The 9 Most Popular Fritos Flavors To Eat

There are a lot of different opinions out there when it comes to the best Fritos flavors.

Bag of Chili Cheese flavor Fritos corn chips

Some people swear by the original flavor, while others prefer chili-lime or honey BBQ. There are endless possibilities in choosing a favorite Fritos flavor.

This list will explore the nine most popular Fritos flavors, based on popularity and taste, and what makes them unique.

Check out our favorite Fritos to snack on. These make great road trip snacks or crunchy companions to pair with a sandwich!

Flavor Twists: Honey BBQ

The honey BBQ flavor is bold and well-balanced, with just the right sweetness to complement the salty Fritos chips.

The shape of the twists is a notable change from traditional Fritos, making them even more fun to snack on.

These chips are also remarkably versatile; they pair equally well with dips or by themselves as a snack.

Overall, the Honey BBQ Flavor Twists are an excellent option for those who want something different from the original Fritos taste yet still familiar and delicious.

Original Fritos

The original Fritos are the classic corn chips that started it all.

They are versatile and perfect for snacking or dipping, simple and salty, with a slightly sweet flavor from the corn.

While the original Fritos may not be as flashy as some of the other flavors on this list, they are a timeless classic for a reason.

The flavor makes them a great option for those who want a no-frills snack.

I love to make Fritos Chili Pie with these chips. It’s a simple and delicious way to enjoy a bag of Original Fritos.

Just top with a can of chili, and shredded cheese, grab a utensil, and enjoy.

Flamin’ Hot Fritos

I’m a big fan of spicy food, so when I saw a bag of Flamin’ Hot Fritos at the store, I had to try them.

These chips are not for the faint of heart. They are intensely spicy, with a flavor that lingers long after you’ve finished eating them.

But the taste is well-rounded, not just all heat, but an enjoyable depth of flavor. So if you’re a fan of hot Cheetos, you’ll enjoy these chips.

Try them with a cool, creamy dip like spinach or artichoke to balance the heat, or enjoy them on their own for a fiery snack.

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Lightly Salted Fritos

These are a good choice for those looking to satisfy their savory snack cravings while sticking to a low-sodium diet.

lightly salted fritos

So even if you’re not on a sodium-restricted diet, you might not tell the difference between these and the regular Fritos because they taste so similar. 

What the bag says is true; they really are just like the original Fritos but lighter on the salt.

If you are looking for a Fritos chip lighter on the salt but still packed with flavor, the Lightly Salted Fritos are a great option.

Bar-B-Q Fritos

These chips have a smoky BBQ flavor that is perfect for summer grilling.

They are a little sweeter than the original Fritos, with a tang that makes them irresistible.

The Bar-B-Q Fritos are also a good choice for those who want to try something different from the classic Fritos flavor.

They aren’t as sweet as the Honey BBQ Fritos and still have that classic corn flavor. The Bar-B-Q Fritos are great on their own or as a topping for chili.

A handful of Bar-B-Q Fritos also goes great with a hot dog or hamburger at your next cookout or with a sandwich for a quick lunch — I like to put them in my sandwich for a satisfying crunch.

And, as with other BBQ chips, their robust flavor makes them the perfect stand-alone snack.

Chili Cheese Fritos

These are my favorite Fritos flavor. They have all the savory goodness of chili with the added cheesy deliciousness we all love.

Not too salty, with a perfect crunch and a subtle cheese flavor, Chili Cheese Fritos are a delicious snack that is unbeatable when combined with a spicy nacho cheese dip.

And as with all Fritos, these chips are also great all on their own.

I like to use them as a replacement for traditional chips in nachos.

I make a quick chili with ground beef, beans, and diced tomatoes and then top it with shredded cheese and a handful of Chili Cheese Fritos.

It’s an easy and tasty weeknight meal everyone loves.

Fritos Scoops

These chips have all the flavor of regular Fritos with a fun shape that makes them even more enjoyable to eat.

Shaped like little scoops, they are perfect for picking up your favorite dips.

From hearty dips like guacamole to chunky salsas, Fritos Scoops don’t crack or crumble like other chips, making them the ideal vessel for scooping up all the goodness.

My favorite way to eat them is with guacamole or salsa, but they are also great with queso dip on game day.

But you can also serve them with chili, nacho cheese, or your favorite dip and watch them disappear.

Chile and Lime Fritos

The combination of the salty, crunchy chips with the tart lime and spicy chile flavor is a delicious change of pace from the traditional Frito flavor.

I love the balance of flavors, with the lime being the most prominent.

The chile flavor isn’t too spicy but adds just enough heat to make things interesting, while the saltiness of the chips ties everything together.

Chile and Lime Fritos taste great right out of the bag or with dip. I like to crumble them as a topping on salads or tacos.

They’re also great for parties because they’re easy to eat and everyone loves them.

Fritos Spicy Jalapeño

For those who like a little heat with their munchies, these Fritos Spicy Jalapeño are a great snack.

The flavor is spot on, and the crunch factor is perfect.

While not as spicy as the Flamin’ Hot Fritos, these still have enough of a jalapeno bite to satisfy.

These Fritos are definitely worth trying if you’re looking for a snack with a little bit of everything.

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