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8 Best Energy Drinks Ranked By Taste

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All of us need a little bit more energy sometimes. The best energy drinks will help boost your energy and taste great. Whether you’re pulling an all-nighter or just feel a bit tired, an energy drink can sometimes give you that spark of vitality to get you up and running again. Think of them as energy fuel! The global energy drinks market is thought to reach the dizzying heights of $85 billion by the year 2025 so it is no surprise that energy drinks are gaining popularity every year. With faster-paced living and more emphasis on staying fit, our bodies crave a boost now and again, just to help us throughout the day. Below, we are going to show you the 7 best energy drinks ranked by taste. They may not all give you wings but they will leave you with a delicious taste afterward!

Red Bull Energy Drink

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Surprise! Our first choice is the most consumed energy drink throughout the whole world. Drank by athletes to keep performing, professionals to stay focused, students to work harder, and travelers to experience more, Red Bull is the energy drink that can “give you wings.” Its taste is iconic. It tends to have a candy-like flavor which is somewhat like bubblegum. Got a sweet tooth? If so, you will love this fizzy elixir.

Rockstar Energy Drink Super Sours Green Apple

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You have most likely seen this in most places you go. Rockstar Energy drinks are made for those of you who lead highly active lifestyles. This ranges from extreme sports athletes to rockstars (We’re looking at you, Keith Richards). It is hard to miss these Rockstar drinks thanks to the bold, vibrant colorful designs on the can. While there are a range of flavors from Punched Guana to Super Sours Blueberry, it’s this Super Sour Green Apple drink that is perhaps the most favored. It goes down smoothly and tastes fresh to keep you fresh.

Monster Original Energy Drink

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Monster Energy drinks are fuel for extreme sports athletes, musicians, and all of their fans. Whether you are in the mood for a brewed coffee, juice, tea, or a hydrating sports drink, Monster have you covered. Advertised as the meanest energy drink on the planet, Monster’s drinkers tend to be part of a cult following, especially in the extreme sports world. You will often see professional BMX riders and skateboarders gulping down these cans before and during a tournament. And of course, on most advertisements in athletic games. For all the flavors Monster offers, the favorite seems to be its original can. Sip this can and you’ll notice a similarity to a green Jolly Rancher candy.

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5-Hour Orange Energy Shot

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If you’re part of the rat race and a very busy, hardworking professional, you probably rely on 5-hour energy to get you through the working day. Unlike many energy drinks, this one has zero sugar and only 4 calories. This healthy option is why it is favored by so many professionals and those on the go. It has a similar caffeine amount to a 12-ounce cup of average-strength coffee. The orange flavor this has to offer is very refreshing and with the added bonus of being packed with vitamins B6 and B12, you will be giving your body important nutrients throughout the day.

+RED Power Elixir

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If Red Bull gives you wings, RED gives you power. This energy drink was created as a healthier alternative to traditional energy drinks that are generally high in sugars and calories. Michael Ball, the former CEO of Rock and Republic, came up with the drink so people could feel energized without putting their health at risk. Instead of artificial flavors and preservatives, RED contains natural ingredients such as red algae and agave nectar. This low-calorie energy drink has a citrus flavor that is not too sweet and pretty enjoyable. 

Starbucks Refreshers With Coconut Water

starbucks refresher

This is another healthier alternative to many energy drinks. Starbucks Refreshers With Coconut Water is made with a fruit juice blend, ultra-hydrating coconut water, B vitamins, green coffee extract, and ginseng, which has been found to improve energy. This impressive list of ingredients results in a healthy energy drink that is also pleasingly refreshing. Indulge in some Starbucks Refreshers With Coconut Water and you will experience fresh fruit flavors such as Peace Passion Fruit, Black Cherry Limeade, and Strawberry Lemonade. This is the ideal drink for a summer’s day when the sun has tired you out but there is still a lot more partying to do!

Celsius Sugar Free Energy Drink

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Whether you’re a regular gym-goer, a jogger, or even a professional athlete, Celsius Sugar Free Energy Drinks the go-to choice. This drink contains zero sugar, is low in calories, and is made with no preservatives, artificial ingredients, or high-fructose corn syrup. Such corn syrup is regularly used in energy drinks as a cheaper substitute for sucrose but there are hundreds of dangerous health conditions linked to it. Thankfully, there is no such problem with Celsius Sugar Free Energy Drinks! This is a favorite pre-workout drink for many athletes to give them a natural boost of energy without the risk of a caffeine crash afterward. As for flavors, you are truly spoilt for choice! You can choose from Sparkling Cola, Sparkling Orange, Non-Carbonated Raspberry Acai Green Tea, and Non-Carbonated Peach Mango Green Tea. However, the most popular choice is the Sparkling Wild Berry.

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Woke Up! Energy Shot

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Woke Up! Energy Shot offers plant-based caffeine that is neither synthetic nor derived from coffee beans or tea leaves. Instead, the caffeine in this shot is derived from two plants from the Amazon: Yerba Mate and Guarana. This shot comes with a blend of adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms, as well as vitamins, but it doesn’t taste earthy or bitter. Instead, the berry flavor is sweet and easy to drink as a small shot. Woke Up! offers a healthier alternative to sugary energy drinks, with a zero sugar, non-GMO, vegan energy shot. Unlike other energy drinks, Woke Up! Energy Shot doesn’t lead to jitters or a crash in energy. I tried this shot of herbal energy and skipped my morning coffee, and still felt energized throughout the day!


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  1. Is it about the most consume or best tasting one? The title to the article contradicting to the first supposedly top “tasting” energy drinks. Yes red bull has the strong possibility of being the most consumed drink, however being the best tasting I would have to say that is false. I know a lot of people that would agree with me. I would really look into the best “tasting” energy drink more then “most consumed.” Just my thoughts after starting to read the article.

    • This is absolutely right. Red bull would be at the bottom of my list for best tasting. Monster sugar free ..Bang…Venon….are just a few off the top of my sir I’m in agreement with you.

  2. I’ve been a Sugar free Red bull consumer for years. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and it helps a lot! Recently I tried SHOC Accelerator which has plant based ingredients and tastes great. I also like Celsius alot

  3. XS Energy Drinks…Not sold in stores, but the best by far…fortified with B12 vitamins, adaptogenic herbs and a plethora of flavours to choose from…with the choice of caffeine or non-caffeine.

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