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What to Order From the In-N-Out Secret Menu

In-N-Out is considered one of the best fast food joints in the United States. Famous for their uber-friendly staff, each In-N-Out restaurant is buzzing with easygoing, welcoming energy. 

Of course, In-N-Out is also known for delicious fast food options. Their burgers and fries are good enough to rival many other fast-food chains. But, where they excel is with their secret menu!

Okay, it may not be all that “secret” anymore (we think they should change it to the “Ubiquitous menu”).

However, even if you know what is on this varied, eclectic menu, it can be tough to decide what is worth getting and what should be left alone.

This is why we headed to In-N-Out and tried out their secret menu for ourselves. It’s a hard life! We decided to make a list of the very best items on this secret menu to help guide you through which ones to try for yourself.

If you have been to In-N-Out before, you have probably taken advantage of their secret menu by customizing your regular cheeseburger, hamburger, fries, and shakes.

However, the options go a lot further than a few customizable food items.

So, let’s discover some of the best items on In-N-Out’s secret menu so you can treat yourself later on today! And tomorrow. And the day after that.

The Protein-Style Burger 

As we said, not many of the food items on the secret menu are all that secret. This includes the protein-style burger.

In-N-Out’s all-star secret menu offers burgers that are suitable for everyone.

While many of us know a fast-food burger isn’t the healthiest choice, it’s just needed to fill our stomachs on occasion. 

If you’re carb conscious, this burger is a great option. Wrapped in large leafy lettuce leaves instead of a bread bun, this protein-style burger cuts down on the carbs significantly but still has all the characteristics of a classic In-N-Out burger.

Healthier but still delicious is something we can all get behind! 

The 4×4 

Next up is the beastly 4×4 burger. For those who are not watching the pounds so closely, this meatiest item on In-N-Out’s secret menu will satisfy any meat lover out there.

You can even order any number of patty/cheese combinations such as 2×2 or 3×4 etc.

However, the 4×4 is where In-N-Out caps it. Any more and we think you’ll need a lie down for a week!

Legend has it that somebody once tried to order a 100×100. While we doubt this worked out very well, the 4×4 is more than enough to fill any belly and meat cravings. 

Animal-Style Fries 

Animal-style burgers and fries are arguably the most popular items on In-N-Out’s secret menu.

When it comes to ordering fries, don’t just go for the regular, traditional type! Be bold and get yours animal-style!

These animal-style fries come covered in In-N-Out’s famous sauce (mayonnaise, ketchup, yellow mustard, sweet pickle relish, white vinegar, salt, and pepper) and cheese.

Even if you only have them once, you will remember them forever.

Add some grilled onions on top of this sauce and crispy fries and your life will be forever changed for the better! 

These fries are one of the main reasons In-N-Out made it onto the list of our favorite fast food places.

The Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman is said to be a ghost ship that strives to make it to port but is doomed for all of eternity to sail the ocean.

While this is part of traditional mythology that sailors try not to think about, In-N-Out’s Flying Dutchman is something all pirates would walk the plank for.

Two slices of cheese between two burger patties. In-N-Out’s Flying Dutchman is as simple as that! 

According to another legend, this famous In-N-Out burger got its name from Dutch founder Harry Snyder who was a huge fan of the classic 2×2.

Animal-Style Burger 

We’ve already mentioned In-N-Out’s animal-style fries, so we can’t forget their succulent, incredible, mind-blowing animal-style burger!

Ask for a burger “animal-style” and you will be met with just that. A burger that has mustard fried into each patty.

Also included are pickles, chopped grilled onions, and, of course, an additional helping of In-N-Out’s delicious, famous sauce. 

The Grilled Cheese 

When it comes to In-N-Out’s grilled cheeseburger, it’s not quite the same as the grilled cheese sandwich you like to make at home. 

No, this is a single burger but it’s missing the patty. However, it still comes with the bun, cheese, famous sauce, and different vegetables.

If you’re not a fan of veggies, you can ask for it without any extras. 

While it may sound like a regular grilled cheese sandwich, you will never eat one quite like this bad boy!  

Mustard Grilled Patty 

Do you like mustard? Do you like grilled patties? If so, your dreams are about to come true!

At In-N-Out, their secret menu allows you to add mustard to give any burger variation a flavor kick. Just simply ask for a “mustard grilled” burger and you will get a divine burger delight.

It’s so simple. In-N-Out’s staff just add a squirt of mustard to the patty and then cook it on the grill.

While this is a “secret” part of their menu, this Californian idea will impress you, your friends, and could even make date night even tastier! 

The Scooby Snack 

“Yikes Scooby, it’s time for a snack!” Shaggy and the gang will hunt down any ghoulish demon if it means there is this Scooby snack at the end of their mission.

While it sounds mysterious, In-N-Out’s Scooby sack is probably their simplest menu item.

Disguised under this pseudonym, it’s just a burger patty. Ah, zoinks!

Although simple, there is no doubt that this remains a popular choice at In-N-Out. And, if you have a young Scooby-Doo fan with you, this could make their day!

Whole Grilled Onion Burger 

When you order an animal-style burger at In-N-Out, the sliced onions in the burger are not always fresh (this is no secret).

If this bothers you, you can opt for the whole grilled onion burger instead.

Rather than eating onions that may have been sitting around for a while (or longer), you can order a freshly grilled, circular onion to top your burger. 

You can even ask for this with your animal-style burger. So, incorporate the two. You deserve a treat. 

Extra Salt 

It’s not all about what’s on the menu. It’s also what you can add to menu items.

If you’re feeling a little salty, you can opt for this simple In-N-Out secret menu modification. All you have to do is ask for the extra salt burger patty.

The chef will then sprinkle on a few extra pinches of salt while the burger is grilling.

Roadkill Fries 

Sounds appetizing, right? While these are on In-N-Out’s secret menu, they are not readily available at every location. 

And, before you worry, they are not topped off with actual roadkill. These are basically animal fries with chunks of hamburger crumbled on top.

At some In-N-Out restaurants, the chef may even give you the ingredients to put together yourself.

It’s always fun to get involved in the food preparation process

Cheesy Fries 

We’ll finish with more fries. While these are not technically on the menu, they are usually available if you ask. 

These standard fries come piled with skyscrapers of melted American cheese.

While these are delicious, they just don’t reach the heights of In-N-Out’s incredible animal fries.

The next time you go to In-N-Out, make sure you try at least a couple of these incredible secret menu items. We say a couple because it’s always so hard to choose for us, but the Animal-Style Fries usually reign supreme.

What’s your favorite secret menu item from In-N-Out? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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  1. My fave ‘secret menu’ item are the Animal Fries, but l haven’t heard about the Roadkill Fries until this article, so I’m sure that’ll become my fave from now on.

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