14 TikTok Starbucks Drinks That Have Gone Viral

The world changed when TikTok appeared. A new social media network that operates based on short videos, TikTok came to life in 2016.

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Since then, users have clamored to take part in the exchange of pranks, stunts, dances, and jokes. 

TikTok now plays a role in helping certain products go viral. Combining the power of this youth sensation with the famous coffee supplier, Starbucks has created the perfect storm of entertainment and product marketing. There are now TikTok Starbucks drink orders that have gone viral!

Thanks to TikTok, Starbucks drinks have gone viral all around the world. From the Moana Frappuccino to the famed TikTok Pink Drink, Starbucks has benefitted every time its products are featured in the world of TikTok. 

I’ve decided to compile a list of the most famous TikTok Starbucks drinks and take a closer look at why they have made the biggest waves on the Internet.

Strawberry Cheesecake Frappuccino

Did you know that Starbucks has a secret menu? Neither did I until I stumbled across this beauty. This icy mixture is delightful on a warm summer day, blended with creme base, vanilla bean powder, white mocha syrup, and cinnamon dolce syrup. It’s cool, refreshing, and it tastes exactly like a strawberry cheesecake.

The Strawberry Cheesecake Frappuccino is one of those treats that you know you don’t need, but you desperately crave it anyway. And you know what? There’s nothing wrong with that.

If the item doesn’t appear on the menu, order a Strawberry Créme Frappuccino and then ask them to add the extra stuff that makes it so good. 

Peaches and Cream Hot Chocolate

Another secret menu item: the Peaches and Cream Hot Chocolate. Thanks to the world of TikTok, this drink is known to the public. There was a time when it was only available on the menu in Asia locations. 

You may have to ask your barista to make this one special for you. The Peaches and Cream Hot Chocolate is a simple mixture of white chocolate and peach tranquility tea.

The idea is that it would taste exactly like peaches and cream. Who doesn’t love peaches and cream?

Order a White Hot Chocolate, and then ask them to add a peach tranquility tea bag. It’s as easy as that. Before you know it, you’ll be sipping on a delightful concoction of creamy peaches and chocolate.

Strawberry Foam Matcha Latte

Matcha lattes are all the rage these days, and TikTok is helping that. While ordering a matcha drink at Starbucks is easy enough, you might get an odd look or two if you order a Strawberry Foam Matcha Latte.

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There’s something particularly unique about this secret menu item. It might be the best-kept secret of Starbucks. And even if you don’t see it on the menu, you should still do your best to get your hands on it. 

The process is simple: order a Pink Drink, then ask your barista to blend match powder with vanilla cold foam and plop it on top. 

The TikTok Drink

Now, I know what you’re thinking: aren’t these all TikTok drinks? Aren’t we technically examining 14 different Starbucks drinks that TikTok made famous?

That’s all true. But there is one particular drink that earned the nickname The TikTok Drink, and for a good reason. It became so popular on the social media network that Starbucks baristas around the country found themselves flooded with requests for this beverage.

It’s simply a Strawberry Acai Refresher with the addition of freeze-dried strawberries and blackberries blended all together. 

Moana Frappuccino

Who doesn’t love Moana? The sensational animated movie has made waves all its own, especially with people like my two-year-old niece. If she isn’t running around the house pretending to be Moana, she’s singing all the songs or coloring in her Moana coloring book.

It should come as no surprise that the world of TikTok took the famous movie and the popular coffee company and brought those two things together. 

To order the Moana Frappuccino, start with the Starbucks White Mocha Frappuccino. Then kindly request the addition of mango refresher and strawberry purée.

Don’t forget the whipped cream on top! You’ll find yourself daydreaming about the beach in no time. 

Gummy Bear Drink

If you love gummy bears, then you’re in luck: there’s a drink for that. This secret menu item is more than just a delightful treat. It’s an explosion of flavor and excitement all at the same time. It’s almost too much to handle. Almost. 

The process is simple: order a Strawberry Acai Refresher. Next, request your barista add peach juice and just a touch of raspberry syrup. 

You know what? You’ve got gummy bears in liquid form at this point. It’s so good it’s stupid. The Gummy Bear Drink shouldn’t be a secret menu item; it should be regular. 

Iced Hot Chocolate

Do you know what the worst part of summer is? Feeling like people are going to judge you for ordering a hot chocolate. It’s not that hot chocolate is a bad drink in the summer. Frankly, I’m inclined to think hot chocolate is always refreshing. But is it worth the weird looks?

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Well, there’s a way around that now: Iced Hot Chocolate (and no, that’s not just chocolate milk). Start by ordering Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew with less vanilla syrup. Then request they add mocha sauce. Then add just a dash of toasted white mocha.

Some people also ask for cookie crumbles in the foam!

And there you have it! Hot chocolate that’s good enough for the hot summer. 

Iced White Mocha with Sweet Cream Foam and Caramel Drizzle

This one is relatively straightforward compared to some of the drinks we’ve looked at thus far. But trust me, the combination of flavors and textures is worth it. Now, be prepared to pay about $7 for this drink.

Order an Iced White Mocha, then add sweet cream foam and caramel drizzle. See? I told you it was easy.

The great thing about the Iced White Mocha with Sweet Cream Foam and Caramel Drizzle is that it has more personality than a basic white chocolate mocha with whipped cream.  

Apple Pie Frappuccino

We all know that if fall had a flavor, it would be apple pie. So why not blend it up and sip it through a straw? If you’ve ever wanted to have an apple pie, but as a frappuccino, then you’ve come to the right place.

This one gets a little tricky, so pay attention: you want to start by ordering a basic Chai Frappuccino, but ask for apple juice instead of milk. 

OK, so that wasn’t so tricky. Have them top it with whipped cream, cinnamon, caramel sauce, and those delightful Chestnut Praline Sprinkles if available. 

Sour Patch Kid Drink

Another great candy from childhood, the Sour Patch Kid Drink, is sure to bring back all kinds of nostalgic emotions. 

It all starts with the classic Strawberry Acai Lemonade. Then you want to ask for classic syrup and a little bit of raspberry syrup. Top it off with a dollop of passion tea, and you should be good to go. 

While no two refreshers are created equal, this one certainly does its job at a high level. You might fool yourself into thinking that you’re drinking a liquified version of the candy! 

The TikTok Pink Drink

Now, we’ve already seen a variation on the Pink Drink. And we’ve already had something called the TikTok Drink. So what happens when someone orders the TikTok Pink Drink? Is this something entirely different?

Yes. And no. Actually, it’s very similar to both of those drinks. There are a few minor variations.

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Start by ordering the classic Pink Drink. But instead of using coconut milk, ask them to replace it with heavy cream. Then ask if they’ll add two scoops of vanilla bean powder. Top it off with whipped cream, and you’ve got yourself magic in a cup.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is one of those things that makes life worth living. There’s nothing more refreshing, more delightful, or more tasteful than a delicious iced coffee, especially on a hot day.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee is a special kind of wonderful. Usually made with strong coffee and sweetened condensed milk, the Starbucks variation popularized by TikTok is an excellent substitute if you know what to ask.

Start by ordering an Iced Latte with two shots. Then you want them to add white chocolate sauce and heavy cream instead of milk.

Berry Caramel Frappuccino

Don’t be surprised if you order the Berry Caramel Frappuccino and quickly find that it’s your favorite thing ever created. And frankly, it’s beautiful. Seriously, it’s that good.

Start by ordering a Strawberry Acai Lemonade, then add apple juice and strawberry puree. Next, ask if they can throw in some scoops of mango and strawberry. Then say those magic words, “blend it up!”

Caramel drizzle on top is the last thing you need. Do not forget to ask for the caramel drizzle on top. Seriously, you are going to want that caramel drizzle on top. Trust me, that caramel drizzle is going to bring this whole delicious mixture together in ways you can only imagine.

Cookie Butter Latte

We saved the best for last, and for a good reason. The Cookie Butter Latte is one of the most delicious things you’re ever going to have in your life. Believe me when I tell you, this concoction might just change your life.

Start with a White Chocolate Mocha. Then ask your barista to add toffee nut and cinnamon dolce syrup. Whipped cream is a must, and the caramel drizzle on top isn’t going to hurt anything.

Make sure you tip your barista extra for this one. Not because it’s particularly strenuous to make, but because the lifelong implications are going to stay with you until you die. Trust me.  

TikTok has opened a brand new world of Starbucks drinks that most people never dreamed possible. Even the most avid Starbucks patrons couldn’t dream up the wild concoctions that have been brought to the light thanks to TikTok. 

Next time you find yourself at a Starbucks, give one of these drinks a try. See for yourself just how delightful the Cookie Butter Latte is, or how refreshing an Iced Hot Chocolate can be in the middle of the summer. Make sure you understand Starbucks’ sizes before you order!

Whatever you do, make sure you’re kind and patient with your barista. They have to learn about these new drinks just like you. Always remember that a happy, well-tipped barista makes the best coffee.

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