12 American Vegan Restaurants You’ll Love Even If You Eat Meat 

Check out these restaurants for high quality vegan cuisine.

Plant-based food is becoming increasingly mainstream. This trajectory is excellent news for vegans and carnivores alike.

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Vegan restaurants are working hard to create sustainable menus in countless cuisine styles. No matter where in the country you live, there are plenty of fantastic options for vegan restaurants near you.

It is so exciting to see plant-based cuisine rise in popularity and innovation.

Gone are the days when the only options I had were a basic salad or tofu. Vegan restaurants have come a long way in the last few decades.

Best Vegan Restaurants in the US

When I consider my favorite vegan restaurants, I look for sustainable practices, passion, and a well-rounded menu filled with delicious food. Read on to discover some of the best vegan restaurants in the US.

Plant Miami

105 NE 24th St, Miami, FL 33137
Phone: 305-814-5365
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Plant Miami is a vibrant plant-based restaurant in The Sacred Space in Miami, Florida, with dishes inspired by South Florida.

This restaurant uses plant-based ingredients and sustainability practices to create vegan, kosher dishes.

Plant is open for lunch and dinner during the week and brunch and dinner during the weekend.

Plant’s menus include small plates, bowls, salads, mains, and desserts. It also has a robust drink menu.

I adore so many things on this menu. Some of my favorites include the carrots en mole, lions mane, tonkatsu ramen, and caramel panna cotta. I also love chickpea frittata or banana pancakes for brunch.

Gracias Madre

8905 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069
Phone: 323-978-2170
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Gracias Madre is the place to be if you want vegan Mexican food in West Hollywood, California.

This restaurant has two locations. Do not forget to try some of the agave-based spirits offered at Gracias Madre.

This restaurant is open for lunch and dinner throughout the week. Enjoy your food and drinks on the restaurant’s impressive patios.

While I love ordering a la carte at Gracias Madre with a large group, I also greatly enjoy the brunch, lunch, and dinner price fixe menus.

If I go here for prix fixe brunch, my go-to order is the coliflor, potato pimiento flautas, and the tres leches cake. The servers are very knowledgeable in recommending the right tequila for you.


1503 30th St, San Diego, CA 92102
Phone: 619-546-9653
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Kindred is a vegan restaurant and bar based in San Diego, California.

This restaurant offers dine-in, pick-up, and delivery. It serves dinner all week and brunch on the weekends.

The restaurant has a menu that changes with the seasons. It is also known for its robust drink menu.

This restaurant serves snacks, salads, mains, sides, sweets, brunch items, and drinks. My favorites include the cosmo knots, wizard bowl salad, soul crush, high steaks, s’more sliders, and the forenoon.

I usually pair my food with a drink, such as the serpentine, kiss of steel, golden number, and floating temple.


1221 Locust St, Philadelphia, PA 19107
Phone: 215-320-7500
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Vedge is a gorgeous restaurant where you can eat well-thought-out vegan and vegetarian medium plates. It’s one of the best restaurants in Philly!

Since this restaurant serves some vegetarian dishes, it is vital to be conscious when ordering if you are vegan. Since the restaurant started in 2011, it has kept some old standbys while continuing to evolve.

This restaurant offers dine-in dinner Tuesday through Saturday and carry out between 5 and 7:30 pm Tuesday through Thursday.

The menu keeps some classic options available, but it also changes with the seasons and the availability of local ingredients.

My favorites at this restaurant include the rutabaga fondue, eggplant braciole, campfire carrot, and stuffed avocado.

For dessert and drinks, you must try the dark chocolate panna cotta, bird leaf, and it’s up to the rabbits now.

Planta Queen

15 W 27th St, New York, NY 10001
Phone: 917-675-7700
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Planta Queen opened in New York City in 2016 with the mission of increasing the popularity of plant-based dining.

The restaurant’s mission involves using plant-based living to improve health, communities, and the environment.

This restaurant offers food all day during the week and brunch and dinner on weekends. I love to get a mix of different items when I come here.

I usually start with sushi such as the mushroom bacon inari, ahi watermelon nigiri, rainbow roll, and dragon roll.

I also love the avocado-lime tartare, potato truffle dumplings, wonton soup, and udon noodles.

Full Bloom Vegan

1670 James Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Phone: 305-397-8018
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Full Bloom Vegan was founded in Miami Beach in 2015 to bring plant-based dining to a new level.

The vibe of this restaurant is very cozy and intimate. All the food offered by this restaurant is vegan and non-GMO kosher certified.

This restaurant offers lunch and dinner every day of the week. My favorite dishes at this restaurant include the lox montadito, black curry, steak au poivre, mushroom Manchurian noodles, pera cotta, mamey dessert, and coconut flan.

Pair your meal with cocktails such as a mango sour, pina colada, or guavarita.

Chi Chi Vegan

1 Moreland Ave SE Ste F, Atlanta, GA 30316
Phone: 404-464-7153
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Chi Chi Vegan is an Atlanta, Georgia restaurant featuring vegan Mexican food.

This restaurant is open for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Saturday and closed Sunday and Monday.

You can order pick-up or delivery from this restaurant. If you are having an event, you can get Chi Chi’s taco party platter or build your taco bar.

When I get food from this restaurant I usually get a few different tacos, Some of my favorites are the fried green tomato tacos, the mushroom asada tacos, and the falafel tacos.

If I just want to get a single large entree, the veggie chimichanga also hits the spot.


5912 College Ave, Oakland, CA 94618
Phone: 510-735-9459
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Opened in 1994, Millennium Restaurant strives to create plant-based fine dining offerings in Rockridge, California.

It works hard to use sustainable and local ingredients in innovative and unique ways. This restaurant manages to provide an upscale experience in cozy surroundings.

Millennium serves food for take-out and dine-in for dinner Tuesday through Saturday. The menu changes frequently with the seasons.

So, you never know exactly what you are going to get, which is part of the excitement.

A few things I loved from this restaurant include the warm new potato and grilled corn salad, coriander and arborio crusted oyster mushrooms, the tamal, green garlic polenta cake, conchiglie pasta, and rhubarb galette.


164 5th Ave 4th Floor, New York, NY 10010
Phone: 347-462-0955
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Sutra is an adorable spot to get small vegan plates in New York City. It is located in Alo Yoga’s flagship location.

This restaurant offers elevated plant-based food between 11 am and 6 pm on Wednesdays through Sundays.

My favorite items from this restaurant include the smashed yuzu avocado, golden beet carpaccio, the shiitake grain bowl, and the matcha and coconut cream tiramisu.

You can pair your meal with om juice, tea tonic, coffee, lattes, and pumpkin seed protein powder drinks.

Spirit Elephant

924 Green Bay Rd, Winnetka, IL 60093
Phone: 847-348-9000
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Spirit Elephant is a laid-back but delicious restaurant in Winnetka, Illinois that offers plant-based and seasonal food.

The restaurant makes it its mission to help the planet and the health of the customers. It also works to raise funds for several charities.

This restaurant offers dinner every day of the week and brunch on the weekends.

My favorite brunch items here include the calamari friti, watermelon gazpacho, the ranchero skillet, and pancakes at brunch.

For dinner, I love the wild mushroom soup, spring risotto, portobello marsala, and the banana bread brulee.

The drink menu is fabulous as well. In particular, I love the beauregarde, the ele fitzgerald, and the mangonada.

The Land of Kush

840 N Eutaw St, Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone: 410-225-5874
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The Land of Kush is where you should go if you are looking for vegan and vegetarian soul food in chill settings.

The restaurant was founded in 2011. Husband and wife duo, Gregory Brown and Naijha Wright-Brown own this restaurant, and Gregory is the chef.

You can order delivery and pick-up from this restaurant for lunch and dinner throughout the week. The Sunday brunch is awesome.

I always get blueberry pancakes, scrambled tofu, and potatoes. For lunch and dinner, I like the chickpea burger, carrot tuna sandwich, baked mac and cheese, and collard greens.

Bulan Thai

4114 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90029
Phone: 323-913-1488
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Bulan Thai offers vegan and vegetarian offerings in Los Angeles, California. It’s also one of the best Thai restaurants in the US and LA in particular.

While there are vegetarian options here, you can easily order vegan-only items. Some of the items on the list are vegan optional.

The menu is built around healthy options, traditional Thai practices, and plant-based food.

This restaurant is open every day for lunch and dinner. You can easily order this food for delivery and pick-up.

Some of my favorites include steamed dumplings, golden tofu, sate, seaweed rolls, mushroom tom kha, wonton soup, ginger a la mor, jungle curry, and mango with sweet wild rice.

Many of the beverages offered are not vegan. However, I do love the iced and hot teas at this restaurant.

Best Vegan Restaurants in the US

  1. Plant Miami
  2. Gracias Madre
  3. Kindred
  4. Vedge
  5. Planta Queen
  6. Full Bloom Vegan
  7. Chi Chi Vegan
  8. Millennium
  9. Sutra
  10. Spirit Elephant
  11. The Land of Kush
  12. Bulan Thai

Final Thoughts

So, no matter what type of food is your favorite, you are sure to find a delicious vegan restaurant serving it.

Vegan restaurants may serve Thai food, Mexican food, American food, Italian food, vegan French cuisine, and more. Most of these restaurants work to build their menus on principles including sustainability, innovation, and a commitment to a plant-based lifestyle.

These restaurants range from fine dining to casual. So, the next time you are in any of these cities, make a point to visit these highly-acclaimed vegan restaurants.

If you’re considering switching to a vegan diet, check out different plant-based meat substitutes you can try.

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