Our Guide to Popular Mexican Candy

These candies are loved by people of all ages.

Mexico is home to hundreds of delicious, decadent recipes for entrees, drinks, and desserts. But did you know there are many amazing candies south of the border as well?

Traditional mexican candy mazapan marcipan

Mexican candy leverages rich, natural flavors like lime, mango, tamarind, vanilla, and cocoa. It’s hard to pick one favorite with so many options that anyone with a sweet tooth can enjoy.

I’ve gathered some of the best Mexican candy choices in this list. They range from sweet to sour tastes, from rich chocolates to tangy liquids.

You can find all of these confections in US stores or online. There are some potential allergens in some of these options, so be sure to check the ingredient lists if you have a particular sensitivity.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best Mexican candies.

Hopefully, this list will help you find a new Mexican candy to try for yourself or with your family!

Vero Mango

Who says that candy needs to have only one flavor? Vero Mango is a daring lollipop that combines a sweet fruity center with a spicy chili coating.

As soon as you give it a taste, your mouth will tingle from the chili powder. The artificial mango-flavored inside will soothe your taste buds with a refreshing fusion of spicy, sweet, and sour.

The delightfully simple candy recipe has no allergenic ingredients other than soy lecithin, which has traces of soy.

Due to the citric acid in the candy, eating too much of it can cause ulcers, so watch out if you have a sensitive stomach.

You can purchase Vero Mango in packs of 10 or 40. I enjoy them in moderation and recommend them to others who like trying unique flavor profiles.

Pelon Pelo Rico Pelonetes Candy Bites

Pelon Pelonetes are similar to the Vero Mango lollipops in that they have a spicy chili exterior with a refreshing, fruity center.

Owned by Hershey, these bite-sized candies have excellent texture both inside and out. There are three layers between the spicy chili, the fruity exterior, and the delicious tamarind center. 

Pelon Pelonetes come in packages of several eye-catching colors that draw kids’ attention. You can order them in bags or individual plastic packages.

There are no allergens to consider with Pelon Pelonetes, but citric acid can cause ulcers if you consume too much. I love this candy for its clever combinations of flavors and textures.

Lucas Gusano

Lucas Gusano offers one of many flavors that are difficult to find in the United States.

It is a liquid candy filled with chamoy flavor. Chamoy is a delightful combination of chili, lime, and fruit. Mango, plum, and apricot are all typically included in this flavor fusion delight.

The name “gusano,” Spanish for worm, comes from the worm shapes kids can create with the liquid candy.

Lucas Gusano compliments other sweets and candies well. You can enjoy the chamoy flavor with other candies to add even more spice and sourness.

When kids finish the candy, the bottles make for fun miniature squirt guns. While Lucas Gusano’s appeal lies mainly with kids, adults will also appreciate its ambitious Mexican flavor profile.

De La Rosa Marzipan Peanut Candy

De La Rosa uses the traditional marzipan candy style in a new way. Instead of almond meal, peanuts are the star of its formula.

They are crafted into thin wafers and covered in pure milk chocolate to make a decadent treat.

De La Rosa marzipan peanut candy contrasts with the sour and spicy confections of other Mexican candies, making it great for even picky eaters.

This marzipan candy does heavily incorporate peanuts, which are a well-known allergen. Since the marzipan’s main ingredient is peanut flour, it should be gluten-free!

It comes in various package sizes for group or individual enjoyment. It is one of my most comfortable favorites when I’m craving a chocolate treat.

Limon 7 Salt and Lime Powder

Limon 7 is a sour candy powder that produces a strong citrus taste.

Unlike lollipops, hard candies, and chocolates, confectionery powders are versatile. You can sprinkle them in desserts or drinks or sample some on your fingertip.

Among these candies, you won’t find stronger or more sour flavors than Limon 7.

The simple salt and lime flavor is tangy but blends well with a handful of other tastes. Natural dehydrated lemon comprises the bulk of this candy rather than artificial ingredients.

However you enjoy it, a pleasing sour sensation awaits you. I can only do a bit of this at a time, but for those who love sour, tangy tastes, this packs the perfect punch on your tongue. 


Pulparindo has a long legacy as a Mexican treat. It is a rectangular candy bar filled with delicious tamarind pulp with a spicy chili coating.

With added salt, Pulparindo is a paragon of flavor fusion, incorporating salty, sweet, and hot flavors.

It is even an ingredient in some Thai, Latino, and Indian dishes. Otherwise, it is great to try on its own.

Pulparindo comes in many flavors, but I recommend starting with the original recipe. Due to its long legacy, the candy bar has a nostalgic taste for many in Mexico and the US.

One bite will demonstrate how it became such a staple in tamarind confectionery.

Duvalin Choc-Strawberry Candy

Duvalin candies are a unique, creamy delight that stands out from other sweets.

Each carton contains two flavors such as strawberry & hazelnut, vanilla & chocolate, and other combinations.

You can dip the spoon, your finger, a wafer, a pretzel, or other foods into the cream. Duvalin gives you a choice: will you enjoy the flavors separately or combine them?

Duvalin’s cream composition works well in recipes or as a filling. Please note that each package contains soy and lactose, meaning it might not be suitable for all diets.

My favorite is the Choc-Strawberry pairing; it’s fruity and sweet in all the right ways. 

Pica Limon Candy

Pica Limon creates a flavor explosion just short of nuclear.

It applies the tried-and-true recipe of salt, lemon, and chili with even more intensity. The extremely hot notes come from the dried ground chili in the powder.

Like other granulated candy mixes, Pica Limon works well on lollipops, desserts, fruit, and other treats. Sprinkle a little or a lot; it is up to you!

Each bag contains several serving-size packages. It contains no major allergens, but it does have citric acid, so enjoy Pica Limon candy in moderation.

I recommend it to anyone who wants to test their endurance with hot and sour treats.

Vero Rebanaditas

Vero Rebanaditas is part of a series of spicy lollipops, just like our earlier Vero Mango.

This sucker incorporates a sweet, cooling, and summery watermelon flavor, which balances well with the ground chili powder coating.

The lollipops come in eye-catching yellow packages that give off a spicy flavor the moment you tear them open.

Vero Rebanaditas is perfect for anyone who has experienced spicy lollipops before but wants a new flavor to try. On a hot summer day, I think there’s no taste more nostalgic than watermelon.

Other than sour citric acid, there are no ingredients to worry about in this candy, so you can enjoy this treat without worrying about allergies!

Mini Bubulubu

Mini Bubulubu is a must-try for marshmallow fans. This delicious, condensed candy bar has a chocolate coating with an inside of marshmallows and strawberry jam.

The outer layer has a delightful texture as you bite through it, giving way to the soft and sweet contents. Mini Bubulubu is the best way to taste savory and sweet flavors all at once.

Mini Bubulubu has soy and lactose, meaning it might not be appropriate for all diets. Still, I highly recommend giving it a try if you can.

In the world of Mexican sweets, it is one of the tastiest. Mini Bubulubu gives you a break from spicy chili with its decadent sugar profile.

Aldama Mini Obleas Con Cajeta

Cajeta is a Mexican confection that comes from simmered goat’s milk.

In the Aldama Mini Obleas, you can experience that longstanding cultural recipe in the form of these small wafer candies.

They have an excellent crunchy texture outside and sweet cream on the inside. If you are into wafers and textured candy, I highly recommend these.

Like other cream-filled candies, the Aldama minis contain lactose. The wafers are made with authentic Mexican flour, letting you taste the uniqueness of the country’s grain agriculture.

If wheat flour is a concern for you, don’t worry: Mexican flour comes from corn. I think these are great for cooling down your tongue as a dessert after a hot or spicy dish.

Lucas Baby Mango

Unlike Lucas Gusano, Lucas Baby Mango is another granulated powder candy mixture.

It comes in a container shaped like a baby bottle, letting you sprinkle a little or remove the cap to pour out more.

Inside is a mix of mango flavor and chili powder, creating an equally sweet and spicy combination.

Like other candy powders, Lucas Baby Mango is pretty versatile. Try it on fruit, use it in recipes, or enjoy it as it is.

It does not contain notable allergens, although it does not include all-natural mango.

It also has enough citric acid to give you ulcers if you eat it in excess, so I recommend consuming it in small doses.

Ricolino Paleta Payaso

Paleta payaso means “clown lollipop” and one look at the packaging will show you why it has that name.

It is a fun, colorful pop with a dark chocolate coating and a sweet, spongy marshmallow interior.

Candy decorating the outside gives the lollipop a nose and mouth, just like a fun carnival clown. Those parts are sweet gummies that kids will love.

For kids, visual appeal is critical, and few other Mexican candies compare to Ricolino’s paleta payaso.

The candy does contain lactose, so please be aware of any dietary restrictions you may have.

Otherwise, I recommend trying this appealing, one-of-a-kind dessert pop, especially if you like chocolate and marshmallow.

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