10 Most Popular Insomnia Cookies Flavors

Grab a glass of milk and try Insomnia Cookies’ best cookies.

Ordering delicious fresh baked cookies is a treat in and of itself, but being able to order them almost any time of the day or night is even better! The best place to get late-night desserts is Insomnia Cookies, a national chain ready to provide cookies for the most egregious of night owls. 

The Insomnia Cookies store is famous for serving and delivering its delicious baked treats

In 2003 Seth Berkowitz, a student at the University of Pennsylvania, found that his peers needed late-night desserts. He realized deliveries of warm sugary cookies could revolutionize the market.

Nearly 20 years later, more than 200 of his late-night bakeries are operating in cities across the United States. 

While all of the products sold at Insomnia Cookies are delicious, I have made a list of my top favorites that you won’t want to miss.

Best Cookies from Insomnia Cookies

Check out my list of the best cookies at Insomnia Cookies before ordering your next batch. 

Peanut Butter Chip

“A total peanut butter stunner. Our soft, sweet peanut butter cookie filled with creamy peanut butter chips.” – Insomnia Cookies

Have you ever had a craving for peanut butter that a spoon of Jiffy just couldn’t seem to touch? When I’m jonesing for a great peanut butter flavor, there’s nothing that beats the Peanut Butter Chip at Insomnia Cookies.

Peanut butter is America’s second-favorite cookie. But I think if more folks had a chance to try Insomnia’s take, it might push it to number one.

Yes, there’s peanut butter in the dough like a traditional peanut butter cookie. But Insomnia brings it to the next level with peanut butter chips.

By weight, peanut butter chips are the most prevalent ingredient in the cookie, making it live up to its name and then some. 

Double Chocolate Mint

“Our take on a favorite flavor combo. A warm dark chocolate cookie with mint chips and chunks of milk chocolate.” – Insomnia Cookies

The double chocolate mint cookie is the perfect mix of cool menthol and warm cocoa in every bite.

When I’m craving Thin Mints but have already destroyed my stash from cookie season, I get a double chocolate mint cookie from Insomnia Cookies.

Just thinking of the bright green mint chips in the chocolate cookie makes me gaga for these refreshing treats.

The inclusion of both mint and chocolate chips makes for a gooey, indulgent cookie I can’t get enough of. 


“Stick to a classic with our Snickerdoodle. A delightfully buttery base covered in cinnamon sugar goodness.” – Insomnia Cookies

The origin of the rather silly name snickerdoodle is unclear, but some guess that it has to do with the way they’re made.

They may be named after the way the dough is rolled out and twisted like a German Schneckennudel, or ‘snail noodle’. Others think it’s just a fun name some Americans came up with late eighteenth century. 

For a cookie over a hundred years old, it still tastes fresh and delightful every time. The cinnamon is warm and delicious and reminds me of fresh cinnamon rolls.

Insomnia’s snickerdoodles pack in an even ratio of cinnamon sugar to buttery base in every bite.

Oatmeal Raisin

“A treat that’s like a hug for the soul. Warm cinnamon and sweet molasses layered with plenty of oatmeal and raisins.” – Insomnia Cookies

The oatmeal raisin cookie at Insomnia always reminds me of the holidays. A hint of spice coupled with the thick sweetness of molasses makes for a treat of warm comfort. 

Oatmeal raisin cookies are not always everyone’s cup of tea. However, I think any non-believers might be swayed by Insomnia’s take on this classic.

The ratio of raisins to oats is perfect, and just might be capable of conversion. 

Chocolate Chunk

“A rich, buttery vanilla cookie amped up with loads of ooey-gooey milk chocolate chunks.” – Insomnia Cookies

If you ask me, chocolate chunk wins over chocolate chip any day, and Insomnia’s chocolate chunk cookie is no exception. A chocolate chip cookie is an American classic, like apple pie!

The chocolate bits make for gooey pockets of warm chocolate, the perfect level of semi-sweet to complement the vanilla of the cookie dough. 

I love it when you bite into a chocolate chunk cookie and melted chocolate bursts out.

If you are lucky enough to get to Insomnia when a fresh batch hits the counter, you cannot pass up this classic.

Double Chocolate Chunk

“Our dark chocolate cookie is taken to its drool-worthy peak with chunks of smooth, melty milk chocolate.” – Insomnia Cookies

The double chocolate chunk cookie at Insomnia Cookies is the ultimate balm to the grad student during finals, the homemaker during the holidays, and the lover during heartbreak. 

Ooey gooey chocolate chips make the double chocolate chunk comfortingly indulgent and rich. The dark chocolate grounds the taste with a hint of the natural bitterness of the cocoa bean.

Beyond that is the sweet, smooth chocolate cookie base so delicious that you can’t help but smile. 

Classic with M&M’S

“This colorful, candy-coated twist on our Classic cookie is packed with M&M’S® goodness.” – Insomnia Cookies

It may be hyper-indulgent, but I cannot get enough of the combination of cookies and candies. The pairing of the classic buttery cookie flavor with one of my favorite candies just can’t be beaten.

Colorful candy shells also add a layer of fun to the experience, and the crunch of the M&M’S® makes this cookie special.

While I love a good candy cookie, it’s not always my first choice at most bakeries.

But I have to say, I am never disappointed when I branch out and order Insomnia’s Classic with M&M’S® cookie.


“A warm, decadent chocolate cookie packed with toasty marshmallow, crunchy graham cracker, and chocolate chunks.” – Insomnia Cookies

Summer nights, bonfires, campouts with friends, this cookie evokes the most cherished of memories with a single bite. S’mores are a delightful treat, and the desserts they inspire are here to stay.

The star of the S’mores cookie is the marshmallow element. Always toasted, never burnt or raw, marshmallows takes an already great cookie to a blissful eleven out of ten.

Paired with graham cracker that hints at honey and gooey chocolate chunks, the S’mores cookie stands out as the perfect execution of an incredible concept. 

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut

“This snack operates on island time. A coconut-y cookie with bits of macadamia nut and creamy white chocolate chips.” – Insomnia Cookies

The white chocolate macadamia nut cookie at Insomnia cookies is a refreshingly fruity take on the late-night snack. The flavor of coconut never outshines the dynamic duo of white chocolate and macadamia. 

The coconut does provide a tropical context that lends this cookie a deep flavor profile that nut lovers won’t be able to get enough of. 

The white chocolate macadamia nut cookie has plenty of texture for those looking for a bit of adventure. 


“Simply the best. A melt-in-your-mouth, buttery cookie with hints of vanilla.” – Insomnia Cookies

It may seem like when stacked up against so many gourmet contenders, the sugar cookie simply couldn’t stand a chance.

But the recipe and techniques of Insomnia cookies are so solid and perfect that even the simple sugar cookie scratches the most hedonistic of late-night itches. 

The butter in this cookie, usually a more subtle player for the rest of the menu, truly shines in the sugar cookie.

Clear, delicious vanilla also comes to the forefront. If the rest of the selections on this list are incredible cookies, the sugar cookie goes a step further by tasting like cookie dough. 

Best Cookies from Insomnia Cookies

  1. Peanut Butter Chip
  2. Double Chocolate Mint
  3. Snickerdoodle
  4. Oatmeal Raisin
  5. Chocolate Chip
  6. Double Chocolate
  7. M&M cookie
  8. S’mores
  9. White Chocolate Macadamia Nut
  10. Sugar

Final Thoughts 

I’ve become such an Insomnia Cookie addict that at times I might even say that I feel forever indebted to Seth Berkowitz for creating Insomnia Cookies.

Their truly delicious cookies are deliciously chewy. And I have to say, something about them just hits different at the wee hours of the night. 

I’ve created my list of the best cookies at Insomnia Cookies to help you experience this delectable treat to its fullest effect. Insomnia Cookies takes each of these well-known and beloved treats to a whole new level. 

Learn how to make your favorite cookie at home with these Insomnia Cookie copycat recipes!

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