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Buffalo Wild Wings Secret Menu Hacks

With its acres of flat-screen TVs showing all things sports and a healthy selection of beers—bottles and cans, sure, but also on tap—Buffalo Wild Wings has become a destination spot for sports fans, wing connoisseurs, and people looking for a neighborhood hang.

Buffalo Wild Wings whose downtown

It’s a fun place with great food, and the staff has always been open to customers making special requests, essentially hacking the B-Dub’s menu.

Now, Buffalo Wild Wings has gotten in on the hacking, creating what the restaurant calls “hackables.” 

Here are three Buffalo Wild Wings Secret Menu items you’ll want to try next time you visit.

Vampire Slayer

Consider these two questions:

  • What kills (or repels, depending on the kind of vampire you’re encountering) vampires?
  • What makes nearly any food other than a bowl of cereal exponentially more delicious?

The answer to both, of course, is garlic.

A plate of Vampire Slayer wings comes to your table as a combination of two sauces that appear on the menu.

But for this Buffalo Wild Wings secret menu item, they combine the spicy garlic sauce with the Parmesan garlic sauce.

Each sauce is transcendently delicious on its own. And combined? Even if you are a vampire, it’s so tasty that you might want to try it.

Dirty Bird

“Dirty” has a couple of connotations here. Any time you eat wings, you make a mess of your hands.

That’s just part of life. And then there’s “dirty” related to Cajun food—we’ve all had dirty rice, right?

For this hackable, B-Dub’s takes an order of wings and hits them with their regular Teriyaki sauce.

But to make the wings dirty in the Cajun sense, they get a dusting of Cajun seasoning—paprika, garlic notes, various peppers, and other spices. 

Combined, the two flavor profiles create something singular and one of the more engaging items on a Buffalo Wild Wings secret menu.

El Loco

Have you ever been to a B-Dub’s and found yourself torn between ordering wings or nachos?

The El Loco was made for indecisive people like you. 

If wings and nachos could have a baby, it would be El Loco. 

Buffalo Wild Wings nachos have chips, salsa, peppers, and all the usual nacho fixings, but El Loco adds chipotle BBQ wings to the mix.

And then you’re free to add all the nacho toppings your little heart desires.

Even if you’re not a Van Halen fan, you might find yourself humming “Best of Both Worlds.”

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