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11 Delicious Sauces To Dip Your Pizza In 

Try these sauces to add some flavor to your next slice of pizza.

Pizza is a classic combination of three essential ingredients: a bready, chewy crust, gooey, fatty cheese, and decadent toppings like meats, vegetables, mushrooms, and fruits.

Three classic sauces ketchup

This succulent combination often begs for a delicious dipping sauce to provide relief to this heavy handheld meal.

Dipping sauces taste great on pizza, no matter how you eat it. Some people reserve dipping sauce only for the crust.

Other pizza lovers prefer to dip on every bite, dragging their pizza toppings through their choice of tangy, sweet, spicy, or creamy sauce.

Because there is a nearly endless variety of pizzas, many different dipping sauces make some of the best sauces to dip pizza in.

Read on to learn about the top 11 sauces to dip pizza in.

Barbecue Sauce

Sweet, tangy, and even sometimes spicy barbecue sauce provides a zesty counterpart to the rich flavors of pizza.

The zip of barbecue sauce cuts through the bready crust, fatty cheese, and heavy toppings.

Dip a white-sauce pizza like a chicken alfredo pizza in barbecue sauce for a delicious flavor counterpart, or create a BBQ chicken pizza by drizzling it right on top.


Artisanal pizzas taste great when dipped in honey.

Consider a side of honey the next time you are eating a fig and goat cheese pizza or arugula and prosciutto pizza.

The trendy condiment hot honey lends a spicy and sweet note to rich pizzas like a five-cheese pie.

Marinara Sauce

It’s no secret marinara sauce makes one of the best sauces to dip pizza in.

In fact, this is such a good idea most pizza delivery restaurants sell a side of breadsticks – which is basically just dipping pizza crust in pizza or marinara sauce!

If it’s up to me, I dip every crust in a side of marinara sauce. You can ask your favorite pizza place for a side, or check out our favorite jarred marinaras to keep at home.

Ranch Dressing

Midwesterners, this one is for you! Ranch dressing is a ubiquitous condiment to dip pizza into in some parts of the United States.

This creamy and thick dressing clings to the pizza and provides a cooling complement to spicy taco pizza.

Check out our favorite grocery store ranch dressings and try it yourself.

Hot Sauces

Hot sauce remains one of the most popular condiments worldwide.

Hot sauce aficionados have their favorites, but even some of the famous brands taste great on pizza.

Take your breakfast pizza to a new level when you dip it in hot sauce. Or add extra spice to a chicken bacon ranch pizza with hot sauce.

If you’re brave, check out the hottest hot sauces to try!

Blue Cheese Dressing

If you like a little funk with your creamy dressing, upgrade from ranch dressing to blue cheese.

This dressing, made from a strong, funky cheese, adds a thick, creamy, and salty sauce to dip pizza in.

If you ordered a spicy buffalo chicken pizza, blue cheese dressing is one of the best sauces to dip pizza in.

Garlic Butter

Most pizzas feature a foundational flavor of garlic throughout their recipe.

Pump up that irresistible garlic flavor by dipping your pizza in garlic butter.

Easily make garlic butter at home for a decadent dipping sauce for any variety of meat, cheese, and seafood pizzas.


Sriracha, a trendy chile sauce, remains one of the most popular condiments for food today.

Pizza does not escape the influence of sriracha, with many delicious pizzas benefiting from this spicy and smoky condiment.

Top vegetarian pizzas with sriracha to boost the complex flavors of a plant-based recipe. Beware – a little sriracha goes a long way!


While not a popular dipping condiment in the United States as in other nations, mayonnaise tastes delicious when paired with certain pizzas.

The BLT pizza features a mayo-based pizza sauce, making mayonnaise a natural choice for one of the best sauces to dip pizza in.

While this isn’t my first choice, to each his own.

Pesto Sauce

Pesto sauce packs a flavorful punch that can boost the taste of a one-dimensional slice of pizza.

Consider topping a slice of cheese pizza with a side of pesto sauce for dipping.

Margherita pizzas commonly feature basil, which makes the basil-heavy pesto sauce a great pairing.

Tomato Ketchup

Ketchup is a classic condiment for many American comfort foods.

Even pizza can be one of the best sauces to dip pizza in.

Bacon cheeseburger pizzas feature many of the flavors of a cheeseburger, making it a classic pairing for a ketchup dipping sauce.

Ketchup is also often popular among children, so this one might help the kids eat if they’re feeling stubborn at dinner time.

Sauces To Dip Pizza In

  1. Barbecue Sauce
  2. Honey
  3. Marinara Sauce
  4. Ranch Dressing
  5. Hot Sauces
  6. Blue Cheese Dressing
  7. Garlic Butter
  8. Sriracha 
  9. Mayonnaise
  10. Pesto Sauce
  11. Tomato Ketchup

Final Thoughts

I wager the crust is one of the most satisfying bites of a slice of pizza. Make that bite even more indulgent with one of the best sauces to dip pizza in on this list.

From classics like garlic butter and marinara to innovative choices like ketchup and mayonnaise, there are so many delicious sauces to dip pizza in.

Check out other ways to enjoy pizza, like the best kinds of mushrooms for pizza or unique Japanese pizza toppings.

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