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World’s Largest KFC: A Culinary Marvel Worth Discovering

The well-known fast-food brand KFC, which is well-known for its fried chicken, has a huge fan base everywhere it operates. KFC is the second-largest fast-food chain in the world, behind only McDonald’s, with more than 23,000 stores spread across more than 140 countries.

KFC fast food restaurant store in fuel station.

But the biggest KFC in the entire world stands out from the others.

Location and Size

Yangshuo, a charming hamlet in China’s Guangxi Province, is home to the biggest KFC in the world.

Kentucky Fried Chicken in Thailand

West Street, where the restaurant is located, is a well-liked tourist destination known for its thriving nightlife, street cuisine, and gift stores.

The KFC in Yangshuo is huge, occupying five stories and more than 5,000 square meters of space.

The eatery is one of the biggest in the world and can handle up to 5000 patrons at once.

Design and Decor

The KFC in Yangshuo has a stunning interior that combines contemporary and traditional Chinese characteristics.

View inside the KFC restaurant

With a big KFC emblem on the roof, the restaurant’s facade sports a distinctive red and white color scheme.

A wide archway and a red carpet leading to the lobby make the entrance spectacular.

The restaurant’s interior is equally stunning, with a sizable dining room that can accommodate up to 1000 patrons at once.

Chinese lanterns, elaborate chandeliers, and artwork cover the walls, blending modern and traditional design features.

The 4.5-meter-tall statue of Colonel Sanders, the creator of KFC, serves as the restaurant’s focal point.

Menu and Specialties

The menu of the KFC in Yangshuo is the same as that at other KFC restaurants across the world, with a few regional delicacies thrown in.

staff working in KFC Fast Food Restaurant

A variety of fried chicken, sandwiches, burgers, salads, and sides, as well as a selection of soft drinks and desserts, are available on the restaurant’s menu.

The Yangshuo Specialty Chicken, a regional delicacy that is a must-try for tourists, is one of the restaurant’s specialties.

The dish is prepared with a blend of herbs and spices that is kept a secret, and it is served with rice and veggies.

The KFC Rice Bowl, which consists of a bowl of rice with fried chicken, gravy, and vegetables on top, is another well-known dish.

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Experience and Atmosphere

A trip to the largest KFC in the world is an adventure in and of itself.

KFC is an American fast food restaurant chain

The restaurant has a distinctive ambience that is both striking and welcoming due to its enormous size and opulent furnishings.

Customers are guaranteed a good dining experience because of the helpful, polite staff and quick service.

The restaurant’s location on West Street in Yangshuo adds to the experience, and the area’s thriving nightlife and street food scene only enhance the ambiance.

Before or after dining at the largest KFC in the world, visitors can explore the town’s numerous attractions, such as the Li River, Moon Hill, and Yulong River.

History and Significance

Opening its doors in 2016, the KFC in Yangshuo was a crucial turning point for the fast food business.

two Staff of kfc working at KFC Restaurant

The enormous size and opulent architecture of the restaurant were evidence of KFC’s success and popularity in China, where it has a sizable following.

The establishment of the biggest KFC in the world was important for Yangshuo since it attracted a lot of tourists and boosted the local economy.

Its significance was further increased by the restaurant’s proximity to West Street, a well-known tourist destination.


KFC Restaurant at Ayutthaya City Park Department Store

Where is the world’s largest KFC located?

The world’s largest KFC is located in Yangshuo, a scenic town in the Guangxi Province of China

How big is the world’s largest KFC?

The restaurant covers an area of over 5,000 square meters and spans across five floors. It can accommodate up to 5000 customers at a time, making it one of the largest restaurants globally

What is the menu like at the world’s largest KFC?

The restaurant offers the same menu as other KFC locations worldwide, with a few local specialties added to the mix. One of the restaurant’s specialties is the Yangshuo Specialty Chicken, a local dish that is a must-try for visitors.

What is the atmosphere like at the world’s largest KFC?

The restaurant’s massive size and grand decor create a unique atmosphere that is both impressive and inviting. The staff is friendly and welcoming, and the service is fast and efficient, ensuring that customers have a pleasant dining experience.

When did the world’s largest KFC open?

The restaurant opened its doors in 2016, marking a significant milestone for the fast-food chain

KFC is the world's second largest restaurant chain

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