9 Sparkling Red Wines to Try

Red wine can be heavy and acidic for some people. And even red wine consumers find it to be quite a hot and heavy drink during the summer months. Luckily, there are types of sparkling red wine you can try!

Two glasses of red Sparkling Beverage

White sparkling wine, commonly called Champagne, is popular around the world. But sparkling red wines don’t get as much love when they’re equally delicious.

If you love red wine and also love bubbles, step into the world of sparkling red wine and see what it has to offer!

Check out the fruity, sweet notes these winds offer, along with flavors of toasted oak and vanilla. Each has an unmistakable flavor profile and appearance, so browse this list and see which ones appeal to you. 

In this article, you can read an overview of different types of sparkling red wine. Some are super popular, while others fly under the radar, but deserve some appreciation! 


Many describe Lambrusco as a cross between a rose and a smooth red wine.

It’s great for people who feel red wine can be too acidic and love the light, bubbly taste of sparkling wine. 

It’s also ideal for summer drinking, as most people don’t love to have red wine in the dead of summer as it’s not the most refreshing drink.

This sparkling red wine comes from Italian Lambrusco grapes grown in the Emilia-Romagna region

There are a few varieties of Lambrusco to choose from, such as di Grasparossa, di Salamino, and di Sorbara. This is a beautiful balance of sparkling bubbles and the tannic flavor of red wine. 

Sparkling Shiraz

Sparkling Shiraz is one of the more self-explanatory types of sparkling red wine, with the same fruity, full-bodied flavor of Shiraz, with some fun bubbles! 

It features bold flavors, like blackberries and strawberries. They also have notes of chocolate and oak, which come through in the sparkling version. 

A Sparkling Shiraz is similar to a Lambrusco as it can be sweet or on the dryer side, depending on the vineyard.

Typically, a Shiraz has a higher alcohol content, and it’s more suited to nighttime drinking rather than a brunch beverage. 

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Brachetto d’Acqui

Brachetto d’Acqui, also known as Acqui, is from Italy’s northwestern region called Piedmont.

This type of sparkling red wine only received classification status in 1996, so it’s one of the newer options on the market. 

Technically, this is considered a semi-sparkling wine or “spumante”. So if you like a few bubbles but don’t want something too fizzy, an Acqui can be the perfect middle ground.

It has a unique flavor and aroma with a natural sweetness and low alcohol content. 

Unlike many other sparkling wines on this list, this red wine retains its ruby red color.

The best part of this wine is the smooth mouthfeel from the smaller bubbles and subtle fizz. 

Aglianico Spumante Rosso

This variety of red wine is a more mature option, filled with tannins and earthy flavors.

The cultivation process is majestic, as the grapes for this wine grow on the terraces of extinct volcanoes. 

The volcanic rock and soil create a rich grape that imparts a powerful aroma and comforting flavor.

This is one of the more acidic types of sparkling red wine, so people who lean toward rose don’t usually love this one. 

The velvety texture is stunning, and many people enjoy this as a daytime sparkling wine or with their meal.

Along with volcanic rock and dark fruit flavors, it also has a spiciness akin to a Malbec but soothed by tiny bubbles. 

Barbera Frizzante

Barbera Frizzante wine, or “Barbara”, originated in northern Italy.

While this wine is delicious and distinct, it’s fading in popularity. Grown in the Piedmont region of Monferrato, Italy, this wine has a soft texture that makes it an easy-to-drink beverage. 

However, due to its low alcohol content and affordable red grapes, it’s been deemed a “cheap” wine, which is why it’s declined in favor.

However, as people look for more affordable options, the Italian government encourages people to embrace this yummy sparkling red wine. 

Most wine drinkers simply don’t know how this wine tastes or even its existence. But with bright notes of raspberry, strawberry, red cherry, and blackberry, it’s hard not to fall in love with this bubbling, fruity wine. 

Bonarda dell’ Oltrepò Pavese Frizzante

The Bonarda dell’ Oltrepò Pavese Frizzante can range from super dry to very sweet, so not every bottle will be your ideal flavor. 

However, the flavor variation is one aspect that makes this beverage captivating.

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It has a light citrus taste and a surprisingly dark ruby color that makes the refreshing, delicate taste surprising. 

While the wine is brimming with light fruity flavors, there are also soft notes of vanilla that make this a wonderful dessert wine in the summer months.

And some bottles have prominent notes of almond, making for a distinct and alluring flavor and aroma. 

Freisa di Chieri

Freisa di Chieri is one of the most versatile red wines on this list.

It pairs well with a variety of foods, from pasta to hearty stews to sweet desserts.

The wine comes from a small region between Torino and Chieri, where semi-sweet grapes grow. 

Most versions of this wine are dry with flowery and herbal notes, along with dark fruits.

The mild acidity makes it the perfect choice for someone who loves a rich red wine but wants something slightly lighter. 

You can find this variety in both full sparkling or semi-sparkling, allowing you to choose the level of bubbles you prefer. 

Sangue di Giuda dell’ Oltrepo Pavese

The Sangue di Giuda dell’ Oltrepo Pavese red wine combines two grape varieties: the Barbera and Croatina grapes.

This is one of the sweeter red sparkling wines, most popular in the southern regions of Italy. 

The name means “Blood of Judas”, making it a rather controversial label but appropriate for the deep red color.

This hue comes from the combination of fruits, such as black currants, blueberries, and cherries. 

But some people detect subtle notes of apple and strawberry, adding to the natural sweetness of this super sparkly wine.

This drink is popular as a dessert wine, as most people find it too sweet to pair with dinner or as a brunch beverage. 

Zweigelt Sekt

The Zweigelt Sekt wine is a creation by a professor from Austria, making this one of the very few sparkling red wines that are not from Italy.

He developed this wine in Austria’s only state-owned vine cultivation station. 

Some people find this off-putting, while others think it’s a revelation in the wine cultivation process, as variables are more controlled.

This wine has soft tannins and slight acidity, making it an easy-drinking experience for most wine lovers. 

It has a full-bodied and long-lasting tone of dark cherries. Interestingly, the wine is produced in stainless steel and baroque, departing from the traditional wooden barrels. 

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