10 Wine Stoppers to Use for Keeping Wine Fresh

Unless you’re hosting a dinner party, are home to several adults, or are running student accommodation, there’s a reasonable chance that you won’t finish that celebratory bottle of wine opened on Friday night. 

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A good wine stopper should do more than stopper your wine bottle. Ideally, it reseals it, and the best ones reduce oxidation, giving you more time to enjoy your open bottle of wine

Vacu Vin Wine Saver Pump

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The virtue of the Vacu Vin Wine Stopper is that it suctions air out of the sealed bottle. Once opened, the air that infiltrates the bottle triggers the oxidation process. The Vacu Vin Wine Saver is a wine stopper that slows down that process by pumping air out of the bottle. 

Highly usable, you’ll hear a noticeable click when the Vacu Vin Wine stopper and pump judges the bottle to be airtight again. 

When you’re ready to pour out again, unstop the bottle and break the seal by pinching the rim of the stopper to release the pump. 

Additionally, the Vacu Vin Wine Saver is a flexible wine stopper that accommodates various wine bottle types and sizes. 

Some reviewers experienced difficulty getting the pump to click, and others found that left horizontal, the stopper failed to prevent leaks. However, the consensus was that this wine stopper markedly improved the quality of opened bottles of wine, especially when compared to ordinarily corked bottles. 

Rabbit Wine and Champagne Stopper

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While a good wine stopper should reseal your wine bottle and reduce oxidation, sometimes they need to do more than that. The Rabbit Wine and Champagne stopper does, and what’s more, it does it at an affordable price. 

It’s a black plastic wine stopper that, when inserted into the wine bottle, creates an airtight seal by twisting clockwise. More than that, though, it prevents sparkling wines and champagnes from going flat, ensuring they’ll still have their fizz up to four days later. 

Some reviewers reported problems with the Rabbit Wine and Champagne Stopper’s durability, saying they broke quickly and repeatedly. Others described difficulty getting the stopper to fit the bottle or to seal tightly when and if it did. 

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The majority of reviewers report a high success rate, saying their sparkling wine is still sparkling days later. They add it’s ideal when traveling since the wine stopper’s seal prevents horizontal drips.

Coravin Model 3

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If you aren’t sure a wine stopper can effectively reseal and preserve your wine, then this is the wine stopper for you. The Coravin Model 3 works so that you can pour out wine without ever opening the bottle. 

Instead, ensure there’s a gas capsule in the chamber, prick the cork with a needle, connect the Coravin Model 3 wine stopper and pour out. When you’ve filled your glass sufficiently, right the wine bottle and let it stand. 

The wine stopper works by using inert gas to draw the wine through the cork in the bottle. The wine is never exposed to oxygen and so doesn’t get a chance to oxidize. Once you retract the needle, the wine bottle seal remains unbroken. 

While there are many Coravin models, this particular wine stopper has the added benefit of being affordably priced and designed for ease of angling and pouring out. 

However, some reviewers experienced problems preserving wine after using the Coravin wine stopper, saying the tastes became muted. Others found that some of the pieced corks leaked after extraction. 

Still, others found that while the wine stopper was effective, five extractions was the maximum any given bottle could handle from the Coravin Model 3. They agree that, for wine lovers, this is a must-have designed to preserve your wine for as long as possible.

Cuisinart Champagne Stopper

[lasso fields=”B078YQ3P9M” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” class=”center” ref=”cuisinart-ctg-00-chs-champagne-stopper-6-13-stainless-steel” id=”88457″ link_id=”27077″]

Cuisineart’s Champagne Stopper is a wine stopper that is leakproof and easy to use. For added security, it has a steel arm that latches onto the bottleneck, ensuring your wine bottle has as airtight a seal on resealing as it did when you opened it

Cuisineart promises that its wine stopper will keep your champagne sparkling for up to three days, but many reviewers report that their champagne kept its sparkle long after the third day was out. But if it does go flat, this wine stopper comes with a lifetime warranty, so replacing it is always a viable option. 

Best Wine Stopper for Champagne: Le Creuset Champagne Stopper 

[lasso fields=”B005GUA798″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” class=”center” ref=”le-creuset-champagne-crown-sealer-2-25-black-nickel” id=”88492″ link_id=”27078″]

Le Creuset has a reputation for sturdy, long-lasting craftsmanship, and this wine stopper is no exception. 

It combines a food-safe rubber seal with a switch-style valve to trap the bubbles in champagne and sparkling wine and preserve its fizz and sparkle for days. 

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Simply screw the wine stopper into the open bottle of your choosing and flip the switch when you’re ready to indulge in more wine. 

Reviewers say that they struggled to fit the wine stopper into different bottles. But others report that it’s not only worth the price but the only wine stopper you need to buy. 

Outset Silicone Wine Bottle Stoppers

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These days silicone features in all kinds of kitchen products, from baking trays to loaf tins. Now it’s even the stuff wine stoppers are made from. 

Outset’s Silicone Wine Bottle Stoppers are colorful, cheerful, and are flexible enough to fit various bottle sizes and widths. More pertinently, they provide an airtight seal that helps preserve your wine without fuss or complicated instructions. 

What’s more, unlike various other wine stopper models on offer, the Outset Silicone Wine Bottle Stopper is dishwasher safe, making clean-up easier than ever. 

A few reviewers experienced problems with pressure build-up, causing the corks to come off, and one said they filled with water when washed. However, there was a strong consensus that for uncomplicated, no-nonsense wine stoppers that do what they say on the tin, these were hard to beat. 

Rabbit Wine and Beverage Bottle Stoppers

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While there are many elaborate and elegant wine stoppers, sometimes functionality carries the day. The Rabbit Wine and Beverage Bottle Stopper offers four silicone bottle-stoppers that easily adapt to the needs of any wine bottle you have on hand. 

Their flexibility means they stop various bottles, while the silicone material ensures they’re dishwasher safe. Moreover, the ribbing around the middle guarantees an airtight seal that will keep your wine thoroughly stoppered and unoxidized for several days. 

Reviewers praised the wine stopper’s versatility but advised that it’s not well suited for carbonated wines, as the fizz makes the stopper prone to popping. 

OXO Perfect Seal Bottle Stopper 

[lasso fields=”B074ZPLPS3″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” class=”center” ref=”oxo-steel-expanding-wine-stoppers-2-count” id=”88522″ link_id=”27081″]

One of the OXO Perfect Seal Bottle Stopper’s greatest assets is its size. While not often a consideration when shopping for wine stoppers, finding something the right size and shape to accommodate a varied wine collection can be challenging. 

The OXO Perfect Seal Bottle Stopper solves that problem by expanding to accommodate the wine bottle as necessary. What’s more, because of their compact design and flat tops, they take up minimal space in your fridge. 

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And because this wine stopper expands, it effectively prevents leaks. That means storing your wine bottle on its side won’t be a problem again. 

Some reviewers found this wine stopper to be inconsistently leak proof but others extol the virtues of its fit, design, and efficacy as a wine stopper. They add that it’s dishwasher safe, so washing after use is as effortless as stoppering your wine. 

North Mountain Supply Bar Natural Corks 

[lasso fields=”B07QQ3DCSQ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” class=”center” ref=”north-mountain-supply-tcnt-12-bar-top-tasting-corks-natural-cork-with-plastic-tops-bag-of-12″ id=”88515″ link_id=”27082″]

North Mountain Supply Bar Natural Corks are another expanding wine stopper to ensure your wine has an airtight seal at all times. Unlike the OXO wine stopper, North Mountain’s natural cork stoppers rely on the inherent ability of cork to expand to keep your wine stoppered. 

Unlike the natural corks that come with wine bottles, however, these have hard plastic tops that make extraction quick and efficient. They come in a variety of sizes and colors, ensuring you find a wine stopper to accommodate all your needs and tastes. 

While they’re reusable, the manufacturers advise hand-washing these corks for the best results and long-lasting success. 

Reviewers say they are ideal for pouring bottles and appreciate the ability to control the wine that these cork wine stoppers offer. 

WeddParty Silver Metal Wine Stopper 

[lasso fields=”B07H8JJ72L” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” class=”center” ref=”12pcs-wedding-favor-for-guestssilver-metal-alloy-heart-wine-bottle-stopper-beer-wine-cork-plug-champagne-saver-with-gift-box-for-wedding-favor-party-gift-decoration-barware-bar-tool-by-weddparty” id=”88434″ link_id=”27083″]

Finally, this simply elegant wine stopper is ideal for wedding favors. The set includes 12 pieces and allows the buyer to select from a variety of styles. 

The zinc and silicone rings around the center of the wine stopper ensure an airtight fit that seals most bottles. They fit snuggly and guarantee a leakproof seal, making it possible to store wine bottles horizontally and eliminating any concern about spills or leakage. 

Reviewers commend the design as sleek and well-crafted and say that these wine stoppers are well suited to the purpose. 

What you need from a wine stopper varies from person to person. For the best overall performance, we recommend the Vacu Vin Wine Saver Pump.  

It’s designed not only to reduce oxidation but prevent it completely, and keeps your wine at its best for substantially longer than other wine stoppers. But neither is it the only option. Indeed, when it comes to choosing a wine stopper,  there’s something for everyone, from the extravagant to the high tech, and even to the simple and uncomplicated for everyday use. 

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