6 Special Menu Items at McDonald’s Hawaii

McDonald’s Hawaii locations feature these special items

I recently had the pleasure of taking a trip to Hawaii. I enjoyed the soft sand, blue water, and, of course, the local cuisine! To my surprise, this included the local Hawaiian McDonald’s menu that varies a bit from the menu we mainlanders are used to. 

McDonalds in Hawaii-Kai, Oahu.

Mcdonalds in Hawaii uses some local flavors and ingredients to make their menu more interesting and cater to the palette of locals. And as a tourist, I was certainly intrigued by these new options I’d never encountered. 

So I had to try everything that didn’t look familiar! My Hawaiin McDonald’s tasting experience included a range of treats from a new burger to delicious tropical dessert flavors and even a cup of soup. Yes, soup, from Mcdonald’s. 

McDonald’s Hawaii Menu Items

I will tell you what I thought about these rare menu items and what you should definitely try if you find yourself in Hawaii in front of those golden arches!

So check out these six McDonald’s Hawaii menu items!

McTeri Deluxe

The name of this immediately enticed me to it. McTeri got my mouth-watering, and I was elated when my suspicions were right: this is a Teriyaki sandwich.

The sandwich is a classic all-beef patty from McDonald’s smothered in a teriyaki sauce.

The sauce is sweet with hints of soy and has the perfect thick consistency to stay on your burger without making a mess. 

The sandwich comes with the standard sesame seed bun and features sliced tomato, green leaf lettuce, slivered onions, and a dollop of mayonnaise.

It exceeded all of my expectations, and while I don’t recommend fast food when on vacation, I do recommend grabbing a McTeri to get the Hawaiin experience!

Saimin (Noodle Soup)

A cup of soup may not seem like a McDonald’s menu item, but Hawaiin McDonald’s is not your average stop. The Saimin was an interesting item to try.

This soup is like the Hawaiin take on ramen soup, which is much heavier and more filling than the Saimin.

It features a dashi-based broth and long wheat noodles as a filling base that will warm you up. I appreciated how well-seasoned the broth was without being too salty or spicy.

The soup comes with kamaboko (type of fish cake), char siu (BBQ pork), sliced egg, and seaweed strips.

While I loved the soup, I see it more as a side than the main dinner from McDonald’s. 

Fresh-Cut Pineapple

Hawaii is well-known for its tasty supply of fresh pineapple fruit. McDonald’s takes advantage of this, offering a side of fresh-cut pineapple, sourced from the islands.

I am a huge pineapple lover, so I was excited to get this sweet, healthy treat. It pairs well with one of their satisfying sandwiches. 

While some locations serve a diced cup, the location I visited in Waikiki sold freshly-cut pineapple sticks!

So they were long pieces of pineapple served in a plastic bag. It was so convenient and fun to eat, and of course, the pineapple from Hawaii was incredibly juicy, vibrant, and everything you could want. 

Haupia Pie

Haupia pie was a delightful surprise for me. This experience was my first time giving them a try and will certainly not be the last!

Haupia is a classic Hawaiin dessert that is like a coconut pudding. It has a consistency between jelly and pudding.

At Hawaiin McDonalds, they stuff their handheld pie crusts with this creamy dessert and then drop the pie into a deep fryer.

The result is a sweet, hot coconut filling that melts in your mouth and a perfectly golden crust.

If you want a tropical dessert with all the elements of a McDonald’s treat that you love, you can’t go wrong with the Haupia pie. 

Fried Apple Pie

Apple pie is a yummy American staple, but have you ever considered frying it?

They offer a fried version of the handheld McDonald’s apple pie, giving it more crunch and a richer flavor.

Once upon a time, fried apple pie was available at Mcdonald’s in the states, but they replaced them with baked. 

Hawaii did not stand for this and brought back the fried apple pies exclusively in their state.

Hawaii is the only place in the US you can get your hands on one of these warm and gooey apple pies with an extra crunchy crust. 

Spam Breakfast Platters

You may be wondering what Spam even is and where it might fit on a breakfast platter.

Well, Spam is canned meat made of mostly pork. The pork is pre-cooked, so it’s safe to eat right out of the can, but most people cook it. 

I know this sounds unappetizing, but as someone that knows a thing or two about southern food, I can tell you, Spam is underrated.

Hawaii gets it though! This spam breakfast platter comes with scrambled eggs, your choice of meat (Spam or Portuguese sausage), and rice.

It comes with plain sticky rice, which is fine on its own, but a salty, delicious treat when you pile it on a piece of Spam!

McDonald’s Hawaii Menu Items

  1. McTeri Deluxe
  2. Saimin (Noodle Soup)
  3. Fresh-Cut Pineapple
  4. Haupia pie
  5. Fried Apple Pie
  6. Spam Breakfast Platters

Final Thoughts

I am all about trying the local cuisine and avoiding chain restaurants when I take a fun vacation, but for the Hawaiian McDonald’s menu, I’m happy to make an exception. Hawaiian McDonald’s takes local flavors and incorporates them into McDonald’s classics like the sandwich or handheld fruit pie. 

So even though visiting a McDonald’s in Hawaii may feel basic, I promise, you’re in for some interesting and exotic flavors that you simply cannot get at McDonald’s in the continental US.

In the end, I highly recommend getting a McTeri, Haupi pie, and maybe some fresh pineapple to get a taste for the kind of fast food they enjoy in Hawaii. 

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