9 Pizza Stones and Steels to Try

Finding the best pizza stones can pose challenges, especially if you want to see which ones retain the most heat and do the best. They help you heat and cook the pizza evenly so you have a perfectly crisp crust and melted cheese.

pizza on pizza stone

Whether you buy a pizza stone or steel, you’ll make it easier to create a delicious homemade pizza.

I know pizza stones make a difference, and I recommend looking through the different options to see what you want.

Emile Henry French Ceramic Pizza Stone

You should consider the Emily Henry pizza stone. The product utilizes ceramic to hold up against high heat, making it ideal for various settings.

Emile Henry French Ceramic Pizza Stone

I love how this one works well as a cutting board and pizza stone, so you can remove it from the oven and cut your pizza.

The pizza stone has a chip-resistant design, so you reduce the odds of any damage occurring while you move it around.

It also includes handles on the side, so you can grab and move it around when necessary.

Considering the dishwasher’s safe design and other features, this one works for anyone who wants a convenient option, making it one of the best pizza stones.

Lodge Pre-Season Cast Iron Pizza Pan

If you want a standard cast iron pizza stone, you can’t go wrong with the Lodge Pre-Season baking pan.

Lodge Pre-Season Cast Iron Pizza Pan

The pan was seasoned with natural vegetable oil, meaning you won’t have to worry about your dough sticking to the pan.

The pan includes handles on the side for easy transportation. I love how it doesn’t warp or bend while having an easy-to-clean design.

You just have to handwash the pan, dry it off, and rub it with oil to prepare it for your subsequent use.

If you want a pan with tons of versatility while minimizing sticking, you should try this one from Lodge.

Dough-Joe The Samurai Baking Sheet

Some options focus on durability and creating a long-lasting stone, making this one by Dough-Joe a solid choice.

Dough-Joe The Samurai Baking Sheet

The design utilizes carbon steel baking sheets, giving it a strong surface while making it ideal for your cooking needs.

The sheet also has a fully seasoned design, ensuring you can cook on it with minimal issues.

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However, it’s about 16 pounds, so it might be heavier than other pizza stones on the market.

The creators emphasized how it’ll be the last pizza stone you need.

If you want to focus on durability and make the most out of your money, you should try this baking sheet by Dough-Joe.

Outset Pizza Grill Stone Tiles

Sometimes, you don’t want a round stone to help you with your pizzas.

Outset Pizza Grill Stone Tiles
Source: Amazon

For example, if you like to make square-shaped pizzas, then Outset’s pizza stone tile might work better for your needs. 

The flat design makes it easy to place in your oven while laying out multiple tiles.

These might be the best pizza stones for the job if you want to cook various pizzas for a party.

They can withstand up to 1,450 degrees Fahrenheit, making them perfect for ovens.

The tiles have a lightweight design, only weighing about six pounds, so most people won’t have trouble moving them.

The Original Baking Steel

If you want to try steel rather than stone, see if you like The NerdChef Steel Stone to help you cook the perfect pizzas.

The Original Baking Steel

The baking steel plate lets you cook your pizza in ovens, grills, campfires, and wherever you want.

Naturally, steel remains a high-quality material focused on durability while quickly heating up.

Steel offers 20x higher conductivity compared to ceramic pizza stones and twice the heat capacity, so you’ll get a perfect crust and faster cooking times.

The surface of the steel is seasoned with flaxseed oil, so it’s smooth and easy to use. The only drawback is that it is very heavy!

Unicook Heavy Duty Cordierite Pizza Stone

Some people may prefer a square pizza stone made of ceramic, making Unicook Heavy Duty a solid pizza stone.

Unicook Heavy Duty Cordierite Pizza Stone

The design focuses on evening out the cooking, so your pizza won’t feel doughy in some spots and crisp in others.

I noticed you get a plastic scraper with this pizza stone, making it easier to remove any debris or burnt bits once you finish using it.

That makes the cleaning process easier with this ceramic pizza tile since you can’t use soap or oil on it.

If you want to minimize maintenance while maximizing how effectively it cooks your pizza stone, you should try Unicook Heavy Duty.

Cast Elegance Pizza Stone

The Cast Elegance pizza stone not only gives you a stone to cook with, but it includes a cookbook to get you started with recipes.

Cast Elegance Pizza Stone

The creators advertise it as a durable pizza stone with a scraper to help you maintain and use it.

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You can choose between three sizes, allowing you to make small, medium, or large pizzas based on your preferences.

After you finish using it, clean it with a damp cloth, but don’t use soap or water.

When you consider the lower price, this pizza stone remains an excellent option for anyone new to cooking or pizza stones, so they’ll learn how to use it.

OONI Baking Stone

You can try the OONI Baking Stone if you prefer stone over steel.

OONI Baking Stone

I like how the stone’s texture helps it to pull the moisture out of the dough, allowing you to get a crispy pizza crust.

That way, you won’t end up with a doughy or undercooked pizza.

The stone has a thinner design, making it easier to handle than other options.

Despite the size, the cordierite helps it remain durable while retaining heat in any cooking setting.

The square design also helps it fit comfortably in the oven.

You should try this option if you prefer crispy crust rather than softer pizzas.


You can utilize the convenience of the ROCKSHEAT pizza stone if you want an easier-to-move square option.

Source: Amazon

While the stone works primarily for pizza, you can use it to make cookies, biscuits, and many other bread products.

Most square pizza stones don’t have handles, so I appreciate the grooves along the sides since they make it easy to move the stone.

In addition, the pizza stone offers two handles for each side, meaning no matter which side you use, you’ll always have a way to pick it up.

With the design in mind, you may want to try this pizza if you plan on moving it often to other locations or out of the oven if you don’t cook pizza often.

Make Better Pizza At Home

Use these pizza stones and pizza steels to make amazing pizza in a standard oven! I use a pizza steel because it heats up faster and cooks faster, but both are great options.

Check out pizza recipes to make with your new tool, from breakfast pizzas to unusual pizza toppings to add like shrimp pizza recipes!

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