Top Dining Destinations in St. Martin (St. Maarten) That Everyone Should Try

St. Martin is one of my favorite dining destinations in the Caribbean. The Island features a Dutch and French side that both cater to foodies.

restaurants in st martin serves lamb racks

On the island, you’ll find quaint local cafes serving freshly caught seafood and fine dining restaurants that feature world-class dining experiences.

French and Creole are the most common preparation techniques on the island.

But, you can also find excellent Italian fare, grilled burgers, or a martini espresso.

I hope you’re hungry because this list features some of my favorite restaurants on the island.

Are you ready to eat?

Check out my list of the best restaurants in St Martin (St. Maarten) below!

Bistrot Caraïbes

81 Boulevard de Grand Case, Saint Martin 97150, St. Martin
Phone: +590 590 29 08 29

This chic eatery is an award-winning restaurant located on the shores of Baie de Grand Case.

Brothers Thibault and Amaury Meziere opened Bistrot Caraïbes in 1993.

Along with Chef Dimitri, they offer one of the best Frech menus on the island.

You’ll feel transported to Paris when dining at Bistrot Caraïbes.

Instead of Creole flavors, Bistrot Caraïbes focuses on a French dining experience.

The menu offers fare such as escargot, fresh fish, and beef tenderloin.

This spot also has an extensive selection of cheeses, desserts, and wines.

I find Bistrot Caraïbes to be one of the best date night restaurants in town.

Restaurant L’Auberge Gourmande

4W2V+VJ6, Bd de Grande Case, Grand-Case 97150, St. Martin
Phone: +33 5 90 87 73 37
Visit Website

As one of St Martin’s oldest Creole Houses, Restaurant L’Auberge Gourmande is a must-stop for anyone visiting the island.

You’ll find Restaurant L’Auberge Gourmande on the northern coast between Happy Bay Beach and the Grand Case Beach Club.

This French-provincial restaurant offers a formal dining setting, amazing views of the coast, and a delicious menu.

The menu features world-class dishes that combine fine French cuisine and Caribbean flavors.

You’ll find an excellent variety of fresh seafood, shellfish, and meats on the menu.

I enjoyed the seafood pot while visiting. This dish combined scallops, shrimp, grouper, and John Dory fish with saffron rice.

Mario Bristrot at the Cliff

7 Rhine Road Cupecoy Beach, Sint Maarten
Phone: +1 721 523 2760
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There are few places I have ever been to that offers such stunning cuisine as Mario Bistrot at the Cliff.

No visit to the wonderful island of St. Martin is complete without an extraordinary experience at this incredibe restaurant so it’s no surprise to see it so highly rated.

Sometimes it can be hard to decide on what to order when you eat here.

If you’re having trouble, though, you can get a custom tasting plate to get exactly what you want to try.

Mama Pizza

94, 97150 Av. du lagon, Saint Martin, St. Martin
Phone: +590 590 29 63 32

If you’re in the mood for a classic Italian-style pizza, you must try Mama Pizza.

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This casual dining restaurant is one of my favorite places in St Martin.

Mama Pizza is located on the east coast in Oyster Pond. The pizzas feature an authentic thin crust, fresh red sauce, and the perfect amount of cheese.

From plain cheese to Caribbean specialty pizzas, there is something for every pizza lover at Mama Pizza.

Not in the mood for pizza? Mama still has you covered.

You can order other main dishes like chicken parmigiana, fresh fish, or steak.

Sol e Luna

61, Mont Vernon, Orient Bay 97150, St. Martin
Phone: +590 590 29 08 56

Sol e Luna is the perfect restaurant for a romantic date.

The restaurant features Creole styling, a lush garden, and refined decorations.

Located on the coast of Etang Chevrise Lagoon, you can enjoy a breathtaking view while dining. Sol e Luna offers lunch and dinner with an evolving menu.

The chefs prepare a daily La Table Du Midi which features a choice of appetizer, main course, and dessert.

While dining at Sol e Luna, the sommelier will suggest the perfect wine to accompany your meal.

Once your meal is complete, you can enjoy world-class cigars in the restaurant’s four smoking rooms.

This exquisite dining destination is one of the best restaurants in St Martin (St. Maarten.)

Anse Marcel Restaurant

26 Rue de Lonvillier Anse Marcel, 97150, St. Martin
Phone: +590 690 26 38 50

Located near The National Nature Reserve of St Martin, you’ll find Anse Marcel Restaurant at the Anse Marcel Beach Club.

This beachfront restaurant features fantastic views of Anse Marcel Bay, cool sea breezes, and beach access.

I stopped for a quick lunch before heading to a lounge chair and enjoying a few cocktails under the sun. I had a scrumptious olive bread and burrata with tomatoes.

It was light but satisfying.

Along with their standard menu, Anse Marcel Restaurant offers daily specials that include fresh grilled fish, steaks, and shellfish.

I encourage anyone visiting St. Martin to spend a day at this fantastic beachfront restaurant.

It’s worth the drive if you are staying on the southern side of St. Martin.


18-19 rue anegada hope estate SAINT MARTIN, 97150, St. Martin
Phone: +590 590 87 15 70
Visit Website

If you need a break from the sun, I suggest heading inland to Bacchus.

This restaurant, wine cellar, cigar lounge, and grocer are home to executive chef Arnoud Angeli.

In 2020, a new 1600 ft kitchen opened where Arnoud cooks world-class cuisine.

From cheese platters to buttery wagyu filets, you’ll find a diverse menu at Bacchus.

Even if you’re not in the mood for dinner, I encourage you to stop by Bacchus. They offer one of the best wine collections on the island.

If you live on the island, Bacchus will quickly become your go-to grocer for delicacies, gourmet food, and premium liquors. 

Coffee Lounge

Coffee Lounge 5 Next To Diamond Casino, Philipsburg, Sint Maarten
Phone: +1 721-542-9094

When you need a break from playing slots at the Jump Up Casino or Diamond Casino, head into Coffee Lounge for some of the best espresso on the island.

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You’ll find this quaint cafe within walking distance of the casinos and the St. Martin Museum.

Besides having the best coffee on the island, you can get a hearty and affordable breakfast at Coffee Lounge.

Pancakes, eggs, bacon, and sausage are all on the menu.

Of course, the cafe offers lighter fare like avocado salad, vegan dishes, and bagel sandwiches.

If you’re looking for something unique, I suggest trying the banana bread-baked oatmeal.

Emilio’s…Dine with History

59 L.B. Scott Rd, Sint Maarten
Phone: 721-522-1848
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Emilio’s is located in the Rainforest Adventures Park and Jose Lake Sr. Ball Park on the southern side of St. Martin.

Chef Emilio Wilson offers both casual and fine dining experiences at his restaurant.

During the day, you can enjoy lighter fare for lunch or brunch.

The brunch is my favorite. Emilio’s offers waffles, bacon, sausage, paella, salads, and sliced meats.

For dinner, you can enjoy an incredible fine dining experience.

Some of my favorite dinner selections include the snapper, pork tenderloin, and fish cakes.

Izi Ristorante Italiano

Welfare Rd, Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten
Phone: +1 721-544-3079

Izi Ristorante Italiano is a hip and fun bistro that mixes delicious Italian fare and late-night fun.

This establishment is located south of Snoopy Island on the southern coast of Simpson Bay Lagoon.

Izi Ristorante Italiano opened in 2009 and is a must for pasta lovers.

Featuring a diverse selection of classic Italian dishes, you’ll find pasta, risotto, soup, salads, and appetizers on the menu.

The chefs also offer fresh fish and mouth-watering steaks as well.

No matter what you order, be prepared for a hearty and filling meal while visiting Izi Ristorante Italiano. My favorite dish is the lobster ravioli.

Jax Steakhouse

1 Rhine Rd, Maho bay, Sint Maarten
Phone: +1 721-588-8884
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Jax Steakhouse is a must for anyone looking for premium and prime-grade steaks.

Located within walking distance of Maho Beach, Jax Steakhouse is a rare find in St. Martin.

Once inside you’ll feel transported to a big city steakhouse.

The restaurant is decorated with rich mahogany tones and intimate lighting, giving Jax Steakhouse its luxurious atmosphere.

The steaks at Jax are broiled to perfection. They offer the best New York Strip on the island.

Don’t forget to add a lobster tail to your dinner to complement your steak.

Jax also features international DJs all night, adding to the excitement and ambiance of the restaurant.

La Villa Restaurant

93 Boulevard de Grande Case Saint-Martin, 97150, St. Martin
Phone: +590 690 50 12 04
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While visiting Grand Case, you’ll find La Villa Restaurant directly on Restaurant Row. This quaint French restaurant features a diverse menu from Chef Patrick Guillerm. 

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La Villa Restaurant is only open for dinner, so I suggest booking a table before dining.

There are so many good items on the menu it’s hard to pick a favorite.

If I had to choose, I’d go with the seared black sesame tuna for dinner.

They also offer creative specials every night that include fresh fish, lobsters, and stews.

La Villa also offers dining experiences that feature appetizers, main courses, desserts, wines, and more. 


3W86+2XX, Marigot 97150, St. Martin
Phone: +590 590 29 65 17

Le Sous Marin JB Paula is a gem located on the northern tip of Simpson Bay Lagoon.

Chef Jean-Baptiste is a culinary master and serves some of the best food on the island.

He’s also incredibly personable and tells you about all the dishes on the menu.

Some of the tasty options on the menu include chicken cordon bleu, beef bourguignon, and ham & cheese panini.

Items can be ordered to go.

Even if you’re in a hurry, there’s plenty of time to stop at Le Sous Marin’s to-go window and pick up lunch or dessert.

Rosemary’s Seafood and Creole Cuisine

3W97+7JW, Marigot 97150, St. Martin
Phone: +590 690 30 98 18

Rosemary’s Seafood and Creole Cuisine is one of the oldest operating restaurants in St. Martin.

Since 1978, the restaurant has served some of the best fish, jerk chicken, and seafood.

A local gem, don’t forget to stop in while visiting St Martin. You’ll feel right at home at this open-air and outdoor dining establishment.

Rosemary’s offers some of the best prices for food on this list. While inexpensive, the food is fresh and authentic.

You’ll have to check the outdoor menu board daily to see what’s for dinner as the menu is always evolving.

I’m partial to the Shellfish Creole.

Tortuga Maho

Rhine road Maho, Sint Maarten
Phone: +1 721-522-6246
Visit Website

Right on Maho Beach, you’ll find one of Sint Maarten’s best-kept secrets. Tortuga Maho is a beach club and restaurant.

This spot is one of my favorite places to spend the day and enjoy a stunning sunset in Sint Maarten.

You can start the day with a hearty breakfast followed by cocktails on the beach.

If you’re hungry for lunch, Tortuga Maho offers sandwiches, burgers, and salads.

They also offer a dinner menu that features freshly caught fish, pasta, and more.

Don’t forget to enjoy a few cocktails while visiting Tortuga Maho. 

Villa Royale Restaurant

47 Bd de Grande Case, Grand-Case 97150, St. Martin
Phone: +590 590 87 07 42

French and Creole dishes are on the menu at Villa Royale Restaurant.

This fun and exciting homestyle restaurant is located on the north coast.

This casual dining spot offers affordable yet delicious Creole classic dishes.

You’ll also find live music and some of the largest cocktails I’ve ever seen.

Villa Royale’s menu features homemade Creole meals.

You can enjoy seafood like shellfish, meat, and vegan dishes with a local Creole flair.

his eatery is one of the best places on our list for larger groups or families with younger children.

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  1. In my two visits now to the island in the past 12 months I think no list would be complete without Mario Bristrot at the Cliff. Setting is just ok but food and service are some of the best we have had. Full seconds to L’Auberge and Mama.

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