The Best Food on the Friendly’s Menu

Friendly’s is a classic American restaurant. It’s been in business since 1935 and continues to serve delicious food, drinks, and ice cream from the Friendly’s menu.

Friendly's is an east coast United States family restaurant

Since partnering with the Hershey Chocolate company, the ice cream has only become better and more diverse, and the food continues to be classic American diner favorites. 

Of course, Friendly’s started with five-cent ice cream cones during the Great Depression.

While the ice cream costs a bit more now, it’s still the highlight of the Friendly’s menu.

Many of us grew up going to Friendly’s for dessert before we even tasted the rest of the menu. 

If you’ve never been to Friendly’s, it’s time to take a trip. It’s considered one of the best chain restaurans across the US!

If you’re anywhere near the Northeast, give Friendly’s a try with any of these delicious menu items. 


While Friendly’s has food items, the main focus (and rightly so) is the ice cream.

Whether it’s a milkshake, an ice cream sundae, or just a plain scoop, you won’t regret getting dessert at Friendly’s. However, you will regret not trying the Fribble. 

The Fribble is not like a Dairy Queen Blizzard or Culver’s Concrete Mixer (that would be the Friend-Z).

By definition, it’s a super thick milkshake, the only plain milkshakes they offer.

In reality, though, it’s so much more than that. Somehow (I don’t know how), they make magic with this milkshake. It is so good, I can’t even describe it. You’ll just have to try for yourself. 

Bacon Cheese SuperMelt

I started with dessert because it’s the most important menu item at Friendly’s.

However, we can’t forget about food, and not just because you need to eat more than just ice cream.

The food at Friendly’s is also delicious and starts with the Supermelts. Specifically, I love the Bacon Cheese SuperMelt. 

Friendly’s SuperMelts are like grilled cheese sandwiches if you add burgers to them. They are grilled on white or sourdough bread and the cheese is melted perfectly.

The Bacon Cheese SuperMelt is a bacon cheeseburger but made like a grilled cheese. Yum. 

Kickin’ Buffalo Chicken Wrap

If you like buffalo chicken, the Kickin’ Buffalo Chicken Wrap is an ideal choice.

It feels healthier because it’s on a wrap (although really–who’s coming to Friendly’s to be healthy?), and it’s got the perfect amount of buffalo sauce and ranch dressing to balance out the flavors. 

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This item is one of the healthier options on the Friendly’s menu, and if you’re trying to avoid too much bread it’s a great choice.

The wrap comes with Friendly’s fries and a drink if you get the meal. Pro tip: you can upgrade the drink to a Fribble for a small upcharge. As I’ve said before, it’s worth it. 

Vermonter Burger

One of the newer burgers on the Friendly’s menu, the Vermonter had people running to Friendly’s when it was first released.

Why, you ask? Because this burger has the simple beauty of Vermont white cheddar cheese, bacon, and a burger patty (along with mayo, lettuce, and tomato). 

It’s simple but delicious. It might not be as crazy as the Bacon Mac N’ Cheeseburger (yes, it has macaroni and cheese on it), but I think this burger is better for its simplicity.

The sharp cheddar adds a tanginess that works so well on a simple burger, and it highlights the quality of the burger itself. 

Peanut Butter Cup Sundae

For ten years, Friendly’s was owned by Hershey Company, masters of the peanut butter cup.

Although they were bought out in 1988, the restaurant still has a partnership with the candy company and makes the best peanut butter sauce.

If you don’t believe me about the Fribble, at least try the peanut butter cup sundae. 

Every single component of this is amazing. I’ve told you that Friendly’s makes amazing ice cream.

Top three scoops of that with Hershey’s fudge sauce, Friendly’s peanut butter sauce, sprinkles, and Reese’s peanut butter cup, and I honestly don’t know what could be better.

The peanut butter cup sundae is the best (non-Fribble) dessert item at Friendly’s.

Super Sizzlin Combo

Friendly’s also offers breakfast in select locations.

If you’re lucky enough to live near a Friendly’s that opens in the morning, you can start the day with a Super Sizzlin’ Combo: eggs, bacon, toast, and home fries (the morning version of Friendly’s french fries).

It’s delicious and the perfect way to start the day. 

The super sizzlin’ combo doesn’t come with Friendly’s pancakes, but you can get a short stack added if you need some sweetness to start the day.

Or get a milkshake–no one is going to judge you for needing a Fribble at nine o’clock in the morning. 

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I can’t count the number of times I’ve walked into Friendly’s and ordered a Fribble and Fronions. It sounds silly coming out of my mouth, but trust me: it’s delicious going in.

Fronions are Friendly’s onion rings, and one order is enough for an entire meal (or at least a hearty snack). 

The onion rings are double fried, which means that they are thick and delicious.

They pair perfectly with any sandwich, dipping sauce, or (as I’ve said), a milkshake.

While Friendly’s is famous for their ice cream, it’s not the only thing they do super well–these onion rings are some of the best I’ve had. 

Crispy Chicken Wrap

Do you want a wrap but don’t like spicy food? It’s okay, the buffalo wrap isn’t the only one offered.

You can do the same wrap but with regular chicken tenders and it is just as good. The crispy chicken wrap comes with fries and a drink, just like the buffalo wrap.

I’ve gone with a friend and gone halfsies with both wraps, to get the best of both worlds. 

While you can request grilled chicken for your wrap, it’s so much better with crispy chicken.

The wrap has lettuce, shredded cheese, and honey mustard in it to complete the flavors, and tastes like a delicious salad all wrapped up for you. 

Grilled Cheese

SuperMelts are great, but sometimes we just want a regular grilled cheese sandwich. If that’s the case, Friendly’s has your back.

They don’t just offer fancy, souped-up versions of grilled cheeses with extra ingredients and bacon–you can get a grilled cheese, nothing too fancy, and enjoy it with a cup of tomato soup (and a milkshake). 

We haven’t talked about the soups on this list, but Friendly’s is a Northeastern restaurant.

They offer clam chowder, chicken noodle soup, and tomato basil soup.

You can pair the soup with a sandwich (grilled cheese is my choice), salad, or have it on its own to make a cold day warmer. 

Waffle Fries 

What’s better than french fries? Waffle fries, of course. Well, Friendly’s took that idea and made it even better, by offering a plate of loaded waffle fries.

As if loaded fries weren’t enough, waffle fries are the perfect vehicle for the gobs of cheese, bacon, and sour cream that sit on top. 

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Of course, you can get plain waffle fries as well, but most of the meals automatically come with regular fries instead.

Friendly’s waffle fries are mainly reserved for the loaded waffle fries appetizer, and it is very understandable why.

They could be a meal in of themselves–if you’re not super hungry, grab some waffle fries and a milkshake and dig in! 

And there you have it! These certainly aren’t all of the delicious options at Friendly’s, especially as they are constantly updating and changing their menu.

If you’re lucky, you can stop by when they’re running a nostalgic menu and offering a Heinz 57 Burger or a Superman Sundae. 

If you’ve never been to Friendly’s, you know your next new restaurant! If you have gone plenty of times but something on this list stood out to you, then you have a new option to try when you go back. Either way, you’re sure to enjoy one of Northeast America’s favorite restaurants. 


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  1. I always stopped in Friendly’s for the best tuna sandwich . The tuna is the best I have ever tasted. Stopped a week ago and didn’t see it on the menu. I asked and I was told they took it off the menu in all their restaurants. That is crazy! Even the manager I spoke with said they didn’t understand it either.
    Bring it back!

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