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The 19 Most Popular Menu Items at Jersey Mike’s

Every item on the menu at Jersey Mike’s 2,000 franchise locations has a big flavor, and all of the sandwiches come with a delicious, fluffy Jersey bread.

Club Supreme Sandwich at a Jersey Mike's

Each shop you step into prides itself on doing things the right way, as Peter Cancro learned at the original Mike’s Subs as a teenager, making sandwiches while still in high school.

He wasn’t even old enough to slice the subs when he bought the original location. 

The franchise itself had humble beginnings, starting with that one small shop in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, in 1956. But, over the years, the operation grew.

Now, the Jersey Mike’s name is synonymous with their trademark ‘sub above’ submarine-style sandwiches.

Below are nineteen of the best Jersey Mike’s menu items. Choose from cold subs, hot subs, or kid’s sandwiches. 

The rankings aren’t in any particular order, so give them all a try! Anyone can find something to like at Jersey Mike’s. 

Big Kahuna Cheese Steak

The Big Kahuna Cheese Steak is prepared to order right in front of you, like all Jersey Mike’s subs.

When the grilled peppers and onions hit the grill, you know you’re getting the real deal.

Pile on the jalapenos and mushrooms for a spicy twist on a classic sub made with tender beef steak.

Stack it all up on Jersey Mike’s signature bread and add plenty of gooey, melted white American cheese for the finishing touch. 

Whichever size you choose, the #56 might be enough for two. This is a big sandwich with an even bigger flavor! 


The Jersey Mike’s BLT is an all-star sandwich. It’s numero uno, the top dog, and the #1 on the menu.

Nothing fancy here, just fresh, simple ingredients done right, just like at home, but maybe even better.

Shredded, crisp iceberg lettuce puts a little extra crunch into every bite. Juicy, ripe, red tomatoes are sliced and laid on top, adding another layer of flavor.

But it’s the applewood bacon, fresh off the hot grill, that is the centerpiece in this medley.

Grab a giant and eat some now and some later when you’re craving it again. And maybe even have some more leftover for tomorrow. 

Club Sub

The Club Sub is also known as the #8. It goes beyond a traditional turkey club with a couple of twists on the original.

Of course, it features sizzling applewood smoked bacon strips.

But the foundational ingredients include antibiotic-free turkey, ham, and provolone, for a unique variation on the club sandwich you might get somewhere else.

Topped with mayo this sandwich has all the essentials. 

But if you want to kick things up a notch, ask for a Club Sub Mike’s Way with onions, shredded lettuce, tomato, red wine vinegar, olive oil, and spices. 

Tuna Fish

The Tuna Fish sub sandwich at Jersey Mike’s blows other tuna sandwiches out of the water.

If you’re worried about getting a soggy sandwich with day-old tuna, you must not have ever been to a Jersey Mike’s.

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Like all their other sandwiches, the ingredients are prepared fresh for #10 every day.

Peppery mayonnaise and freshly chopped celery mix into the tuna salad spread. The bread is up to the task, taking the weight of this protein-packed sandwich without getting soft. 

The sandwich is awesome, to begin with. But prepared Mike’s Way, this is the kind of tuna sandwich that will have you coming back again and again. 

Chipotle Cheese Steak

If you’ve ever had a cheesesteak sandwich and wanted just a little bit more spice for some added zing,

Jersey Mike’s Chipotle Cheese Steak will really hit the spot. Freshly grilled USDA steak is thinly sliced and piled high with peppers and onions.

Then, slices of white American cheese are melted on top, made to order. 

But it’s the signature spicy chipotle mayo that brings it all together and adds the extra heat you were craving. Just make sure you order something cool to drink and a lot of it.

Try the Giant 32-ounce fountain drink and chips!

Club Supreme

If you enjoy club sandwiches but want something with even more protein, check out the Club Supreme.

This is the #9 sandwich on the menu, but it’s number one in the hearts of meat-eaters.

Start with oven-roasted Choice Top Round roast beef. Then, add some of the antibiotic-free turkey sliced on the thicker side.

Pile on the sizzling applewood smoked bacon. Bring it all together with melted Swiss cheese and a layer of mayonnaise.

The result is a spectacularly savory sub. For that extra bit of zing, ask for it Mike’s Way. The red wine vinegar is the perfect counter to the thick meat flavor! 

Ham and Provolone

For fans of traditional American sandwiches, the Ham and Provolone at Jersey Mike’s is the stuff that dreams are made out of.

Picante provolone cheese balances out the savory slices of salty ham stacked up on pillowy Jersey bread for a simple but delicious medley of flavors that are comfortable and consistent, no matter which Jersey Mike’s you step into. 

If you’re not into toppings on your ham and provolone sub, that’s OK because the #3 has plenty of flavor on its own.

But kicking things up a notch with topping Mike’s Way sends this sandwich off the charts.

Once the red wine vinaigrette works its way into the bread, and you get a bit of that extra bite with each chew, you’ll never go back to the plain sandwich again. 

Jersey Shore’s Favorite

The Jersey Shore’s Favorite is growing on everyone. It’s the #2 on the menu at Jersey Mike’s, and it’s at the top position for lovers of a traditional Italian combo sandwich.

Layers of provolone cheese, ham, and cappacuolo are piled high on a thick sub.

Mike’s Way is the best way, not just for the traditionalist but for anyone who wants a perfect Italian-inspired sub sandwich. 

And if you need a quick lesson, let’s practice. You need to channel your inner Tony Soprano when you order this sandwich because it’s pronounced ‘gabagool,’ even if you’re nowhere near New Jersey. 

Roast Beef and Provolone

Start with oven-roasted premium roast beef. Slice it thinly, and then add some fresh slices of provolone cheese.

Stack it all up on submarine, and boom, you have a Jersey Mike’s #6, their famous original Roast Beef and Provolone sandwich. You can also get it as a wrap if you prefer.

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They say that a Regular sub is enough for two, but not with this sandwich. You’ll end up fighting for the second half. 

I skip the toppings on this one sometimes, and I go for a side of salty chips or a gooey chocolate brownie for dessert. 

The Number Four

The Number Four was part of the menu that started it all — it’s been served at Jersey Mike’s since the beginning.

Ask for a #4, and you’ll get the classic ingredients of cappacuolo, provolone cheese, and prosciuttini.

You already know that cappacuolo (‘gabagool’) is a dry-cured cut of pork. Prosciuttini is a type of peppery ham, similar to prosciutto.

But it’s a bit spicier. Put these two types of meats together with a few slices of provolone, and it’s a match made in culinary heaven. 

Pile them up on a Jersey sub, and you have a signature classic sub sandwich from Jersey Mike’s. And you know it’s Mike’s Way all the way for the best bite. 

The Original Italian

The Original Italian is the kind of sandwich that inspires a quick nap.

That’s because it is loaded with meat and packed with flavor that might just land a knockout punch. It’s also the type of sub that made Jersey Mike’s a household name.

We’re not joking when we say that if you’re not a big eater, you might want to order this one from the Kid’s Meal menu.

Whatever size #13 Original Italian you order at Jersey Mike’s, it comes with pepperoni, salami, cappacuolo, prosciuttini, ham, and provolone cheese. 

The Veggie

The Veggie sub is a great way to take a break from meat. It’s piled high with fresh, crunchy vegetables and two kinds of cheese, so you won’t be going home hungry.

Start with sliced green pepper rings, then stack up a layer of provolone, then Swiss cheese.

If that’s not enough, tell the counter you want your #14 sub Mike’s Way, and add the shredded lettuce, onions, ripe red tomatoes, spices, and vinaigrette. 

Even with all the weight of the cheese and veggies, plus the juice, this sandwich holds up and satisfies the heartiest appetite.

Bacon Ranch Chicken Cheese Steak

The Bacon Ranch Chicken Cheese Steak combines some of the most savory flavors on the menu in one outstanding sandwich.

Freshly grilled chicken is chopped into chunks, smothered in white American cheese, and combined with shredded lettuce and tomato.

Then, sizzling hot, salty strips of Applewood bacon are laid over the top. The piece de resistance (that’s fancy talk for the finishing touch) is the addition of Jersey Mike’s signature ranch dressing. 

The total of all the parts is a mouthwatering sub. The only problem with this sandwich is that you always want just a little bit more bacon ranch flavor.

You end up licking the sauce off of your fingertips!

Buffalo Chicken Cheese Steak

The Buffalo Chicken Cheese Steak isn’t a conventional cheese steak. Instead of beef, chicken takes its place as the star of this sandwich.

While the chicken cooks on the grill, it gets a coating of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce.

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It tastes like fried chicken wings without the hassle of having to chew the meat off the bone, and you don’t have to dip it into any sauce. 

That’s because the delicious chunks of chicken are topped with American cheese, lettuce, mayonnaise, and bleu cheese, so each bite is like a complete chicken wing experience, in the convenience of a sandwich.

California Chicken Cheese Steak

If you like the flavor of the West Coast, you can get it in a California Chicken Cheese Steak sub.

Leave the classic cheese steak in the rearview, and grab a sub stacked with freshly grilled chicken, white American cheese, and gooey mayonnaise.

It’s delicious on its own, but done Mike’s Way, this sub goes to the next level. 

Juicy, savory, crunchy, and fresh come together in a serious medley.

If there’s a knock in this sandwich, it’s that its availability varies by location. So, check out a Jersey Mike’s near you and see if it’s on the menu!

Cancro Special

The Cancro Special was inspired by a soda deliveryman who ordered a unique combo sandwich in the mid-1970s.

The combination of roast beef, pepperoni, and provolone was so good, Peter Cancro’s brother, John, decided it was worthy of the family name. Now, it’s on the menu as the #12 special sub. 

Just know that if you go for a full-size regular sub for lunch, you can probably skip dinner. If you order a Giant sub for four, it can probably feed six. 

Grilled Pastrami Reuben

The Grilled Pastrami Reuben takes the classic New York deli pastrami sandwich to a new level.

Of course, there’s plenty of juicy, grilled pastrami at the heart of this monster sub.

Pack on melted Swiss, tangy sauerkraut, and a kiss of Thousand Island dressing to bring it all together. 

Be prepared to open the sandwich up and take off a few slices to eat first.

Otherwise, you’ll need an anaconda’s hinged jaw to fit this sub in your mouth! However you eat it, make sure you have plenty of napkins at the ready. 

Jersey Mike’s Famous Philly

You can get a taste of the authentic Philadelphia cheese steak at any one of the 2,000 Jersey Mike’s locations. Just walk in the door and order a Jersey Mike’s Famous Philly.

It’s always made fresh to order, with tender grilled steak, peppers, onions, and melty white American cheese. 

The juices soak into the thick Jersey bread, so it’s soft inside but still doughy and crunchy on the outside. Just like a cheese steak should be!

Portabella Cheese Steak

The Portabella Cheese Steak is new to the menu at Jersey Mike’s. If you want the flavor of a cheese steak backed up with some hearty mushrooms, this sub’s for you.

Grilled portabella mushrooms are the perfect complement to the juicy steak, and they are meaty enough to add some extra-thick savory flavor.

Throw on some peppers, onions, and white American, all grilled to perfection and to order. 

This is one of the heartiest sandwiches on the menu. So, be careful with your sizing. A mini-sized sub goes a long way!

You’re not going to leave Jersey Mike’s hungry. Their menu offers a range of options for meat-lovers and those who might want to focus on veggies instead. Choose from cold cut classics to hot sub sandwiches, fresh off the grill. Everything is prepared daily, and made to order, right in front of you. 

You can’t go wrong at Jersey Mike’s, so stop in today and order a sub above, Mike’s Way.

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  1. Lived in PPB for 20 years. Love your subs, wish you had sausage and peppers like you get on the boardwalk. Miss those flavors with good Jersey bread.

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