Best Panera Bread Bagel Flavors, Ranked

If you’re interested in something light to eat or if you’re in a rush while starting your day, Panera Bread has got you covered.

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Their baked goods are a perfect way for starting your mornings in style, and their fresh bagels are no exception thanks to the variety of flavors they offer.

Although some people might not think of a bagel as a filling morning treat, most of the ones with unique toppings or fillings give it an enhanced flavor kick after adding a dash of butter, cream cheese, or jam.

However, you might be asking yourself this question: which bagels are worth all the fuss? After all, everyone has their preferences, depending on what they love or avoid eating.

I compiled this rundown of what I consider to be the best Panera Bread bagels for you to try out the next time you visit for an early morning treat.

Cinnamon Crunch

The cinnamon crunch bagel is one of the best Panera Bread bagels thanks to its unfiltered sweetness.

When prepared, its center gets pressed together, closing the holes you typically see when enjoying a bagel. 

Before it’s shaped, it’s also encrusted with tasty cinnamon and vanilla chips to give it a balanced flavor that anyone with a sweet tooth will enjoy.

The best part is its cinnamon crunch topping, giving it a noticeable texture that I consider as tasty as it is appealing to look at.

As you can tell, I’ve learned a thing or two about this particular bagel. So, it’s no surprise when I reveal that I often order it whenever I find myself at a Panera. It’s a great little mood booster to start a morning with.


The next contender on this list is the asiago bagel. I’ve only tried it once, but I was happily surprised to find how bountiful the cheese inside was.

Now, I don’t know if Panera typically packs this bagel with as much cheese as I got to enjoy.

They also add a tiny hint of salt and brown sugar to the asiago topping to give it a subtle flavor kick.

I think it tastes best with a thick amount of cream cheese, giving it plenty of tempting flavor. 


Panera Bread’s Everything Bagel is another go-to option that I recommend if you want to start your morning right with a flavorful sensation.

It’s topped with the right blend of sesame seeds, dried garlic, toasted onions, poppy seeds, and kosher salt to give it that signature bold flavor.

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Be sure to ask them to toast it before spreading butter or cream cheese on it. From my experience, that lets the flavors combine with every spice.

One tip! Try letting each topping rest on your tongue to taste the rough sensation of a plain bagel without elaborate garnishes.

Chocolate Chip

If you’re craving something sweet, try the chocolate chip bagel. It remains one of the best Panera Bread bagels out there.

This bagel has sweet, tempting milk chocolate chips embedded on its surface and interior. 

It gets even better once you toast the bagel and let the chocolate chips melt.

I’ve experimented a couple of times with this bagel by using strawberry jam and peanut butter to give it a different twist.

While that might not be to everyone’s taste, it never hurts to try something fresh with a morning bagel.


The blueberry bagel is another classic perfect for any time of the day. With this bagel, you get to enjoy only the freshest blueberries. 

To Panera’s credit, they don’t go overboard, as they try to balance out the blueberries so as not to overpower the rest of the bagel.

You can top this bagel with any spread and pair it with any coffee to get a flavor blend that exceeds your taste buds’ expectations.

I love adding a fair amount of butter to it, so it melts evenly. It’s up to you, but whenever I order one at Panera, I almost always enjoy it with a fresh mocha or hot chocolate to wake me up.


Panera Bread’s sesame bagel packs protein and minimal fat.

While not as flashy as the ones coated with berries, chocolate, and crunchy toppings, this bagel offers plenty to enjoy as a morning or midday snack.

The sesame seeds give this bagel a slightly nutty flavor that many might enjoy over unaltered wheat or plain bagels.

However, if you prefer ordering a dozen to-go, I recommend enjoying them with butter or adding cold cuts to it and enjoying it as a sandwich. 

French Toast 

Another bagel that I used to sometimes indulge myself with was their French toast bagel.

This sweet, sugary bagel was an excellent alternative for anyone interested in trying something different than a plain or grain-coated bagel. Sadly (and I do mean sadly!), it’s no longer available.

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Its brown sugar and cinnamon blend were among the main takeaways people enjoyed from this delicious Panera Bread bagel, so it’s a shame that newcomers can’t stop by and enjoy it.

I loved putting honey walnut or onion and chive cream cheese on it. I also liked dipping it in syrup to enjoy it like regular French toast.

Cinnamon Swirl

Although the cinnamon swirl bagel isn’t ranked as high as some of the others on this list of the best Panera Bread bagels, it’s still a pretty tasty option.

Whenever I’m looking to spice up a morning, I’m always tempted to order one.

Why? Well, it’s made with fresh sourdough and contains delectable cinnamon chips on its surface.

It also has extra cinnamon sprinkled on top of it and brown sugar and raisins to give avid Panera Bread lovers something to enjoy if they’re extra hungry.

Now, I don’t mind raisins in my bagels, but I’ve occasionally gotten a few raised eyebrows from those who aren’t a fan.


Next up on our list is Panera Bread’s plain bagel, ideal for anyone who might not be craving their more elaborate flavors.

If you’re looking only for a functional bagel, then this is the one for you. You won’t get a dramatic appearance or a vibrant taste.

Instead, you’ll have a slight slither of brown sugar, offering a subtle flavor.

If you’d prefer to touch up your bagel, I recommend adding a spread to it. It tastes best with a large amount of butter, plain cream cheese, or honey walnut cream cheese.

Consider experimenting as much as possible to find something that resonates with you.

Whole Grain

If you’re looking for a healthier bagel on Panera Bread’s menu, their whole grain variety might be your top option.

It’s made with ground flaxseed and wheat flour to ensure no excess sugar is added to the bagel, making it ideal for anyone with wheat and gluten sensitivities.

Its surface tastes a bit rough and lacks the bold flavors that other bagels incorporate.

I recommend adding as many flavored spreads to this bagel if you want to mask its overall wheaty aftertaste.

On the rare occasions I’ve ordered without butter or cream cheese, I’ve quickly realized one thing: pair it with something! That could be juice, tea, or coffee.

Sprouted Grain Bagel Flat

Ranking last on this list of the best Panera Bread bagels is their sprouted grain bagel flat.

This bagel is topped with nothing but oats, so it might appeal to anyone seeking options with extra grains.

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I’m not someone who avidly counts calories, so this flavor doesn’t appeal to my bagel preferences, but it is a protein packed option for those looking for a healthier bagel.

The pinched flatness makes it look less like a bagel and more like an oat-coated rock.

In my opinion, the best way to overpower its grainy flavor is to spread as much butter or cream cheese on it and brush off as many oats as possible.

In this article, I walked you through the best Panera Bread bagels on their bakery menu.

Although some of the top flavors on this list may stand out more for your taste buds than the grain or plain bagels, each one makes an excellent breakfast option with the right amount of cream cheese or melted butter and hot coffee. 

So, be sure to pick up something savory or sweet and take a dozen to share at home.

Don’t forget to comment below about your favorite bagel option. If you’re looking for something else, check out this list of Panera Bread’s other menu options.


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  1. I especially like the cherry vanilla or cranberry flavor bagel that they serve during October for breast cancer month.

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