Everything On The In ‘N Out Secret Menu Ranked

The not so secret menu at In ‘N Out Burger

Perhaps the worst kept secret in the fast food industry is In ‘n Out’s ‘Secret’ Menu. This menu was once unknown and mysterious, but now it is infamous, and most people know every item that is served on this menu. But, this doesn’t make it any less delicious. 

In n Out Double Double cheeseburger with animal style

Some of the items on the In ‘n Out secret menu walk all over the regular menu that this restaurant offers, so you might find yourself looking to order off of it.

But what is the best item to order? Now that is a tricky question. 

In this quick guide, we’ve ranked all 15 of the items on the In ‘n Out secret menu from best to worst. So, to find out the best option for you, keep on reading. 

In ‘N Out Secret Menu

  1. Protein Style Burger
  2. Flying Dutchman
  3. Extra Toasted Burger
  4. 4×4 Burger
  5. Mustard-Grilled Patty Burger
  6. Root Beer Float
  7. 3 × 3 Burger
  8. Neapolitan Shake
  9. Whole Grilled Onion Burger
  10. Well Done Fries
  11. Add Peppers
  12. Animal Style Fries
  13. Grilled Cheese
  14. Animal Style Burger
  15. Cheese Fries

Protein Style

Coming in at number 15, we have the ‘Protein Style’ burger. There is one primary reason behind this, and that is the fact that this burger does not come with a bun.

The bun is always the best part of a burger, and for this reason, we couldn’t rank this higher on the list. But if you are following a low-carb, high-protein diet, then the ‘protein style’ burger is perfect for you. 

Flying Dutchman

Next up, we have the ‘Flying Dutchman’, and this ranks low because of the same reason that the ‘Protein Style’ did, and that is the lack of buns.

The flying Dutchman is a simple creation, consisting of two burger patties, with a layer of cheese between them. This isn’t the most creative option on the menu, but again, it is a great choice for those following a low-carb diet. 

Extra-Toasted Burger

There is some debate about whether, or not, this is even a secret menu option, simply because some stores already serve their burgers in this fashion.

The ‘Extra-Toasted Burger’ simply toasts the bun for a little longer before serving, so that it is a little browner when you eat it, and a whole lot tastier. 

4 × 4 Burger

If you skipped breakfast, then the 4×4 burger is guaranteed to fill you up. If you are just looking for a regular meal, then this burger will be too much.

But, if you are starving, then this is perfect. With 4 burger patties layered between cheese, tomatoes, and buns, this burger has a little of everything. But, if you have already eaten that day, it will likely be too much. 

Mustard-Grilled Patty Burger

The main premise behind the secret menu is switching up the normal flavor of the In ‘n Out menu, which is why the ‘Mustard-Grilled Patty Burger’ is such a great choice.

In this option, the burgers are grilled with mustard to transform the flavor of the burger, while still offering a plain burger for the fussy eaters out there. 

Root Beer Float

Root beer floats, or any float for that matter, will always be a reminder of childhood. That is why we love the ‘Root Beer Float’ on the In and Out secret menu so much.

This drink is filled with nostalgia, and it uses soft serve to make this childhood classic taste even better. 

3 × 3 Burger

You might be wondering how the ‘3 × 3 burger’ can outrank the ‘4 × 4 burger’ that we looked at earlier, but there is one simple reason behind this, and that is balance.

In the 4 × 4 burger, there is simply too much meat for the other ingredients. But, in the 3 × 3 burger, the balance is perfect, which is why it comes in at number 9. 

Neapolitan Shake

Neapolitan ice cream is one of the best ice cream flavors to exist, which is why we love the Neapolitan Shake at In ‘n Out so much.

With a mixture of strawberry, chocolate and vanilla flavors, there is something for everyone within this drink, and you are guaranteed to get a different taste with every sip of this milkshake.

Whole Grilled Onion Burger

Like most fast food restaurants, In ‘n Out serves the onions in their burger diced. But, if you prefer your onions sliced and grilled, then the ‘Whole Grilled Onion Burger’ is the perfect option for you. 

Well Done Fries

The extra-toasted burger didn’t do so well on this list, but the ‘Well Done Fries’ are another matter.

These fries are cooked for longer than regular fries, to ensure a browner color and a stronger flavor. So, they are the perfect way to take your meal to the next level. 

Add Peppers

This isn’t strictly an item on the secret menu, but the fact that you can add peppers to almost any item on the menu definitely is a secret.

Adding peppers is the perfect way to transform the flavor of your meal at In ‘n Out, which is why we’ve given it a spot in the top 5. 

Animal Style Fries

Well done fries are great, but picture these topped with chopped grilled onions, melted cheese, and special In ‘n Out sauce.

This combination of ingredients is known as ‘Animal Style Fries’ and they are one of the best options on the In ‘n Out secret menu.

Grilled Cheese

If you are a vegetarian, then you might find the menu options at In ‘n Out quite limiting. This is why the ‘Grilled Cheese’ on their secret menu is perfect for you.

There isn’t much better than a grilled cheese, and In ‘n Out are able to make them perfectly. 

Animal Style Burger

Another great choice is the ‘Animal Style Burger’. This comes with regular patties that are grilled in mustard, then topped with chopped grilled onions, pickles and extra In ‘n Out special sauce.

So, if you want to transform your burger, order it animal style. 

Cheese Fries

But, the best option on the In ‘n Out secret menu is their ‘Cheese Fries’. Compared to some of the other options we have looked at, this might seem a little boring. But, there is nothing better than cheese on your fries, and the cheese at In ‘n Out is something special. 

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