find yourself craving them over and again. Each cookie has around 330 calories, but the rich amount of chocolate chips make them worth the guilty pleasure. 

The 2 Chocolate Chip cookies are soft and chewy. Burger King has created the perfect amount of sweetness, even if the ample amount of chocolate chip might make you think otherwise.

I wasn’t expecting much from Burger King’s 2 Chocolate Chip Cookies, but they were far better than most of the cookies I have had at other fast-food joints.

Will I purchase the 2 Chocolate Chip Cookies again? Yes, these are totally worth the dollar. 

Caramel Sundae

Burger King’s Caramel Sundae is served with Soft Serve Vanilla ice cream and a generous amount of caramel.

Nothing really extravagant about this dessert; just a classic Sundae, best utilized as comfort food.

I found that the soft serve vanilla ice cream wasn’t overly sweet, which is a good thing, given that the caramel topping adds its own amount of caramel sweetness to the Sundae.

Overall, there is no compelling reason to sleep on Burger King’s Caramel Sundae, especially if you enjoy caramel desserts. I can see myself adding this to my meals quite often.

Hershey’s Sundae Pie

Who doesn’t love the idea of a sundae as a pie?

To add the pie touch, the Hershey’s Sundae Pie comes with a flavorsome crusty chocolate layer. The first layer is “Chocolate creme,” which has the texture of both a mousse and a soft-serve ice cream. 

Upon digging further into the Hershey’s Sundae Pie, you will discover a vanilla creme filling. Each layer of this sundae pie is chocolate and vanilla stacked upon one another. 

I was not disappointed by this one at all; safe to say, this is one of the best Burger King desserts to have.

The Hershey’s Sundae Pie is easy on the pocket and satisfying for one’s tastebuds. This dessert is the perfect option for your cheat days and as comfort food.

Chocolate Sundae

Just like the Caramel Sundae, Burger King’s Chocolate Sundae is a classic treat for anyone.

It contains a thick layer of chocolate sauce and under it is Burger King’s classic Soft-Serve Vanilla ice cream. I found that this dessert was sweeter than the Caramel Sundae, but if you have a sweet tooth, you will enjoy this one. 

However, halfway through the Chocolate Sundae, the sauce ran out, and I had nothing in my cup except their Vanilla Soft-serve.

If Burger King decides to increase the quantity of their chocolate sauce, I don’t see any reason for their Chocolate Sundae to not be an add-on to my order. 

Since their Chocolate Sundae is affordable (prices may vary according to location), even with the limited amount of chocolate sauce, this is worth the dollar. 

Strawberry Shake

The Strawberry Shake at Burger King is a definite treat for those that enjoy strawberry flavored desserts.

The Strawberry Shake was a bit too sweet for me, and I assume that the sweetness will be a bit overpowering for those who don’t have a major sweet tooth.

The texture of Burger King’s Strawberry Shake is the same as others, velvety, mixed with their Soft-Serve Vanilla ice cream. 

However, one thing I didn’t like was the lack of consistency with their flavor. The Soft-Serve Vanilla ironically made it harder to mix the Strawberry Milkshake; perhaps if they balanced the ratio of their ingredients, this could be a spectacular drink. 

With this dessert, you undoubtedly get your money’s worth. However, it isn’t a regrettable choice, just a personal preference.

Soft Serve Cone

Burger King’s Soft Serve Cone is vanilla flavored.

Their vanilla soft-serve is an integral part of almost all their desserts, and if you have it on its own, it isn’t half bad. The Vanilla Soft Serve cone isn’t overly sweet but isn’t anything extravagant either. 

This dessert is a pretty simple one, and I suggest that you try it out at least once. However, it is more of a kid’s dessert than a regular one.

Quite a basic dessert with not a lot going on. It is still impressive to see the numerous kinds of ways Burger King has managed to explore their Vanilla Soft Serve.

Vanilla Shake

Just like Burger King’s Vanilla Soft-Serve Cone, their Vanilla Shake is also pretty basic.

It is just Vanilla Soft-Serve with milk. Not overbearingly sweet, but nothing too fancy either. If your favorite flavor is vanilla, you will enjoy their Vanilla Shake thoroughly.

However, fact remains that this one is not always my first choice of dessert when ordering from Burger King.

With the wide variety of desserts Burger King has to offer, I doubt many people are opting for their Vanilla Shake. This is still a good option if you want to get creative and make your own dessert. 

Their Vanilla Shake might not be a strong contender on its own, but it brings a lot of flavors when paired with two or three other ingredients. 

Chocolate Shake

The Chocolate Shake is another basic flavored milkshake from Burger King just like its Vanilla counterpart; however, I enjoyed this far more.

I suppose that’s a matter of preference. Mixed with milk and soft-serve, this makes for a decent side order with a burger.

But given the number of choices, I doubt I will opt for this more than twice consecutively. The Chocolate Milkshake is sweeter than their Vanilla Milkshake but still not overly sweetened.

To be fairly honest, my preference sides more with chocolate in general, and my opinion on basic flavored milkshakes like chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla is subjective.

If you have a craving for chocolaty items, this one is also a must-try!

Out of all the Burger King shakes discussed in this review, their Oreo Cookie Shake brings the second most amount of flavor.

There is just something about the oreo crunchiness mixed with their Vanilla Soft-Serve that makes it better than their single flavored vanilla and chocolate shake.

The Vanilla Soft-serve gives the Oreo Cookie Shake a boost of vanilla, and the oreo biscuits simultaneously maintain the sweetness level to a decent amount.

I will surely give this another try on my next visit to Burger King, and I can tell you that this is worth the money. 

Best Burger King Desserts

  1. Chocolate OREO Cookie Shake
  2. 2 Chocolate Chip Cookies
  3. Caramel Sundae
  4. Hershey’s Sundae Pie
  5. Chocolate Sundae
  6. Strawberry Shake
  7. Soft Serve Cone
  8. Vanilla Shake
  9. Chocolate Shake
  10. OREO Cookie Shake

Final Thoughts

Out of all the desserts I tried at Burger King, the clear winner for me is the Chocolate Oreo Cookie shake and the Hershey’s Sundae Pie. Not only are these cult favorites, but they are also very fulfilling on their own. 

Hershey’s Sundae Pie is more than a fast-food dessert. It tastes like a proper store-bought dessert. Burger King has a wide variety of desserts, and I am sure they will keep experimenting.

Till they come out with something better than their Chocolate Oreo Cookie Shake, I will let this one take first place on my list of the best Burger King desserts.

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