The Best BYOB Restaurants in Boston

There’s nothing worse than heading to a restaurant for a date night or to catch up with friends only to discover the drinks cost a million dollars or (even worse) that you can’t find anything you like on the drinks menu!

wine and dish at boston byob restaurants

That’s why I love a BYOB restaurant. You can enjoy a delicious meal without having to cook while sipping on your favorite drink without having to pay the insane restaurant up charges!

It can be a little difficult to figure out if a restaurant is BYOB, though, so that’s why I’ve compiled this list.

Check out my list of the best BYOB restaurants in Boston below!

Cafe Mangal

555 Washington St #1, Wellesley, MA 02482
Phone: 781-235-5322
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On the edge of the beautiful Morton Park in Wellesley is Cafe Mangal, a local favorite for Mediterranean food!

Named as one of the 50 best restaurants in Boston by Boston Magazine, it’s a great spot to catch a tasty, casual dinner.

Serving up Mediterranean and American food with a special focus on Turkish cuisine, Cafe Mangal has delicious seafood, meat, and vegetable dishes that will leave you feeling satisfied, but not over full.

For lunch, I always grab a warm goat cheese and veggie sandwich paired with a crisp lager from home.

At dinner-time, there’s nothing better than starting the night with their combination starter platter and a glass of my favorite red wine!

Cafe Rossetti’s

115 Winthrop Shore Dr, Winthrop, MA 02152
Phone: 617-539-9990
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Grab a nice Italian meal on the shore of charming Winthrop, MA at Cafe Rossetti’s!

It’s cozy inside, perfect for a romantic date night, especially when you bring your favorite wine from home.

They serve authentic Italian food for both lunch and dinner. Lunch has more casual fare with pizzas and pasta.

For dinner, you can enjoy veal and chicken dishes served with fresh pasta and salads. They also have amazing starters like fresh mussels.

My favorite is their special Chicken Rossetti, pan-fried chicken with mushroom and wine sauce. I bring my favorite white wine for the perfect meal!

Dok Bua Thai Kitchen

411 Harvard St, Brookline, MA 02446
Phone: 617-232-2955
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In Packard’s Corner by the Charles River, Dok Bua Thai Kitchen has super flavorful, fresh Thai food in a cheery, inviting setting.

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It’s a great spot for both fans of Thai cuisine and people getting introduced to it for the first time.

They have everything from popcorn shrimp and chicken to Miang-Kum, a traditional Thai dish with dried shrimp and peanuts served on a broccoli leaf with palm sugar sauce, chili, and lime.

Bring a pre-chilled light lager for the ultimate Thai experience!

I especially love dining at Dok Bua Thai Kitchen with a group because their serving sizes are perfect for ordering a ton of different dishes and sharing them!

Knight Moves Cafe

1402 Beacon St, Brookline, MA 02446
Phone: 617-487-5259
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For a unique, fun night out, Knight Moves Cafe is the place to go! They have thousands of board games, cafe classics like coffee drinks and sandwiches, and glassware for your outside food and drinks!

If you’re not familiar with board game cafes, they’re so much fun!

You just pay a one-time game fee and then you can play as many of their thousands of games as you want.

The best part is that they allow any outside food and drink as long as you pay a per-person fee.

That means you can load up on your favorite take-out and drinks for a small fee! I love bringing a pizza and some beer for a relaxed night out!

Rifrullo Cafe

147 Cypress St, Brookline, MA 02445
Phone: 617-505-6727
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Rifrullo Cafe, right off Route 9 in Brookline, is a chill spot to grab brunch with friends on the weekend.

And because it’s BYOB, you can make your mimosas as strong as you want to – talk about bottomless!

When I go for brunch, I have such a hard time choosing between their green shakshuka with tomatillos, cinnamon custard French toasts, and tofu & black bean tacos.

It’s almost as hard as the choice between DIY mimosas and bloody marys!

They also serve lunch throughout the week, so you can bring your favorite beer to sip on with your handcrafted, gourmet sandwich to catch up with friends.

Sweet Basil

942 Great Plain Ave, Needham, MA 02492
Phone: 781-444-9600
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Right by the Needham Town Hall, you can find some of the best Italian food in the Boston area at Sweet Basil.

Grab a Peroni or Italian vino to drink with their tasty, fresh dishes!

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Sweet Basil celebrates the best of Boston and Italy with seafood dishes like fried soft shell crab with prosciutto, lobster ravioli, and shrimp po’boy.

They also have more classic dishes like rosemary chicken, bolognese, and meatballs. My personal favorite, though, is their delicate spring pea risotto.

I can’t resist its creamy mascarpone, fresh mint and lemon, and sweet pea sauce, especially when paired with Italian Pinot Gris.

Rino’s Place

258 Saratoga St, Boston, MA 02128
Phone: 617-567-7412
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Rino’s Place is between East Boston and Central Square by the airport, making it the perfect spot to bring out-of-town guests when you pick them up.

The fresh, homemade pasta is super comforting, especially with your favorite wine from home.

Chef Anthony DiCenso was born and raised in Italy, so he takes a lot of pride in his craft.

That’s why he always recommends the specials that change daily depending on what’s in season. Their ravioli is life-changing and huge!

Enjoy a plate of homemade, locally sourced lobster ravioli washed down with some Sauvignon blanc or sparkling wine if you’re there to celebrate.

There you have it – the best BYOB restaurants in Boston! Whether you want to bring a six-pack of your favorite brews or a special bottle of wine to celebrate a big moment.

These spots will allow you to take your drink of choice to pair it with their delicious food. Of course, if you’re not planning to bring your own bottle, you should head to these incredible Italian restaurants around the city!

Did we leave a restaurant out of this list? Make sure you leave us a comment and we’ll check it out!

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