Top 17 Quiznos Sandwiches To Order

Quiznos has become a staple sub sandwich destination across the United States. This quaint sub chain has humble beginnings in Denver, CO, and has grown tremendously as their mission to create inventive food with real ingredients has come to life.

Quiznos Sub fast food restaurant

When Quiznos first opened its doors in 1981, founder Jimmy Lambatos knew he wanted to provide bold menu options that ensured repeat customers. I’d say he succeeded!

Quiznos now occupies roughly 5,000 buildings franchise wide and, in 2014, the popular sandwich shop expanded into Iraq and Pakistan.

So whether you enjoy the flavorful Black Angus beef, juicy grilled chicken, or you’re more into the delightful veggie subs, some of the best Quiznos menu items are likely just around the corner.

It can be challenging to decide what to eat with such a diverse selection, and you might miss out on what could become your next favorite dish.

With that in mind, I set out to try everything Quiznos has to offer to share my favorites with you.

So, without further ado, check out my list of the best Quiznos menu items I would highly recommend ordering during your next visit!

Baja Chicken

The Quiznos Baja Chicken sub takes bbq chicken to the next level.

The combination of juicy grilled chicken, crispy bacon, melted sharp cheddar cheese, and chopped red onion sandwiched between the toasted bread creates a chicken sub like no other. 

While the subs’ flavors shine as is, I recommend adding the finishing touches of blue-ribbon bbq sauce and smoky chipotle mayo for a sub you can’t resist.

The best part about the Baja Chicken sub is you can customize the ingredients to ensure it satisfies your taste palate.

Depending on how you take your sub, calorie intake ranges from 400-1220.

Classic Italian

All Italian subs are the same right? While they are similar, they aren’t all the same.

Chances are, you’ve tasted a Classic Italian sub at least once in your lifetime. But if you’ve never tried the Quiznos Classic Italian sub, you are in for a surprise just how good they taste.

Stacked high with salami, smoked ham, salami, and spicy capicola, this meat tower combined with melted provolone creates a party in your mouth.

You can add flavorful extras ranging from fresh lettuce and tomatoes to black olives aand banana peppers.

The finishing touch of the savory red wine vinaigrette pulls the sub together. Calorie intake ranges from 460-1400.

Honey Bourbon Chicken

Mixing the sweetness of honey to a classic bourbon spice creates a flavor combination you can’t pass up.

The Honey Bourbon Chicken sub is full of fresh garden ingredients and juicy chicken that is perfectly portioned. Calorie intake ranges from 430-1300.

The sub is packed full of grilled chicken, crispy bacon, and swiss cheese, then toasted to perfection.

After the bread has crisped and the swiss cheese has melted, your sandwich connoisseur adds onions, fresh lettuce, and tomatoes for the finishing touch unless you’d like your food without any of those ingredients.

I particularly like adding the sweet and tangy honey mustard to draw the ingredients together. 

Peppercorn Steak

Subs don’t have to be complicated to be delicious, and that is what the Peppercorn Steak sub at Quiznos exemplifies.

When you have the opportunity to enjoy Black Angus steak, the last thing you want to do is cover it up with other ingredients. That is why the Peppercorn Steak sub is one of my Quiznos favorites.

The Black Angus steak is complemented by the melted provolone cheese and topped with sauteed onions.

All the flavors are pulled together with the addition of a tangy, slightly spicy peppercorn sauce and folded into a toasted sub. Average calorie intake ranges from 420-1290.

Veggie Guacamole

If you think your sub has to be packed full of delicious meat to be filling, think again!

The vegetarian-friendly Veggie Guacamole sub is packed full of delicious veggies that will not only make your tastebuds sing but will leave you satisfied.

This mouthwatering veggie sandwich is packed with creamy guacamole, melted cheddar and provolone cheese, black olives, crisp cucumbers, green peppers, fresh lettuce, juicy tomatoes, onions, and drizzled with a piquant red wine vinaigrette.

I thoroughly enjoy Quiznos Black Angus steak and oven-roasted chicken, but this veggie sandwich gives the meat a run for its money!

Southwest Chicken

When I hear the term “southwest” when referring to food, I know I’m in for a spicy and flavorful bite to eat.

The Southwest Chicken sub at Quiznos does not let down the southwest name as it’s packed full of flavor and everything you’d expect out of a southwest sub. 

The juicy chicken breast is grilled to perfection and covered in melted cheddar cheese, creamy guacamole, and smoky chipotle mayo.

This southwest classic sandwich is served toasted and ranges from 430-1310 in calories. 

Black Angus Steakhouse

The Black Angus Steakhouse Quiznos sub combines all your steakhouse favorites into one super sub.

Do you enjoy Black Angus steak? What about sauteed mushrooms and onions? Did someone say rosemary parmesan bread?

If any of these ingredients make your tastebuds water, Quiznos has the perfect sub for you!

The Black Angus Steakhouse sub has Black Angus steak, topped with melted provolone and cheddar cheese to create a flavorful and creamy base.

The steak and cheese are topped with sauteed mushrooms and onions and finished with zesty grill sauce. One of the best parts of this sub is the toasted rosemary parmesan bread. 

Chicken Carbonara

It’s tough to go wrong with Chicken Carbonara. If you enjoy traditional Chicken Carbonara dishes, you’re going to thoroughly enjoy the Quiznos Chicken Carbonara sub.

Whether it’s the creamy alfredo or juicy chicken and crispy bacon combo, this sub is a must.

Combine grilled chicken, crispy bacon, melted provolone cheese, sauteed mushrooms, and the classic parmesan alfredo sauce on a toasted sub creates a magical flavor combination.

Total calorie intake ranges from 440-1350, depending on how you customize your sub. 

Chipotle Steak & Cheddar

If you like perfectly prepared steak and the smokey spice of chipotle, you’re going to love the Chipotle Steak & Cheddar sub.

Not only do you get the tender Black Angus beef sliced to perfection, but you also get to experience that flavor married to the melted sharp cheddar cheese and topped with your favorite sauteed veggies. 

This sub combines the Black Angus steak with sauteed peppers and onions, melted cheese, and smoky chipotle may be served on a toasted sub.

Calorie intake ranges from 420-1290 depending on sub size and customization. 

French Dip

You don’t have to be French to enjoy the simplistic, yet flavorful combination of the French Dip.

Whether you devour the French Dip with the Au Jus, or you find the idea of a soggy sandwich unappealing, Quiznos French Dip is a staple menu offering.

Pair Black Angus steak with melted Swiss cheese, sauteed onions, and creamy horseradish sauce for a creamy and spicy bite.

Dip your sub in Au Jus for an additional bold flavor you won’t want to put down. Total calorie intake ranges from 400-1140.

Honey Bacon Club

The perfect twist to a classic sub is what’s packed inside the Honey Bacon Club.

The traditional club flavors of smoked ham, roasted turkey, and crispy bacon take center stage as the melted Swiss cheese wraps itself around the hearty proteins.

The only way to enhance the base layers in true Quiznos fashion is by completing it with your favorite garden veggies.

Stacks of turkey breast, smoked ham, crispy bacon, and Swiss cheese are topped with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and onions and drizzled with a tangy-sweet honey French dressing.

This delightful flavor combination is packed inside a toasted sub, while calorie intake ranges from 420-1270.

Honey Mustard Chicken

Honey mustard has always been my go-to dipping sauce for chicken.

Whether I’m enjoying a grilled chicken breast or chicken nuggets, it’s difficult for me to pass up the opportunity to dip the tender white meat into a flavorful rendition of honey mustard.

Quiznos has brought my love for the honey mustard and chicken combination to life with their Honey Mustard Chicken sub. 

This toasted sub is stuffed with grilled chicken pieces, crispy bacon, melted Swiss cheese, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and onions.

The finishing touch of the sweet and tangy honey mustard pulls the ingredients together for a flavorful punch. Total calorie intake ranges from 430-1300.

Mesquite Chicken

Sometimes the most simplistic flavors pack the biggest punch, which is why the Mesquite Chicken sub is a classic favorite.

The makeup of this sub allows the flavors of the main ingredients to be the star of the show as they are not covered up with excess toppings.

But don’t just take our word for it! Try the Mesquite Chicken sub for yourself.

We promise the combination of grilled chicken, crispy smoky bacon, and melted cheddar cheese, topped with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and onions will not disappoint.

The finishing touch of creamy ranch dressing pulls the ingredients together to create one unforgettable sub. 

Spicy Monterey

A fan favorite Quiznos sub is the Spicy Monterey, for good reason.

Not only does this sub combine roasted turkey breast and smoked ham, but it adds the bold flavor that only melted provolone can.

While these ingredients add substantial flavor to the sub, they aren’t the ones the sub is known for.

After topping the roasted turkey breast and smoked ham with a layer of melted provolone, your Quiznos sandwich artist adds fresh lettuce, pickles, and tomatoes for an extra flavor pop.

The sub is complete with the addition of creamy mayonnaise and the Quiznos renowned batch 83 chili sauce. 


Traditional doesn’t have to be boring. Quiznos proves that a Traditional sub from their menu won’t leave you disappointed.

With all your favorite ingredients like Black Angus steak, melted cheddar, and creamy ranch dressing, we guarantee you’ll be coming back for more.

This sub is piled high with Black Angus steak, smoked ham, oven-roasted turkey breast, and oozing with melted cheddar cheese.

The protein is broken up by adding fresh lettuce and tomatoes and topped with creamy ranch dressing. One of the attractive features of this sub is the calorie intake compared to other subs, as it ranges from 360-1100.

Tuna Melt

Tuna can be enjoyed in many different forms. Whether it’s a protein you add to a salad or fried up in a fish cake, tuna is a type of fish the world has grown to love and adore.

Since the popularity of tuna is vast, why not turn it into a sub?

Quiznos Tuna Melt is hard to pass up as the flavor combination mixed with the health aspect makes it an attractive menu offering.

The tuna salad is hugged by melted cheddar cheese and topped with pickles and tomatoes for a light and filling sub option. Better yet, when you enjoy a Tuna Melt sub, your calorie intake tops off at 990 calories. 

Turkey Bacon Guacamole

It’s only common courtesy to save the best for last, and that is why the Turkey Bacon Guacamole sub is the last on this list of the best Quiznos menu items.

If you love turkey, or bacon, or the creamy deliciousness of guacamole, you’re going to love the Turkey Bacon Guacamole sub. 

Known as a southwest classic, the Turkey Bacon Guacamole sub is made with oven-roasted turkey breast, our favorite crispy bacon, creamy and flavorful guacamole, with melted provolone to hold the ingredients together.

These ingredients are lightened by adding fresh veggies like lettuce, tomatoes, and onions, then drizzled with ranch dressing. The 420-1260 calories don’t count if you enjoy consuming them!

There is no denying that Quiznos subs have come a long way since its opening in 1981. With a plethora of unique and delightful menu offerings, the sub franchises 5,000+ locations ensure customer satisfaction. 

Whether you’re a honey mustard connoisseur like me and can’t get enough of the Honey Mustard Chicken sub or you prefer a more simple bite like the Peppercorn Steak sub, Quiznos offers what you’re craving. 

Don’t let the opportunity to enjoy the bold flavors and unique pairings of Quiznos subs pass you by. Stop by your local joint and place your order today!

If there’s no Quiznos near you, check out the best sandwiches at Potbelly or another sandwich shop like Subway!

Which menu item at Quiznos is your favorite? Be sure to leave us a comment and let us know!

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