11 Most Popular Mexican Beers To Enjoy 

Crack open a cold one and get a taste of some good, bubbly magic with a beer.

Corona Extra is a pale lager produced by Cerveceria Modelo in Mexico

There are many different types of beer hailing from different locations all around the world, but one country in particular known for good beer is Mexico.

Some like sweet beer, some like tart beer, whatever taste you have for beer, there is a Mexican beer for you. 

So, let’s take a look at the top 11 Mexican beer brands. 

Victoria Mexican Lager

The Victoria Mexican Lager is a crisp, Vienna-style Mexcian beer that always remains a favorite among patrons.

This lager is served at a temperature of 45-50 degrees and goes well in a pint glass or a pilsner glass. The grainy nature of the lager gives it a sweet yet smooth flavor.

Enjoy this Mexican lager with sharp cheeses, charcuterie meats, nuts & seeds, and crunchy biscotti.

This amber beer also pairs with a hearty pasta dinner or a juicy steak. The options are endless with the Victoria Mexican Lager beer. 

Pacifico Clara

Pacifico Clara is another top choice when exploring the best Mexican beers.

Pacifico Clara is a pilsner that is light brown and has an alcohol content of 4.4%. This hefty beer tastes great with vegetables, oven-roasted meats, hamburgers, and pasta dishes.

The citrus undertones taste great with the crisp, grainy flavor of the beer. 

Pacifico Clara has a hearty, refreshing flavor with undertones of citrus and an ocean mist flavor.

You may also want to pair this beer with fresh seafood for an even more delectable dining experience. 

Tecate Original

When creating a list of the best Mexican beers, it would be a shame if we didn’t include Tecate Original.

Born just across the border of Mexico in Baja, California, this flavorful beer is perfect for a weeknight out with friends. It has a bubbly malt flavor and is truly refreshing, leaving a pleasant aftertaste.  

Tecate Original pairs nicely with fresh fish, chicken, and cruciferous vegetables. The alcohol content is pretty average at 4.5% ABV, and you’ll love the crisp, full-bodied texture. 

Carta Blanca

Carta Blanca is an excellent Mexican beer because it tastes light and goes with almost any type of food you’re serving.

This beer was first brewed in 1980, and the brewing technique continues to get better and better.

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As a result, the flavor is crisp and refreshing, with undertones of ginger and cinnamon. It contains an alcohol content of 4.5% ABV. 

Pair your Carta Blanca beer with a flavorful grilled cheeseburger, fried chicken, or stir-fry for a hearty and delicious meal. 

Corona Extra Mexican Lager Beer

Corona Extra Mexican Lager Beer embodies a flavor profile like no other.

Notes of honey and fruit are noticeable with each sip, and it pairs well with many different dishes.

Try this beer with BBQ chicken on the grill, steak, pork chops, or seafood for a delightful blend of flavors.

Corona Extra Mexican Lager Beer also pairs well with pizza and an exciting late night out with friends! 

For something new and exciting, try this delicious coronarita recipe and impress your friends with a drink that’s out of this world.

Fresh lime, quality tequila and zesty sour mix all blend perfectly with the taste of Corona Extra Mexican Lager beer. 

Dos Equis Lager

When discussing the best Mexican beers, Dos Equis is always a contender.

Dos Equis has a smooth, delightful flavor with earthy notes and a clean finish with a pleasant aftertaste.

The golden-pilsner style of the beer gives it an amber color and is commonly served in the traditional “boot style” glass for a fun drinking experience. 

The balanced composition of natural, earthy flavors and spices creates a truly delightful flavor profile that is palatable and goes down easy.

Add Dos Equis as your chosen beer for taco night or pizza night, as it blends nicely with bold, indulging foods. 

Modelo Especial

Modelo Especial is characterized by its orange blossom aroma and crisp, tangy flavor.

It’s made from simple, natural ingredients (water, hops, non-malted cereals, barley malt) and provides a taste that will have your taste salivating for more.

The smooth, light flavor combined with the pops of fruity goodness is what makes this beer stand out from the rest. 

Have some friends over and enjoy a Modelo Especial with appetizers and find the best foods to pair with it.

Try pairing this beer with shrimp, seasoned with curry, or jerk chicken. Spicy and exotic flavors tend to be the best pairing for this refreshing, fruity beer.

It’s also vegan-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about un-inviting your diet-conscious friends this time!

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Bohemia Oscura

Another beer that must be discussed when trying to find the best Mexican beers is the Bohemia Oscura.

Bohemia Oscura is a copper-colored beer that, when poured into a glass, has very little amount of lacing on the top.

It’s made from premium hops harvested in the Czech Republic, and the smooth texture of the beer provides great flavor and a smooth finish. 

Breathe in the aroma of this top-notch beer as well; you can’t miss the herbal scent that Bohemia Oscura gives off when poured into the glass or as the beer cap pops off.

It is a full-bodied brew that blends well with lighter fare. Pair this beer with seafood, chicken, and vegetables for the full effect of just how tasty this beer really is. 

Estrella Jalisco

Be prepared for a beer-drinking experience like no other with Estrella Jalisco.

Estrella Jalisco is a light-bodied beer with a sweet flavor that leaves behind the taste of tropical notes such as pineapple and mango.

It was founded in 1910 in Guadalajara and remains one of the country’s most popular beer brands.  

A popular feature of this beer is that it is lighter in taste and in alcohol content so that you can enjoy more of it!

The ABV is just 3.5% making it perfect for a weeknight indulgence. This beer blends well with fruity flavors and would be a nice addition to an alcoholic smoothie or fruity cocktail. 

Try this recipe for a classic day-of-the-dead cocktail that won’t disappoint. Blood orange, lime, coriander, and chili seasoning are combined with the Estreall Jalisco beer to create a fruity and spooky fall cocktail. 

Sol Cerveza

Sol Cerveza is a pale lager with a delicious, crisp, grainy flavor.

It goes down smoothly with a light fizz that will quench your thirst while also giving you the slight buzz you need.

This light-tasting beer is perfect for a party with friends or a relaxing picnic outside soaking up the sun. 

Although this beer tastes best when kept at a temperature of 35-40 degrees, you can still take these bad boys with you on your outdoor adventures; just be sure to pour over ice for the best possible flavor. 

Sol Cerveza compliments heavier foods since this is a beer that won’t make you feel full or overly bloated.

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Try drinking it with spaghetti with red sauce, a steak dinner, or make it an addition to your weekly taco Tuesday. No matter how you enjoy it, you will want more than one and keep coming back for more!

Modelo Negra 

Finally, topping the charts as one of the best Mexican beers is Modelo Negra.

Modelo Negra is brewed in a Munich Dunkle style, which means it is brewed for a longer period. This style of lager leads to a rich, robust taste with a strong, earthy flavor profile.

This incredible beer is also vegan and contains a whopping 5.4% alcohol content.

The balanced flavors and the creamy, fizzy texture make this beer the perfect choice for a hearty weeknight dinner.

Try pairing a Modelo Negra with this BLT Tostadas recipe for a tasty flavor combination that will surely make your taste buds water.

Another great recipe to try with this hefty beer is Queso Fundido Burger, a spicy twist to the traditional cheeseburger. 

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