Top 17 Talenti Flavors To Try

Translated from Italian, “gelato” means ice cream. However, if you’ve ever tasted authentic gelato, you know that it isn’t your average scoop of hard ice cream.

A view of several containers of Talenti gelato

Instead, gelato is a velvety and creamy dessert that uses a different cooking technique and ingredients than ice cream you’d find at an American ice cream shop or grocery store.

Gelato has higher milk to cream ratio, making it a healthier choice while also giving it a smoother texture more akin to custard. Gelato has long dominated the Italian and European markets and has now become a craze in the U.S. 

You don’t even have to find a gelato shop to enjoy artisanal gelato. Talenti Gelato has brought the art of gelato making to your local grocery store, using USDA organic, hormone-free milk, eggs, and cream to create a wealth of rich gelato flavors sold by the pint.

There are at least 45 Talenti Gelato flavors on rotation, so finding your favorite pint can be overwhelming. I’ve compiled a list of the best Talenti Gelato flavors for you to explore below, encompassing a broad range of ingredients and dietary restrictions.

Check out the most popular Talenti gelato flavors and find your next pint on our list.

Sea Salt Caramel

A fan favorite and one of Talenti’s original recipes, Sea Salt Caramel gelato offers a unique take on a sophisticated classic.

Just as adding a pinch of salt to any dessert recipe complements and highlights its sweetness, so too does the sea salt in caramel ice cream.

The thing that sets this sea salt caramel gelato above the competition is that it has swirls of dulce de leche and chunks of chocolate-covered caramel throughout its creamy salted caramel custard.

Each bite is creamy with an extra pop of flavor and texture. 

The founder uses a homemade recipe for the dulce de leche that is authentic and flavorful, adding to this gelato’s wonderful complexity.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup

Chocolate and peanuts are an especially popular pairing in the U.S., perhaps because both chocolate and peanuts originated in the Americas.

Some of America’s most popular candies are peanut butter cups. This statistic was not lost on Talenti, so they created a flavor to honor America’s beloved chocolate peanut butter craze. 

This incredibly rich Talenti Gelato flavor uses Belgian chocolate gelato as a base, swirling in ribbons of creamy peanut butter and adding mini peanut butter cups for extra extravagance.

The Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup gelato is definitely a pint you could eat in one sitting, so double up on your purchases if you want to eat it throughout the week.

Double Dark Chocolate

Cacao may originate from the Americas, but Europe perfected the art of chocolate making.

This wonderfully complex double dark chocolate gelato demonstrates the culmination of chocolate culinary artistry. 

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The Double Dark Chocolate gelato uses sustainably sourced cacao beans to create the cocoa powder, cocoa butter, and semi-sweet chocolate morsels that comprise it.

They use a splash of vermouth to highlight the chocolatey flavor, even more, giving the gelato that certain culinary Je ne sais pas. 

If you’re a chocoholic, this gelato is the ultimate treat. It is so rich that you will be satisfied after savoring a few spoonfuls. It’s like a high-end dark chocolate bar in custard form.

Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip

Chocolate is such a rich flavor that it works well with brighter and tarter flavors like citrus and berries to round out a flavor profile.

Instead of buying a dark chocolate bar with raspberry filling, why not buy a raspberry gelato with dark chocolate chips? 

Talenti’s Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip gelato sources its tart black raspberries from a family-owned farm in Oregon.

Slow cooking them in organic milk for optimum flavor output is a crucial extra step in the gelato-making process. They then add a heaping portion of organic chocolate chips to the mix.

The result is a perfect combination of tart, sweet, creamy, and crunchy.

Mediterranean Mint

If you’re a mint chocolate chip lover, this Talenti flavor will soon be your new favorite pint.

Talenti gelato makers use a unique process to infuse a strong and delicious mint flavor into their gelato. 

They steep fresh mint leaves in milk and cream, then add fresh star anise to complement and add complexity to the mint flavoring.

Next, they add bittersweet chocolate flecks. The star anise and mint mixture certainly evoke a Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavor profile.

The dark chocolate adds a sophisticated chocolate layer whose richness receives a cool and refreshing balance from the creamy mint. 

Southern Butter Pecan

This rich and buttery flavor gives a European and South American twist on a true Southern classic.

Perhaps the “southern” in Southern Butter Pecan refers to both the Southern United States and South America because it uses Argentinian-style dulce de leche as its caramel flavor.

Southern Butter Pecan has a creamy and caramel base using molasses and sea salt to infuse the custard cream.

They add buttered pecans and dulce de leche to give it a classic butterscotch taste with a unique twist. 

It tastes great as an accompaniment to a slice of Thanksgiving Day pie, whether it’s apple, pumpkin, or pecan.

Coconut Almond Chocolate

This delicious gelato flavor is the best possible version of a deconstructed Almond Joy chocolate bar.

You even get a similar texture profile with each crunchy, chewy, and creamy consistency represented in every spoonful.

Coconut Almond Chocolate gelato starts with a creamy, sweet, and nutty coconut gelato custard base into which they throw coconut shreds, semi-sweet chocolate flakes, and salted roasted chunks of almond. 

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The salt on the almonds pairs perfectly with the creamy and sweet coconut and further brings out the almond flavor, while the coconut shreds and chocolate flakes give you that interesting and fun texture you find in an Almond Joy candy bar.

Caramel Apple Pie

There’s no need to wait for the fall or winter holidays to enjoy a slice of apple pie.

You also don’t have to go through the trouble to make one yourself with this perfectly autumnal gelato dessert that breaks apple pie down into its core components.

Caramel Apple Pie gelato starts with cinnamon gelato that, like the mint and black raspberry gelatos, use a slow cooking steeping method to infuse maximum cinnamon flavor.

They add buttery flakes of pie crust, real green apple chunks, and a caramel swirl to create the ultimate dessert. This comforting flavor gives you a taste of the holidays all year round. 

Belgian Chocolate

Belgian chocolatiers are the best of the best, and Talenti aptly represents the expertise and artistry of their world-class chocolate with this classic gelato flavor.

They use imported Belgian Chocolate wafers to melt into their proprietary gelato custard base. 

Therefore, this gelato doesn’t just imitate the Belgian chocolate flavor, but it is an authentic Belgian chocolate dessert.

Milk chocolate purists will give this gelato a 10 out of 10. Unlike dark chocolate ice cream, this Belgian Chocolate gelato is both sweet and creamy with a less intense chocolatey flavor and heavier notes of vanilla. 

Roman Raspberry Sorbetto

Whether lactose intolerant or a vegan, Talenti Gelato has a full list of sorbettos to give you a dairy-free dessert as texturally luxurious and flavorful as their cream and milk-based flavors.

A case in point is their bright and tangy Roman Raspberry Sorbetto. 

Talenti proclaims to use a minimum of 97 fresh raspberries for each crimson-colored pint of Roman Raspberry.

They combine the sweet raspberries with sugar, water, and lemon juice, blended to creamy, icy perfection. It’s the perfect summer snack to cool you down and energize you on a hot day. 

Key Lime Pie 

It may take twice as many key limes to equal a standard lime you’ll know after tasting its superior tanginess that the juice is worth the squeeze.

Talenti pays homage to Florida’s pride and joy state dessert with this wonderful seasonal gelato.

Using real key limes, the Key Lime Pie gelato is only available during the summer months.

True to its Floridian roots, the Key Lime Pie gelato fills its key lime custard with hearty chunks of graham cracker crust. 

The gelato also includes coconut oil which adds a tropical, nutty undertone that pairs perfectly with a tart key lime custard.

Fudge Brownie

Fudge is that buttery, melt-in-your-mouth texture with more intense chocolate and sweet flavor than a chocolate bar or ice cream.

Combing the buttery fudge with the chewy brownie is a match made in chocolate heaven.

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This sinfully delicious gelato flavor is as texturally exciting as it is decadently rich.

The Fudge Brownie gelato starts with a dark chocolate custard base, adding bite-sized chewy brownie chunks and hearty swirls of fudge for the ultimate chocoholic’s dream dessert. 

It tastes wonderful as a stand-alone dessert, but if you want to counter its intense chocolate taste, you can always add fresh raspberries or strawberries for a burst of tartness.

Caramel Cookie Crunch

As another fan favorite, Talenti asserts that the Caramel Cookie Crunch is among the company’s top sellers.

It starts with a sweet cream custard base and then adds a swirl of artisanal dulce de leche and a heaping serving of crushed chocolate cookies to finish it all off. 

This is an especially sweet gelato and would taste great with a strong cup of coffee or even as the centerpiece of an affogato.

It also tastes delicious with fresh strawberries as strawberries and sweet cream are a pairing as old as time.

Sicilian Pistachio

Pistachio gelato is one of the most classic gelato flavors on earth, and its distinct sweet nuttiness and golden-green hue are a delight to the senses.

Sicily is the source of the most delicious variety of pistachio known as the Bronte pistachio. Talenti uses this bright green variety in its Sicilian Pistachio gelato.

You won’t find a more authentic pistachio gelato outside of Italy, and it comes laden with chunks of buttery, nutty pistachio chunks.

It is subtly sweet with an overriding buttery nuttiness. It combines beautifully with a scoop of Belgian Chocolate gelato. 

Coffee Chocolate Chip

Even if you aren’t a coffee drinker, you can still appreciate the intoxicatingly wonderful smell of freshly ground coffee beans.

Coffee gelato and coffee desserts channel that delicious aromatic burst into a rich flavor, omitting the bitterness that may turn people off its brewed form.

Talenti sources the best coffee beans from South America to steep slowly in milk and cream for its subtly sweet and rich coffee-flavored base.

Add delightfully crunchy semi-sweet chocolate chunks, and you get a sophisticated Coffee Chocolate Chip gelato with two uber-rich complementary flavors.

Alphonso Mango Sorbetto

Another dairy-free, vegan-friendly sorbetto, the Alphonso Mango Sorbetto is perfect in its simplicity, using only a handful of fresh ingredients.

The most important ingredient is the exotic mango, which Talenti imports from Maharashtra, India. 

Bright golden mangos mix with a splash of lemon juice and sugar to create a sweet yet light treat to brighten your day.

A scoop of the mango sorbetto with a scoop of the Roman raspberry sorbetto will give you a summer fruit salad that can’t be beaten.

Chocolate Chip Gelato

There’s no pairing more popular than chocolate and vanilla, and everyone’s favorite cookie is always chocolate chip.

It stands to reason that Chocolate Chip gelato is likewise one of Talenti’s most popular flavors. It’s as classic as they come but with a distinct gelato texture that outplays its hard ice cream counterparts.

It’s a classic choice, but there’s nothing wrong with playing it safe. You know you’ll get a delicious bowl of gelato every time!

In addition, Talenti also offers a chocolate chip cookie dough flavor to double up on your favorite classic combo. 

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  1. You obviously haven’t tried their Organic flavors:”Oak aged Vanilla”, “Chocolate mousse” and “Brown butterCaramel”. Vastly superior to their other non organic flavors as well as any other store bought Ice cream or gelato.

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