Where to Get Coffee in Washington DC

One thing coffee lovers absolutely love to indulge in? Sitting in a beloved coffee shop with a good book or their laptop open, listening to the background noises of soft chatter of other patrons and the sound of coffee beans grinding and the espresso machine whirring. 

group of friends drinking lattes at a coffee shop in Washington DC

Those who have had the privilege of working remotely know there has been no better place to be stationed than a favorite chair in that favorite coffee shop with their favorite cup of Joe to keep them going. Many first dates and secrets with best friends have also been shared on Sunday mornings on a rainy morning in a cherished coffee shop. In Washington, D.C., coffee shops sometimes seem to outnumber the citizens of the District. To help you pick the best ones, get ready to delve into our latest article to find your new coffee shop of choice. 

The Coffee Bar 

1201 S St NW, Washington, DC 20009
Phone: 202-733-1049
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A favorite of locals, The Coffee Bar has two locations located in Northwest, just off of the bustling 14th Street area in Shaw as well as off the 17th Street area in The Golden Triangle. The Coffee Bar is warm, inviting, and trendy. Serving coffee from across the country, The Coffee Bar places an emphasis on diversity and tolerance to ambiguity. The Coffee Bar has received many accolades from local and national media outlets, and that is not at all surprising. We recommend trying their fresh brewed coffee, black, to savour the flavor. The Coffee Bar is currently offering take away services only. They are absolutely the spot to try for grabbing coffee to go for morning walks with friends. Please also note their location in The Golden Triangle is temporarily closed. 

Bakers Daughter

1402 Okie St NE, Washington, DC 20002
Phone: 202-729-6990
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Located in the Ivy City area of Washington, D.C.,Baker’s Daughter is the cafe and market behind the team at Gravitas. Baker’s Daughter is a quiet and peaceful space within the bustling city outside. There are several seating options, including at the high top counter, ideal for people watching. While you can get your morning cup of coffee, espresso based drinks, and fresh juices at Baker’s Daughter, you can also enjoy a variety of fresh food items. Their Breakfast Sandwiches are made with the freshest ingredients and with a focus on sustainability. Partial to Croissants, their bakery creates magic with this beloved pastry and they are among the best in the District. Baker’s Daughter is the brainchild of Chef Matt Baker, owner of Gravitas. Chef Matt has received a plethora of accolades, including being named by Time as “The Country’s Hottest Chef” and has been awarded, alongside the Gravitas team, a recent Michelin Star. We also love Baker’s Daughter because they continue their commitment to donate to local nonprofit organizations. 

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For Five

2000 L St NW, Washington, DC 20036
Phone: 202-920-0101
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With locations across the country, the For Five location in Washington, D.C. is conveniently located Downtown, close to the Farragut Square area. There are also locations in Northern Virginia. For Five is one of the most surprisingly delightful coffee shops you will stumble upon in the District. It is spacious and decorated with oversized chairs.  Customers will relish not only in their delicious coffee, but in their unbelievable full breakfast menu as well. While menu items are continuously being added based on the season and creativity of their Executive Chef, you simply must try The Manhasset Sandwich. This fantastic halloumis and egg sandwich pairs well with all of their coffee options, especially their lattes. The food and drinks at For Five are by far some of the most “Instagram worthy” you will find in Washington, D.C. Their dishes are often decorated with a flourish of fancy garnishes and fun shaped edible treats. 

Lost Sock Roasters

6833 4th St NW, Washington, DC 20012
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With coffee as original as their name, Lost Sock Roasters is located in the Tacoma Park area of Washington, D.C. The laid back and friendly vibe at this local coffee shop cannot be beat. With a focus high on sustainability, Lost Sock Roasters uses raw materials and places an emphasis on the coffee making process. They also work with importers and farmers of the ingredients who share those values. In addition to delicious coffee options, their cafe also has delicious food offerings including their beloved Empanadas and Sandwiches. You will be sure to stay here for a while. Prior to leaving Lost Sock Roasters, make sure you check out their swag, such as coffee tumblers, and coffee subscription services! This spot makes sure you will never go without your daily cup of Joe. 

Kino Coffee

2607 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201
Phone: 703-812-0389
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Kino Coffee, one of the most enjoyable coffee shops around, is located in the Arlington, Virginia area of Washington, D.C., tucked in the heart of Courthouse. Kino Coffee has a bit of a hipster vibe, in the coolest way possible. In addition to serving up tremendous coffee, Kino Coffee has film screenings, almost on a weekly basis. Customers of this locally and Woman owned coffee shop can arrive on a rainy Sunday afternoon and enjoy Independent film screenings with a steaming cup of coffee in hand.  It is not surprising to see Kino Coffee consistently practicing innovation with new specialty drinks. The ones to try now? Their Bumble and Ghost Pepper Mocha. With ingredients that one would not consider putting together, each of these specialty coffees will be some of the best you’ve ever had! 

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Detour Coffee

946 N Jackson St, Arlington, VA 22201
Phone: 703-988-2378
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Detour Coffee is nestled within Arlington, Virginia, conveniently located within the Clarendon area of Washington, D.C. Detour Coffee says they strive to create a welcoming environment for all customers, and they absolutely follow through on that commitment. Many locals have deemed Detour Coffee their work from home hub, as the space is comfortable and the coffee is delicious. Serving locally sourced coffee, we recommend the delicious iced version, or their Macchiato. As if Detour Coffee couldn’t get any better, they also offer brunch on the weekends! Reservations are not required, and they have solid offerings including their Fried Chicken Waffle and Avocado Toast!  

Tryst DC 

2459 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009
Phone: 202-232-5500
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Tryst DC is located in the Adam’s Morgan area of Washington, D.C., and offers a little something for everybody! Tryst DC prides itself on being known as “D.C.’s Community Living Room” – no better analogy has ever been made to describe a restaurant. Full of mismatched furniture, Tryst DC is a Coffee Bar and Lounge that places an emphasis on comfort. It’s decor is reminiscent of your Grandmother’s comfiest chair, and meets the spot where local writers sit for hours on their laptops while patrons drink wine around them. Their Mulled Cider is absolutely a star of the Tryst DC show, and make sure to pair it with one of their Banana Nut Muffins. Tryst DC is not only a favorite Coffee Bar and Lounge, they also serve Lunch and Brunch all day! You truly cannot get any better than what Tryst DC has to offer. 

The Wydown 

600B H St NE, Washington, DC 20002
Phone: 202-846-7986
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The Wydown has two locations in the Washington, D.C. area – in the H. Street Corridor, as well as in the Logan Circle area. The Wydown is a locally owned and operated Coffee Bar that strives to delight their customers. Casual yet trendy, The Wydown serves as both a Cafe and a Bar. Located inside the Apollo, this is absolutely the perfect place to either start your day or your night. Their Wydown Old Fashioned is an absolute favorite! If you are looking for a coffee treat, the Affogata is spectacular. The menu items at The Wydown are all rigorously taste tested to guarantee the very best quality and freshness of everything served – our only question for The Wydown – can we be invited to the next rigorous taste testing?!?

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Elizabeth’s Counter 

804 N Henry St, Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: 703-577-9023
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Elizabeth’s Counter is a vegan and vegetarian friendly Coffee Shop located in the Alexandria, Virginia area of Washington, D.C. Elizabeth’s Counter is a casual cafe that offers plant based bakery items! Their Popovers are so delicious, it is hard to believe that it is entirely plant based. Their Donut Holes and Apple Fritters are oh so fantastic, and pair well with their homemade Hot Chocolate. The sister store of Elizabeth’s Counter is Captain Gregory’s speakeasy. They have paired up to offer customers in the area a Speakeasy at Home Program! Make sure to follow them on Instagram for other fun offerings. 

Commonwealth Joe

520 12th St S Suite 150, Arlington, VA 22202
Phone: 855-248-7688
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Located in the Pentagon City area in Arlington, Va.,  of Washington, D.C., Commonwealth Joe is an award winning cafe. Offering cold brews and even kombucha on tap, Commonwealth Joe is a wonderful, laid back cafe that is spacious, modern, and has comfortable seating. Commonwealth Joe believes in making coffee approachable and accessible to all, and are customer centric. Their menu is constantly changing to offer seasonal treats. If you see the Birthday Cake Foam Nitro on the menu, be sure to order it! Their standard Latte is also a classic, and always delicious. In addition to their dine in options, Commonwealth Joe also offers shipping and subscription services. Their cold brew at home is so exceptional, it tastes as though you ordered it directly from a barista. It is absolutely a must try. 

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