9 Most Popular Liquid IV Flavors To Try

I frequently hear from my doctors about the importance of staying hydrated. I know that our bodies rely on water to survive and that drinking plenty of fluids is key to a healthy diet.

Pack of Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier Electrolyte Powder

Sometimes we need an extra boost of hydration that water won’t provide. It’s times like these when I turn to hydration drinks like Liquid IV.

Liquid IV is a drink powder mix that delivers essential hydration and vitamins to the body.

Many people have found relief in the various flavors offered by Liquid IV. Here, we look at the nine most popular Liquid IV flavors to try.

Liquid IV is well-known for it’s powers of hydration as well as it’s great flavors. Check out the most popular options below and get hydrated!

Lemon Lime

Lemon Lime is a classic sports drink flavor.

There are reasons it is typically the first flavor most people think about when they consider drinking a sports hydration drink.

This lemon lime option is more delicious and refreshing than any other sports drink brand and is best after a grueling workout.


Guava juice is known for its tropical flavors and antioxidants, which makes it a perfect addition to this list!

Liquid IV fans are in for an island treat with Guava flavor.

After shaking and sipping this option, you’ll instantly be transported to a white, sandy beach and feel the warm sea breeze.


Do you remember those perfect summer days enjoying the juiciest and most refreshing watermelon at backyard barbeques?

This fan favorite will emulate that experience in every way.

Watermelon isn’t just a summer treat anymore. With this flavor, you can enjoy it every season while you reap the benefits of ultra hydration.

Passion Fruit

The passion fruit is known for its ability to electrify the body with impressive levels of vitamin C, which is fantastic for the skin and overall immune function.

Liquid IV’s Passion Fruit flavor contains the hydration you come to expect, along with all the flavor and nutritional benefits you need!


The refreshing and all-time favorite of fruit fans worldwide easily earns its spot in Liquid IV’s best flavors.

The Strawberry mix replicates the sensation of that first, incredible bite into a fresh, juicy strawberry.

Add hydration to provide the necessary boost, and you’ve earned yourself a tasty and healthy day!

Pina Colada

The classic island cocktail never fails to satisfy.

You can sit back and relax while you enjoy the Pina Colada Liquid IV.

It will be easy to forget you’re not lying in the sand listening to the gentle waves hit the beach while someone nearby plays the ukulele in paradise.

All it’s missing is the rum!

Acai Berry

Though hard to pronounce, the Acai Berry flavor is a huge hit!

The berry is known for its super-powered antioxidants and has shown to be more nutritious than many other favorite fruits.

This option brings all the flavor. Add the impressive electrolyte count, and you’re all set for a refreshingly healthy day!

Golden Cherry

Though an uncommon flavor option, this isn’t one sport drink enthusiasts want to skip!

Golden Cherry differs from traditional cherries as the flavor packs a bit more of a tropical punch.

You’ll find notes of cherry with hints of mango and discover yourself hooked on this deliciously healthy flavor!

Lemon Ginger Energy

Our final entry comes from Liquid IV’s Energy Multiplier line.

Lemon Ginger blends two potent flavors known for their health benefits and packs in the boost your day needs.

Comparable to two cups of coffee that absorbs rapidly into the bloodstream, this is what your day has been missing!

Check out other healthy energy drink brands if you really need a boost!

Though I have listed only nine options, Liquid IV provides even more of the most delicious sports drink flavors.

Let’s face it, staying hydrated is no easy feat. Balancing work and home life is already a chore as it is. While we know drinking enough water is vital to staying healthy, but it can be a difficult and mundane task. People crave flavors that excite them and make them want to stay hydrated.

Liquid IV guarantees proper and constant hydration with a delicious twist! Add it to your routine today!

If you’re hungover, grab a Liquid IV or another hangover drink.

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