4 Best BYOBs in Baltimore

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Explore a culinary an uprising in Baltimore by perusing our carefully curated selection of  BYOBs (Bring Your Own Bottle) that completely transform the dining experience. Bring your favourite libations to these hidden gems, and they’ll turn your dinner into a customary celebration. From quaint bistros to unique restaurants, every one of these has its own unique character and welcomes your personal selection of drinks to go with the delicious food. As we take you through Baltimore’s diverse culinary scene, embrace the freedom to choose your own drink pairings. Whether you’re a craft spirit or wine enthusiast, these restaurant will enhance your dining experience by allowing you to enjoy your favourite libations along with expertly prepared dishes.


818 N Calvert St #1, Baltimore, MD 21202

Iggies Baltimore
Source: Iggies

Iggies is a hot spot for great music and delicious pizza. Known for producing the best pizza in town, Iggies uses fresh ingredients in each and every pizza they cook. As you chow down on your slice of heaven, jazz music plays in the background. The Napoli style of pizza is cooked at a high temperature to blend the flavors while creating a crispy, delightful crust. People are raving about the Anatra Arrosta pizza, which is a pizza topped with roasted duck, tomatoes, olives, and mozzarella cheese. Plus, Iggies is BYOB and never charges a corkage fee, so sip up on your favorite drinks while indulging in some top-notch pizza.

Darker Than Blue Cafe

413 N.Charles St., Baltimore,MD 21201
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Darker Than Blue Cafe Baltimore
Source: Darker Than Blue Cafe

Started by a retired US Marine Corps veteran, Darker Than Blue Cafe is truly a staple restaurant in the city of Baltimore. Come for the brunch specials, and try one of the many delicious offerings like the creamy Crab Mac and Cheese, the Fried Catfish and Grits, classic Chicken and Waffles, or the Gumbo and Cornbread. This popular downtown delight tops the list of the best BYOB in Baltimore because it’s charming and authentic, and the food never disappoints. And don’t forget to check out the dessert menu! Pecan pie, Home-made Cobbler, and Bread Pudding are just a few of the fantastic dessert options you just have to try at Darker Than Blue Cafe.

Orchard Market & Café

8815 Orchard Tree Ln, Towson, MD 21286
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Orchard Market & Café Baltimore
Source: Orchard Market & Café

Orchard Market & Cafe is Baltimore’s finest Persian restaurant which also happens to be BYOB. Now open for indoor dining and carry-out, you’ll surely find something tasty on the menu. Try the popular Mango shrimp or the tasty eggplant and artichoke dish, both prepared in seasoning and sauces inspired by Persian cuisine. You’ll enjoy the laid-back environment and friendly staff at the Orchard Market & Cafe and will want to keep coming back for more.

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Thai Arroy Baltimore

1019 Light St, Baltimore, MD 21230
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The Thai Arroy Baltimore
Source: Thai Arroy Baltimore

Thai Arroy Baltimore is a zesty place to dine, with premium Thai food options and a fun, whimsical location. The menu contains tasty dishes, some of which are fan favorites. Customers are excited about the fresh spring rolls, the Thai dumpling, and the crab rangoon. But, of course, you must also try the red or green curry with vegetables or the popular Pad Thai with noodles. You can indulge in this authentic Thai cuisine while enjoying the cute outdoor picnic area Thai Arroy offers. It’s a fun and exciting place to dine with equally exciting food.

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