The Best Food at The Capital Grille

The Capital Grille is an upscale American restaurant chain known for its traditional steakhouse cuisine. The restaurant has locations in twenty-five states, the District of Columbia, and Mexico City.

The Capital Grille Restaurant

The Capital Grille was founded in 1990 in Rhode Island by Ned Grace to provide a meeting space for business and political leaders. The concept and the restaurant have proven to be popular for that target audience and residents and visitors to cities where Capital Grille locations are operating. 

From perfected seared steaks to fresh seafood, the menu at Capital Grille is filled with tasty options for any diet. Check out our comprehensive list of the best menu items at The Capital Grille. 

Bone-In Ribeye Steak

The Bone-In Ribeye is one of The Capital Grille’s most popular main course menu items.

The bone-in ribeye is twenty-two ounces, and it is grilled to the customer’s preferred temperature. 

The options include rare with a cool, red center; medium rare with a warm, red center; medium with a hot, pink center; medium well with just a trace of pink in the middle; or well done, which is cooked thoroughly.

While the main course bone-in ribeye is the only item served on the plate, the Capital Grille offers various types of side dishes that are served family-style and perfect steak pairings

Filet Mignon

Another tasty steak at the Capital Grille is the Filet Mignon.

Unlike the ribeye on the menu, the Filet Mignon does not have a bone. The Capital Grille Filet Mignon is ten ounces.

The steak can be ordered as a stand-alone main course, or guests can try one of the chef’s selections at particular restaurants. 

For instance, I enjoyed the sliced Filet Mignon with cipollini onions, wild mushrooms, and fig essence. The plate is perfectly cultivated for those who enjoy a perfectly cooked Filet Mignon.

I enjoy my grilled Filet Mignon to be cooked medium with a pink center. 

Tuna Tartare w/ Avocado, Mango and Sriracha

The Tuna Tartare with Avocado, Mango, and Sriracha is often enjoyed as an appetizer but can be a perfect dish for lunch as well.

Tuna tartare is a raw fish dish, where the high-quality fish is sliced into small cubes. The tuna tartare is one of my favorite dishes on the menu!  

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At the Capital Grille, the pairing of the fresh fish with the avocado adds a fatty element that enhances the flavor of the fish.

I enjoyed the tuna tartare because it is the perfect portion to share with a date as an appetizer. It is rich and flavorful. 

Tenderloin w/ Butter Poached Lobster Tails

The Capital Grille describes this dish as the ultimate steak and seafood experience.

The Tenderloin with Butter Poached Lobster Tails is a tasty dish that is perfect for a celebratory dinner. The tenderloin steak is a more significant cut of beef, including the filet mignon. It shares many of the same decadent qualities as the filet mignon alone. 

The poached lobster tail is delicious. Poaching in butter is a masterful culinary skill. Butter poaching uses emulsification of butter and water to slowly cook the lobster as the butter and water warm and begin to steam softly.

The combination of the steak and seafood is a classic steakhouse tradition, and the Capital Grille has created a mouthwatering dish. 

Pan-Fried Calamari 

Crispy calamari is a popular dish at many restaurants.

It is chopped, battered, and fried squid. At the Capital Grille, the dish has been elevated by adding Hot Cherry Peppers.

I recommend adding the pan-fried calamari as an appetizer for lunch or dinner; it is sure to be a fan favorite for those dining with you. 

Pan-frying rather than deep-frying allows the calamari to maintain an element of delicateness, which keeps the subtle seafood flavor of the squid in the final dish.

Crispy calamari is one of my favorite bites when I visit Capital Grille because it is spicy yet delicate. 

Seared Citrus Glazed Salmon with Almonds

While The Capital Grille is known for serving up steakhouse favorites like the bone-in ribeye and filet mignon, the seafood options on the menu are exceptional.

For instance, the Seared Citrus Glazed Salmon with Almonds is a perfect meal for lunch or dinner. 

The seared salmon adds a textural addition to the succulent salmon, and the brightness of the citrus keeps the dish light. The Marcona Almonds bring a fatty component to the dish that compliments the omega-3 in the salmon.

The chefs have perfected the skill of searing and glazing salmon for an outstanding seafood dish. 

Bone-In Kona Crusted Dry Aged NY Strip 

The Bone-In Kona Crusted Dry Aged New York Strip steak is one of the Capital Grille’s signature dishes.

The coffee dry rub adds a  bold flavor to the New York strip steak. The New York strip is an excellent cut of meat for those who enjoy a medium to medium-well steak. 

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The dish is available with a side of shallot butter–a sauce that adds even more robust flavors to the meal.

I recommend the shallot butter and also enjoyed this New York strip steak with a side of Sam’s Mashed Potatoes, made with red bliss potatoes, cream, and salt. 

Lobster Mac N Cheese

The Lobster Mac N Cheese is one of the family-style side dishes available at the Capital Grille.

Chunks of savor poached lobster are added to the creamy macaroni and cheese.

The pasta has multiple types of cheese in the mix like cream cheese, parmesan, and cheddar, although the exact ratios are kept secret by the kitchen. 

The Lobster Mac N Cheese is perfect as a stand-alone lunch or as a side dish shared among the table. I enjoy the macaroni most with a medium filet mignon; the combination of the steak and pasta is rich, savory, and filling.

Regardless of your main course, I recommend ordering the lobster mac and cheese side dish. 

Au Gratin Potatoes

The Au gratin Potatoes at Capital Grille are a great addition to any main course and are served family-style, so everyone at the table can enjoy the potatoes.

The side dish is layers of thick-cut potatoes with cheese and cheese sauce baked in between. The cheese sauce is made with a blend of multiple cheeses. 

My favorite aspect of the cheesy au gratin potatoes is that the Capital Grille makes a relatively simple dish refined.

The potatoes taste like homey comfort food, but guests can enjoy the potatoes in a refined setting–it is the culmination of experiencing the best of two worlds. 

Soy Glazed Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

The Soy Glazed Brussels Sprouts with Bacon is a savory side dish.

The Brussels Sprouts at Capital Grille are one of the most popular family-style side dishes. The sprouts are a perfect side dish but are also a tasty and unexpected appetizer option for your table.

I enjoyed the soy glaze on the Brussels Sprouts–it creates a tasty coating that enhances the natural flavor of the sprout. The addition of the bacon lardons elevates the dish to be steakhouse caliber.

The Soy Glazed Brussels Sprouts with Bacon are the perfect side dish to accompany a steak or a salmon filet and are one of the most loved menu items. 

Lobster and Crab Cakes

The Capital Grille has perfected the crab cake by adding lobster!

The Lobster and Crab Cakes are listed on the appetizer menu and are a must-order for those who enjoy seafood. The cakes are filled with lumps of crab and lobster–the nearly all-meat mixture makes the appetizer quite filling! 

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When I ordered the Lobster and Crab Cakes, the cakes were served with a grilled lemon. I squeezed the lemon on top of my lobster and crab cakes for an incredibly flavorful result.

The crab cakes are the perfect menu item to pair with a glass of crisp white wine. 

Double Cut Lamb Rib Chops

In addition to traditional beef steaks and fresh seafood, the Capital Grille also serves Double Cut Lamb Rib Chops.

Each plate is a portion of four chops served with mint gremolata and a honey crust. The lamb rib chops are served with white wine and shallot jus sauce. 

For a decadent dinner with distinct and complementary flavors, try the Double Cut Lamb Rib Chops.

A double-cut chop is a cut of meat where two ribs are connected during the preparation and grilling process. A double-cut allows the meat to maintain moisture in leaner meats, creating a perfect bite. 

The Capital Grille is the perfect setting for a business lunch or a romantic dinner. The atmosphere of the restaurants offers a welcoming, yet refined vibe for guests, and the menu boasts a diverse set of dining options.

From steaks to seafood to lamb, the array of choices is perfect for any diet. Visit a Capital Grille in your neighborhood soon to try some of these tasty dishes. 

Is your favorite menu item from the Capital Grille list? Comment below with your favorite bites!

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  1. Why don’t most of the better restaurants offer options for vegetarians? Looking over Capital Grille’s menu, it looks like all I could order would probably be the vegetables sans the bacon in the soy-glazed brussel sprouts. This is very annoying as sometimes vegetarians want to go upscale.

  2. Capital Grille should offer options for customers who prefer no dairy and no gluten. Quite the challenge with this menu.

  3. In this culinary day and age it’s a big miss not to have vegetarian and gluten free options at lunch and dinner. Especially if you wish to capture some of the younger 30-40 year old diners

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