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11 Most Popular Sonic Slush Flavors to Order

Whether you’re trying to beat the heat on a steamy summer afternoon or just need to satisfy a burning craving, Sonic slushies make a great go-to sweet treat.

Sonic slush flavors never miss the mark, and their classic flavors and seasonal mixes are equally delicious. 

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If you want to have the best of the best sonic slushies for your once-a-week cheat day or get all the stamps on your Sonic slush passport, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve ranked eleven of the best Sonic slushies, including frozen spins on Sonic classics (like their classic limeade). 

If you’ve never been to Sonic, reading this guide is a great way to do your research before you pull up to America’s favorite drive-in restaurant.

The novelty of roller-skating servers may pull you in, but the slushes will keep you coming back.

Read on, and prepare for a Sonic slush craving!

Green Apple Slush

If you’re a sucker for tart treats, the Sonic Green Apple Slush is for you.

Reminiscent of the bright green tart lollipops and hard candy from your childhood, this slush will incite nostalgia and give you that long-lost, mouth-puckering feeling. 

You can keep the Green Apple Slush simple by sticking to the original slush ice and green apple flavor combo, or you can toss in some add-ins for extra tartness (Nerds candy really gives it a kick). 

If you love green apple flavor but want to balance out the tart flavor, add a sweeter flavor add-in like cranberry or blackberry.

As always, a cherry on top makes everything better, and I know my slushes never go without one.

Frozen Classic Limeade

When it comes to Sonic slush flavors, the classics never disappoint.

Made with real limes and that signature slush ice, the Frozen Classic Limeade slush is a must-try.

Reminiscent of the fresh-squeezed limeade you always got at the state fair, the Frozen Classic Limeade offers the perfect balance of tart and sweet flavors. 

The Frozen Classic Limeade is the perfect canvas for experimenting with new flavor combinations since limes are adaptable.

For more sweetness, add cranberry or peach flavor. I enjoy a pie-inspired slush by adding some coconut or vanilla flavors. Or, if you want to feel like a kid again, toss in some Nerds candy. 

Pineapple Real Fruit Slush

While an all-pineapple slush might seem overwhelming, think again.

The Sonic Pineapple Real Fruit Slush has a subtle pineapple flavor that will transport you to a tropical paradise, and you might find yourself cranking up a Jimmy Buffet playlist on the way home. 

The best part of this slush is the real fruit: Chunks of real pineapple swirl around the cup, perfectly sized to slurp up through a straw or scoop up with a spoon. Of course, the ideal flavor combo here is clear.

Add a dash of coconut flavor to this tropical delight and discover a combination that’s beach-approved.

Who said you couldn’t live the island life from behind the wheel of your SUV?

Blue Coconut Slush

Pineapple isn’t the only tropical flavor you’ll find in the best Sonic slushies: The Blue Coconut slush is to die for, and that post-drink blue tongue is so worth it.

If you’re a sucker for all things sweet and nostalgic, this is the icy drink for you.

The Pineapple Real Fruit slush has tart tropical flavors covered, but the Blue Coconut slush doubles down on the sweetness.

Combined with the saccharine blue syrup, the sweet coconut flavors really shine.

But, for an added zing, consider adding some additional lime slices or mixing this slush 50/50 with the Frozen Classic Limeade. 

Blue Raspberry Slush

While the Blue Coconut slush combines that perfect blue syrup of your childhood with a classic coconut flavor for a tropical delight, you might be seeking a more simple nostalgic beverage.

Enter the Blue Raspberry slush. 

Not quite blueberry and not quite raspberry, the blue raspberry flavor is a staple in every child’s summer days.

If you remember that super-sweet, tongue-staining flavor fondly, it’s time to zip over the Sonic to pick up one of their best slush flavors.

If you really want to embrace your inner child, throw in some Nerds candy to induce a full-on flashback from your younger days. 

Frozen Cherry Lemonade

A favorite of slush diehards everywhere, the Frozen Cherry Lemonade slush is one of the best Sonic slushies on the drive-in’s menu.

Pairing the sweetness of lemonade with tart cherry flavors in an icy blended beverage will result in a refreshing taste bud explosion. 

While it’s hard to beat this perfect Sonic slush flavor, you can personalize this slush to your heart’s content.

If you need more tartness in your life, add extra cherry flavor or a few slices of real lime.

For a sweeter beverage reminiscent of a tropical cocktail bar, add coconut flavor for a quick, easy, and non-alcoholic rum punch. 

Cherry Limeade

While the Frozen Cherry Limeade slush is a fan favorite, the Cherry Limeade slush is a dark horse, underdog candidate in the running for the best Sonic slush flavor.

In its lemonade cousin, the lemony sweetness renders the cherry tartness more subtle, but the Cherry Limeade slush doubles down, bringing out the tartness in both fruits for the perfect lip-puckering sip.

The Cherry Limeade slush is excellent on its own, but I add in a few customizations to jazz it up.

Add a few slices of real lemons to add some sweetness to achieve that classic lemon-lime flavor in addition to the cherry tang.

Another underrated addition is the blackberry flavor. You won’t regret it.

Frozen Peach Tea

Whether you’re a Southerner by birth or a peach-lover born in the wrong region, the Frozen Peach Tea slush will tick all of your boxes.

This Southern-inspired beverage evokes images of Independence Day fireworks, summer peach-picking, and sun tea steeping on the front porch in the hot August sun. 

If you’re a peach addict like me, amp up this slush’s Southern charm with extra peach flavor. Or toss some tartness into the mix with some fresh cherries.

Or, with a few fresh lemon slices or strawberries, you can transport yourself back to a summer day on Grandma’s porch. The possibilities are endless!

Powerade Mountain Berry Blast Slush

You just won the winning goal in your Saturday soccer game.

You came out on top in one-on-one basketball after work. You’re exhausted after an all-nighter playing esports.

How will you celebrate, and how can you earn back those oh-so-precious electrolytes? 

The Powerade Mountain Berry Blast slush is the perfect antidote for a sweaty day and an excellent first stop before a much-deserved recovery period.

The sweet berry flavors will provide just enough energy for that shower and post-game stretch before you settle in with an ice pack or heating pad.

Meanwhile, the electrolytes are working their magic, restoring your endocrine system and preparing your body for your next big win. 

Watermelon Slush

It’s the middle of the winter, but you don’t care. You need a reminder of summer, and you need it now.

Even if there’s ice on your windshield, it’s never a bad time for a Sonic Watermelon slush.

If it’s day 100 of snowy, grey weather, this slush can transport you to a summer picnic and help you best that seasonal depression, if only for a day. 

The light, subtle flavors of ripe watermelon paired with classic slush ice offer one of the most refreshing treats money can buy.

But, watermelon can also provide a perfect canvas for other flavor combinations.

I like to toss in some fresh strawberries, some extra mango flavor, or some extra coconut flavor for a sweet respite that lays the summer vibes on thick. 

Frozen Sweet Tea

Sweet tea is timeless, and it’s perfect in all seasons. Combined with Sonic slush magic, the Frozen Sweet Tea is simply iconic.

The only thing more refreshing than a glass of sweet tea is this perfectly icy spin on the age-old classic. 

As far as Sonic slush flavors go, the Frozen Sweet Tea will always be a staple for me.

But just like sweet tea, there are nearly endless flavor combinations that can take this already perfect drink to the next level: Extra peach flavor, cherry flavor, mango flavor, or lemon slices can turn a regular Frozen Sweet Tea into a fruity, Southern-inspired delight. 

If you haven’t taken a trip to America’s favorite drive-in recently, you’re missing out on some of the best Sonic slush flavors. From classics like the Frozen Cherry Lemonade to new favorites like the Powerade Mountain Berry Blast, there’s something for everyone on Sonic’s slush menu. 

Don’t hesitate to try a new flavor or amp up a dependable favorite with new add-ins or extra flavors. You might just concoct a new go-to order. This list is just the tip of the iceberg of Sonic’s slush menu, and there are plenty of flavor combinations to explore and experience. 

Did we skip your favorite Sonic slush flavor? Spurn your favorite flavor combo? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll go check it out for ourselves!


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    • The shark Week slushie is fantastic too. It’s the blue coconut with strawberry fruit on top. With little shark gummies!?

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