8 White Castle Breakfast Menu Items to Order

Are you in search of the best White Castle breakfast menu items? As a tried and true White Castle fan, I’ve got you covered.

White Castle restaurant at night

Go for a classic slider with breakfast meats, try a light plate of hash browns, or grab some maple syrup with your waffles. Or, indulge your sweet tooth with a Strawberry Cheesecake-On-A-Stick.

You can learn about the details of these menu options and more by reading below. 

Whether you’re a veteran White Castle visitor or you’ve just started visiting, this article is for you. You can learn about top breakfast items and even discover a new favorite – since they offer all day breakfast, you can enjoy them anytime!

Original Slider With Egg And Cheese

White Castle’s Original Slider With Egg and Cheese is a classic menu item.

It’s a fast and easy way to enjoy several of White Castle’s tasty menu options, and the slider is like a breakfast version of their popular lunch items.

The slider has a biscuit-like bun ideal for a quick handheld breakfast. It has a thin meat patty with gooey cheese melted on top and a fluffy fried egg patty.

The meal is perfect for busy people who need a grab-and-go option or slider fans who want a lighter version of the lunch slider.

Hash Brown Nibblers

Need a quick bite from White Castle? You might consider the Hash Brown Nibblers, a side dish on the restaurant’s breakfast menu.

These bites are ideal for kids, snackers, or people looking for an addition to breakfast.

Hash Brown Nibblers are mini hash browns — fried chopped potatoes reminiscent of French fries.

They pair well with a breakfast sandwich or other menu items like the Breakfast Toast Sandwich.

The Hash Browns have the perfect amount of salt and a nice crunch.

They’re oily without being too greasy and are light enough to eat at breakfast. Consider adding ketchup for extra flavor.

Breakfast Toast Sandwich

Don’t miss the Breakfast Toast Sandwich, one of my favorite morning pick-me-ups from White Castle.

It’s a simple but hearty meal with all you need to get a great start, with meat, eggs, and crispy bread.

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I like to pick up a Breakfast Toast Sandwich on a busy morning.

The Breakfast Toast Sandwich starts with two slices of white bread, toasted to perfection on each side.

The chefs then slide in a fried egg patty with seasonings, and add a few strips of bacon on top to finish it off. The result is a tasty handheld breakfast to make your tastebuds water.

Belgian Waffle Slider

The Belgian Waffle Slider is to die for, with sweet Belgian waffles and a savory meat center.

Grab one of these sandwiches and enjoy dessert for breakfast!

The chefs load this slider with the works. Try eggs, bacon, and sausage, or request your favorite combination to customize it.

I recommend trying the egg and sausage Belgian Waffle Slider with a drizzle of maple syrup.

The Belgian Waffle Slider is ideal for people who want a more indulgent breakfast while still getting their protein in.

Pair it with a cold drink like White Castle milk or juice to cut the sweetness.

Chicken and Waffles Slider

Try the Chicken and Waffles Sliders, a twist on the classic Southern dish.

It’s the only breakfast menu item with fried chicken and is a great late breakfast to ease you into the lunch hour.

Traditional Chicken and Waffles include a pile of crispy waffles, greasy fried chicken, and a generous helping of gravy, but the White Castle version is easier to consume.

The dish has fried chicken with a light gravy sauce between two Belgian waffles. 

It’s handheld and won’t make a mess, and you can grab a slider and enjoy your Chicken and Waffles on your way to work or school.

Breakfast Slider

If you can’t decide on a White Castle breakfast item, why not go for a classic Breakfast Slider?

The Breakfast Slider is a version of one of their iconic sliders, but the meal is suited for a light breakfast.

Try the Breakfast Slider and enjoy a light, fluffy biscuit bun with a folded fried egg and crunchy bacon.

I like the Breakfast Slider because you can easily pair it with different menu items, like the bite-sized Hash Brown Nibblers.

You can customize your Breakfast Slider and swap out the bacon for sausage if that’s your thing. You can also get it with melted cheese.

Strawberry Cheesecake-On-A-Stick

Do you want dessert for breakfast at White Castle? Try the Strawberry Cheesecake-On-A-Stick, an option to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings at breakfast.

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White Castle is famous for their cheesecakes, and the Strawberry flavor is my favorite.

The dessert has the savory tang of cheesecake with a pop of sweet strawberry. There’s also a crunchy graham cracker crust that’s not too sugary.

The cheesecake lives up to its name. It comes on a stick, making it fun and easy to eat.

I guarantee you’ll enjoy this tasty dessert as a snack or an addition to your White Castle breakfast spread.

Mini Belgian Waffles

Are you looking for a bit of gourmet at White Castle? Since it’s a fast food restaurant with affordable prices, you may not know they sell top-quality Belgian waffles.

The Belgian waffles might be my favorite menu item, and while the sliders are tasty, I like that they have the Mini Belgian Waffles option.

It’s a lighter, vegetarian version of the Belgian Waffle Slider, with two waffles you can easily handhold.

Grab a few orders of Mini Belgian Waffles, or go for one order that includes two waffles.

It comes with maple syrup that you can drizzle or add butter or jam.

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