Drinks To Sip On With Your Pizza

Indulging in pizza remains one of the best ways to unwind from a stressful day. Or if you’re at a hockey rink or bowling alley, chances are someone is ordering pizza. 

Cola and pizza

There are even entire road trips planned around the best pizzas in the U.S.

After all, there are so many pizza variations to try from the foldable New York slices to Chicago’s deep dish.

For all of the slices of pizza we are eating, what should we drink with all of it? Here are the top seven drinks that pair well with pizza.

Featuring both alcoholic and non-alcoholic choices, this list provides drink pairings for all tastes.

Check out the best drinks to enjoy with your next slice of pizza.


When adults think of pizza, they almost automatically think about having a cold beer too.

Without pizza and beer, game days, bachelor parties, and bowling alleys would never be the same. 

There is an almost endless variety of pizza toppings and types of pizza. Luckily there is a type of beer that pairs well with any type of pizza.

The bitterness of beer cuts through the fatty, salty, carb-heavy qualities of every successful pizza. 

I recommend you try a pilsner or other light beer when dining on a simple Margherita pizza.

And an intensely bitter IPA pairs well with the spicy, salty toppings of sausage, pepperoni, or bacon pizza.


Wine famously pairs perfectly with Italian foods. While not necessarily a natural combination, wine is a delicious drink to pair with pizza

When deciding which wine to drink with your pizza, consider natural wine pairings. Robust red sauces and red meats pair well with red wines.

Combine a pinot noir with a tomato-based sauce and meat or mushroom topping. On the other hand, white wines complement seafood pizzas or other white sauce-based recipes.

Even sparkling wine tastes wonderful with pizza. Trust me – it’s the ultimate high-low culinary pairing when you dine on cheese pizza and champagne.


The endless creativity of cocktails lends itself well to the innovative world of pizza making.

Whatever your favorite mixed drink, there is a delicious pizza pairing. Cocktails are inherently strong and assertive. This makes them universally a great complement to rich and fatty pizzas.

If you like the sweet and spicy flavors of a BBQ chicken pizza, mix a strong old-fashioned drink.

The slight sweetness of the cocktail goes with the pizza’s sauce, but its assertive whiskey flavor will cut through the rich pizza flavors.

Light, artisanal pizzas with ingredients like arugula and prosciutto complement the ginger beer and lemon flavors within a Moscow Mule.

Effervescent cocktails add an extra level of spark to counteract heavy pizza toppings.


Before we drank beer with pizza, most of us drank soda with it! My family had a tradition of eating pizza on Fridays.

And the rule was, this was the only day of the week I was allowed to drink soda! Thus, the link between soda and pizza is a strong one, from workplace pizza parties to childhood sleepovers.

Carmel-colored sodas provide a thirst-quenching sweetness after a gooey cheese pizza. Sparkling citrus sodas balance a rich tomato sauce with tons of basil, oregano, and other herbs.

When deciding on your soda of choice, keep in mind some pizza chains have chosen an official soda for their establishment.

For example, Pizza Hut only sells Pepsi products. While Domino’s Pizza provides customers with Coca-Cola, Sprite, and other Coke products.

Iced Tea

Iced tea and pizza remain an iconic summertime combination. There is nothing more refreshing than washing down a slice of pizza with ice-cold iced tea.

All varieties of iced tea work well with pizza, whether you take yours unsweetened, with lemon, or you drink classic Southern sweet tea.

Take this summertime indulgence to the next level with a wood-fired or grilled pizza. All pizza toppings pair well with the subtle floral taste of iced tea.

The combination of pizza cooked over an open flame with this classic summer beverage makes for lasting warm weather memories.


Like iced tea, lemonade and pizza evoke only the most classic summer memories.

This simple beverage, made of water, lemon juice, and sugar, is the favorite of childhood palates and adults alike. 

Lemonade easily cuts through the rich toppings of most pizzas, especially cheese and meat pizzas.

However, this bright beverage also tastes great with light, artisanal pizzas. Order lemonade with your next goat cheese and fig pizza for a delicious combination.

Easily take your lemonade to another level with a homemade recipe. This beverage is a great treat for kids and easily transitions to an adult beverage too.

Toss in a shot of vodka or tequila for a simple lemonade-based mixed drink that pairs well with pizza.

Sparkling Water

Why drink boring still water when you can have a few bubbles?

Sparkling water, like soda and champagne, helps cut through the delicious carbs and fats that make up a successful pizza. This beverage is a great choice to relieve your palate from rich flavors.

Sparkling water comes in many flavors, from citrus to berries and even unique varieties like hibiscus and coconut.

Sparkling water is more popular than ever, with artisanal varieties and special fruit juice-infused products. As long as the brand you choose is sugar-free, there is no evidence sparkling water is bad for you.

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