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Our Favorite Places to Eat Near Piazza Navona in Italy

Piazza Navona is one of the most popular parts of Rome.

dining at Rome Italy restaurants near Piazza Navona

It’s built on the grounds of an ancient stadium and has been defined as a public square since the 15th century.

Reflecting its long history, Piazza Navona features beautiful Baroque architecture, multiple fountains, and many more delights.

The restaurants in the area are a work of art in their own right as well.

From the expertly prepared Italian dishes to delicious desserts, wines, and more, it was an absolute joy exploring the various dining establishments in the area.

The following list features the best Piazza Navona restaurants that left a lasting impression on me.

Armando al Pantheon

Salita de’ Crescenzi, 31, 00186 Roma RM, Italy
Phone: +39 06 6880 3034
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This quaint jewel is a short walk from the Pantheon, tucked between Via Giustiniani and Sakita de’ Crescenzi.

Owned and operated by the Armando Gargioli family, this restaurant’s staff exudes a heady passion for excellent Roman cuisine.

For my appetizer, I went with a pumpkin cream served with crumbled sausage and roasted bread throughout.

If you love the sound of it, you’ll likely enjoy it as much as I did.

I followed that up with sliced beef cooked with chili pepper, rocket, and balsamic vinegar.

And yes, I had to ask what “rocket” is. It’s a leafy green with a peppery vibe.

As there’s always room for a dessert, I ordered their dark chocolate mousse with berries and a mint-flavored crumble topping.

It’s a must-try for any fan of dark chocolate.


Via della Stelletta, 4, 00186 Roma RM, Italy
Phone: +39 06 6813 6310
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Retrobottega is a unique, open kitchen restaurant nestled in the heart of Rome between Piazza Navona and the Pantheon.

You can choose between the counter settings for a direct view of the food preparation or one of the twenty-six tables.

Either choice provides an entertaining atmosphere that is modern.

The restaurant specializes in a fusion of flavors with an Italian flare.

Moreover, the wait staff delighted in telling me that every wild-grown herb, root, tuber, flower, and fruit used in the restaurant are all handpicked, and the menu changes according to season, as I found out.

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I ordered beetroot with cherries and hazelnut miso.

The portion was perfect, and I enjoyed every bite of this dish, so I highly recommend trying it out if it’s in the season.

‪I Pizzicaroli

Via della Fossa, 9, 00186 Roma RM, Italy
Phone: +39 06 8308 6293

Located between Via del Corallo and Vio di Parione is another find in my hunt for fabulous Piazza Navona restaurants.

With its unobtrusive archway and entrance, you’ll have to keep an eye open for the chairs and tables placed out front.

In the spirit of its location, I Pizzicaroli strives to preserve foods and flavors of the past, and you can taste them in everything they have to offer.

Most menu items are meat and cheese boards with ham, roast pork, salami, and a vast assortment of cheeses, plus breads, drizzles, dips, and spreads.

In addition to the great food, they also have an ample selection of wines and beers.

So if you’re looking for a complete dining experience, consider adding I Pizzicaroli to your itinerary.

Mimì e Cocò

Via della Scala, 1, 00153 Roma RM, Italy
Phone: +39 06 5513 6035

Mimì e Cocò is a charming restaurant that reminded me of a movie set with close-set tables, high-energy staff, and a dark-themed interior.

Plus, it’s conveniently located just a quick five-minute jaunt from Piazza Navona.

All items on their menu are expertly prepared, but I was particularly blown away by their pasta carbonara.

They also serve various snacks and treats, such as tasty meat and cheese plates, perfect as a prelude to the main dish.

There is no shortage of mouthwatering desserts on the menu either.

If you’re looking for something creamy, I recommend trying tiramisu here.

Cantina e Cucina

Via del Governo Vecchio, 87, 00186 Roma RM, Italy
Phone: +39 06 689 2574
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Cantina e Cucina is one of the Piazza Navona restaurants that seem to catch quite a few tourists without being a tourist trap.

A quick 5-minute trip from Piazza Navona, it’s worth fitting into your itinerary.

You’ll find a crowded, festive atmosphere both inside and out.

Several patrons recommended pizza or anything with meatballs, so I had to try both.

The pasta was perfectly al dente, the meatballs were divine, and the pizza?

Great crisp crust and done to perfection.

The restaurant also offers wines from its cellar and crafted cocktails.

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With so many great options on the menu, it’s no surprise the place is packed.

I’ve noticed that the waiting line gets longer in the evening, so it may be prudent to make a reservation if you plan on visiting later in the day.


Via della Pace, 27A, 00186 Roma RM, Italy
Phone: +39 06 4544 5543
Visit Website

Handmade pizza and fried foods only a breezy 2-minutes from Piazza Navona made this iconic spot a must-see on my list of Piazza Navona restaurants.

The restaurant is renowned for amazing pizzas.

However, you will find many more traditionally made Italian dishes on the menu.

They also have great sandwiches and other snacks if you’re looking to grab a quick bite and continue exploring the city.

I ordered their classic suppli and a potato croquette, which I’m counting as a dessert.

In addition to the great food and the restaurant’s atmosphere, I was also impressed by the speed with which they handled all the orders coming in, given their prime location and the number of tourists visiting on any given day.

La Pace del Palato

Via del Teatro Pace, 42, 00186 Roma RM, Italy
Phone: +39 06 6813 5463

The Peace of the Palate.

Founded in 2002, this might be the youngest restaurant I visited during my Piazza Navona exploration.

After a brief 2-minute walk from the square, you’ll find gorgeous decor both inside and out.

Casual and classy, you can feel the tension between tradition and innovation, as noted by Chef Francesco Pesce.

The appetizers are all very unique with pairings such as sweetbreads and artichokes or a frittata with herbs, garlic, and cheese.

I opted to try pulicaro pork loin with roasted peppers, tomatoes, and strawberries and was delighted with the differing flavors.

The restaurant also offers all manner of desserts as well as an impressive selection of wines.

Saltimbocca ristorante

Via di Tor Millina, 5, 00186 Roma RM, Italy
Phone: +39 06 683 2266

Saltimbocca is a casual, quaint restaurant steps away from Piazza Navona.

If nightlife in Rome is on your list, add this place to your nocturnal wanderings.

The restaurant is open until 1 am, except for Friday and Saturday, when they go until 2 am.

The menu features everything from pizza and lasagna to seafood and more.

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They also have intriguing appetizers, such as fried olives.

I loved their seafood pasta which came in a generous portion and tasted delicious.

In addition, given its lively location, there’s live music performed by street musicians nearby on any given day.


Via di Parione, 41, 00186 Roma RM, Italy
Phone: +39 06 8901 7261

A short two-minute walk from Piazza Navona brings you to this elegant, cozy spot that earned a place on my Piazza Navona restaurants list.

Every ingredient is delivered fresh daily, and the taste proves it.

I would suggest ordering any of the traditionally prepared dishes here, such as the lasagna or chicken with peppers.

Notably, the restaurant also has upstairs seating if you’re looking for a more intimate dinner, in which case I’d also recommend making a reservation as it’s a quite popular destination.

Ponte e Parione – Ristorante Piazza Navona

Via di Santa Maria dell’Anima, 62, 00186 Roma RM, Italy
Phone: +39 06 6819 2278
Visit Website

This family-owned restaurant is located right between the Rione Ponte and Rione Parione districts.

The restaurant offers indoor and outdoor seating and has a friendly and relaxing atmosphere as the owners treat the establishment as their home.

The menu features all of the traditional Roman fare, including just about any pasta imaginable that you can watch being made in the open area.

Moreover, they have a wood oven that adds that authentic smokey flavor to their dishes.

The restaurant also offers many different homemade desserts that will satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.


Via di Tor Millina, 27, 00186 Roma RM, Italy
Phone: +39 06 6821 0341
Visit Website

This delightful gem is right off Piazza Navona.

The restaurant features very modern and light decor, and the ambiance is great, often accompanied by live background music.

I heard a lot of great things about this place and its house specialties, so I ordered their ricotta stuffed ravioli with cream of pumpkin and bacon sauce.

It was one of the most flavorful dishes I’ve had on my trip to Rome.

They also have a wide selection of seafood, pasta, and other dishes.

Furthermore, there are many vegan-friendly and gluten-free options as well.

For the dessert, I could highlight any number of items, but the cake with chantilly cream was really something else.

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