Top 13 Restaurants in Roatan Honduras

Clear blue waters, white sandy beaches, and lush palm trees await you in Roatan, the largest Bay Island on the Northern end of Honduras.

gourmet in a restaurant at roatan honduras

Known for its world-class snorkeling and scuba diving, Roatan is the epitome of vacation paradise.

Roatan sits upon an exposed coral reef, the second largest worldwide. Whether you are looking for some top-notch adventure on the uncrowded Sandy Bay or learning the rich history of Roatan at Punta Gorda, the sights will amaze you. And, of course, do not forget to sit back and enjoy a tropical cocktail on the beach.

With paradise comes delectable food, and Roatan has no shortage of the finest cuisine worldwide.

From sizzling Latin flavors to light and beachy favorites, Roatan has something for every palate.

Pazzo Italian Restaurant Roatan

Main Road, West End
Phone: 504 9889-1732

The locally beloved Pazzo is on the West End of the island. Set in an intimate environment with a casual vibe, Pazzo will make you feel right at home.

You can find Pazzo about a block off the ocean, close to the Mangrove Duck Condos. Take a post-pasta stroll down to the beach for the ultimate date night.

A trip to Pazzo means pasta for me! My favorite dish on the menu is the Carbonara – sharp parmesan and egg come together for some seriously yummy flavors. The desserts at Pazzo are a must-have, too.

Luna Muna

Tamarind Drive, Honduras
Phone: 504 9551-0324
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Fine dining and sea views await at Luna Muna. Located inside of the Ibagari hotel, this idyllic restaurant is a romantic favorite.

I love the outdoor setting and the origami crane sculpture – the ambiance is unforgettable. Luna Muna is perfect after relaxing on the beach or before an evening at sea.

Luna Muna serves traditional food with a Latin twist. I suggest trying the lobster ravioli or octopus tacos for a fresh and fun meal. And save room for dessert, as their Nutella & Toblerone brownie is divine!

Roatan Oasis

Carretera Principal, West End
Phone: 504 9484-6659
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Feast in paradise at Roatan Oasis, a European-inspired spot with locally-sourced ingredients.

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Another West End locale, Roatan Oasis, is slightly out of the city but close to water nonetheless. The vibe is casual and comfortable, so no need to bring your suit and tie.

Roatan Oasis specializes in creative European dishes and cocktails. Roatan Oasis is my favorite place on the island for dinner – I never take a trip to Roatan without stopping by. I recommend the brie and short rib wontons, butternut squash Tortiloni, or the lobster pot pie.

Argentinian Grill

West Sandy Bay Beach Road Sandy Bay Bay Islands Department HN, 34101, Honduras
Phone: 504 9769-6862
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Famous for its wildlife and less crowded beaches, the Sandy Bay area is also home to Argentinian Grill. Spicy offerings combined with tropical scenery make any meal remarkable.

The Argentinian Grill is inside the Hotel Seremein, a resort in the Sandy Bay area. Check out the surrounding wildlife park – the exotic butterflies are magnificent.

Spicy food is not my forte, so I admit I was cautious about trying the Argentinian Grill – but I am so glad I did!

The shrimp burritos are to die for, and their famous dish, lobster mignon, is one of the best things I have ever had.

Anthony’s Chicken

100 W End Rd, West End 34101
Phone: 504 9595-5584

A local favorite, Anthony’s Chicken, is about as casual and quick-service as you can get. Anthony’s serves a mix of American and Central American flavors in walk-up environs.

There is nothing better than grabbing wings after a day on the beach. Anthony’s is on the shore near the SNUBA Waterpark.

Anthony’s is famous for its chicken, but its other offerings are equally fabulous. Many diners rave about the jerk chicken, rice and beans, and Cajun chicken. Be warned – most of their choices are at least somewhat spicy!

Cafe Escondido

West End Road, West End
Phone: 504 9952-0813

Tucked among luxury hotels is Cafe Escondido, an unassuming spot in the West End. Explore the area for shopping and activities you cannot find anywhere else, like diving tours and one-of-a-kind gift stores.

Cafe Escondido is a beachy, laid-back place with an island vibe just a block away from the Cocolobo Resort.

Cafe Escondido has an expansive menu, so there is something for everyone. A few choices are smoothies, rice bowls, and brunch fares like banana pancakes. They also have a full bar for a pre-beach cocktail.

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The Drunken Sailor

West End Road, West End, Honduras
Phone: 504 9786-9362

If you love unique restaurants, The Drunken Sailor is for you. Immersive, charming, and inspired by street food, The Drunken Sailor never disappoints.

The feel is quick-service and works well for takeout and grubbing by the water. You can visit The Drunken Sailor on the upper West End, across from the West End Village.

The Drunken Sailor describes itself as a fry house and pizza place, but do not let that fool you – this is some of the best Roman-style pizza on the island. My pick is fried shrimp and calamari. It is so fresh and reminds me of my Southern roots.

Junior’s Patio

Carretera Principal, West End
Phone: 504 9685-5073

A well-kept local secret, Junior’s Patio is a tiny, made-to-order pizza place with a BYOD policy.

Junior’s is straight down Carretera Principal from the Bodden Tours Mayan Jungle Canopy Zipline – a sloth and monkey nature reserve.

After a day of exploring, Junior’s Patio is an ideal retreat. Junior’s is worth the slight trek off the beaten path.

Utilizing simple, fresh ingredients and a bare-bones menu, Junior’s Patio is all about simplicity.

The toppings are mostly veggies, but meats like sausage and pepperoni are also available. You can customize your pizza for the ultimate experience.

Gingers Caribbean Grill

8C44+27W, West End

No trip to Roatan is complete without gourmet Caribbean food! Gingers Caribbean Grill sits on the bay of the West End, just beyond the West End Village.

With neon, tropical decor, and ocean views, Gingers gives diners an authentic Caribbean experience. The Grill has indoor and outdoor seating options, including a few tables on the shore.

Gingers serve traditional Caribbean food, American fare, and Latin-inspired dishes. I cannot get enough of their sweet potato fries – topped off with a strawberry mojito. Other famous options are Caribbean King Crab and avocado mango relish.

Sundowners Beach Bar

8C44+JWW, West End
Phone: 504 9907-7700

Sundowners sits on the beloved Half-Moon Bay, next to The Beach House resort. Sundowners is the quintessential beach bar, with tiki-themed decor and an ultra-casual feel.

Beachgoers can walk up and enjoy a tropical drink before hitting the waves. Check out the Sun Divers Roatan next door for some top-notch diving lessons.

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Sipping on a cold drink and digging into their fresh fish tacos is life-changing on a hot Caribbean day. Other options are wraps, salads, and sandwiches. They have vegetarian options as well, like a veggie or hummus wrap.

La Sirena de Camp Bay

Just past the cemetery, Camp Bay
Phone: 504 8867-5227
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If you are looking for a less crowded beach, Camp Bay is perfect for you. La Sirena de Camp Bay is an indoor/outdoor restaurant with on-the-water seating.

I suggest enjoying a day at the neighboring Camp Bay Beach and walking up to La Sirena de Camp Bay for a sunset dinner and drinks.

The rum punch at La Sirena is one of their top-sellers, along with their Cajun-style rice and beans and fried chicken.

Local delicacies like Lionfish ceviche and conch ceviche are mouthwatering, and I never leave without a slice of key lime pie.

Hangover Hut

Bananarama Drive, W Bay Rd, West Bay 34101
Phone: 504 9804-7001

The address of the Hangover Hut is enough to visit in the first place, but add in the bustle of the West Bay, and it becomes one of the most fun places on the island.

The Hangover Hut is located among sprawling resorts but is not too tricky to find – turn down Bananarama Drive, and you will be there in no time.

Hangover Hut has a relatively short menu, but do not let that deter you. The portabella burger is a local favorite, as is the lime margarita. I always get the make-your-own burger with their house-made zesty tomato sauce.

The Lily Pond House Restaurant

West End 34101
Phone: 504 9768-3404
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The Lily Pond House Restaurant will blow your mind. An in-ground pool (complete with beach balls) and colorful lanterns add pizzazz to a typical dining experience.

The vibe is casual but not as informal as a beach bar. You can find it in the El Berrinche neighborhood in the West End – make sure you visit the Stanley Submarines while you are in the area.

Calamari is one of my all-time favorite foods, and The Lily House does it flawlessly. Also of note are the Fisherman plate, catch-of-the-day, and the surf & turf. Everything is fresh and made in-house.

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