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Are you a fan of chicken wings who hunts down the best bargains all the time? You need look no further than Wingstop Tuesday! Boneless wings, a well-liked menu item for many customers, are discounted by Wingstop every Tuesday. This offer enables you to experience these delectable wings at a reduced cost, making it the ideal way to sate your appetites without going overboard.

Street view of Wing Stop chicken wing restaurant

You can get boneless wings for just 70 cents apiece during the Wingstop Tuesday promotion, which offers fantastic value.

You can select the flavor of these wings that best suits your palate from a range of flavors that range from mild to scorching.

Wingstop offers both sweet and savory flavors, so there is something for everyone.

So, assemble your loved ones and go to Wingstop on Tuesday to benefit from this fantastic offer.

What is Wingstop Tuesday Deal

If you enjoy chicken wings, you may want to look into Wingstop’s Tuesday promotion.

Wingstop Inc. is a chain of nostalgic restaurants

Participating Wingstop locations offer discounted boneless wings every Tuesday. Six boneless wings are available for only 60 cents apiece.

For those looking to sample several tastes or simply have a snack with friends, this is a fantastic offer.

You may get the boneless wings for 60 cents for takeout, delivery, or dining in. Although you are free to purchase as many wings as you like, remember that this offer is only valid on Tuesdays.

Additionally, you can pick from any of Wingstop’s 11 house flavors, which include Mango Habanero, Garlic Parmesan, and Lemon Pepper.

You can place an order online or go to your neighborhood Wingstop to benefit from the offer.

Additionally, you may join the Wingstop email club to receive exclusive offers and promotions, such as the Tuesday boneless wings bargain.

It’s crucial to remember that not all Wingstop locations take advantage of the Tuesday promotion, so it’s advisable to call your neighborhood eatery first.

Also, prices and availability could differ from place to location, so make sure to check the menu before placing an order.

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Overall, the Tuesday boneless wing special at Wingstop is a fantastic way to indulge your needs without going overboard. You can get economical, tasty boneless wings whether you eat in, order takeout, or have them delivered.

Benefits of Wingstop Tuesday Deal

You’re going to adore the Wingstop Tuesday deal if you enjoy chicken wings.

Closeup fried chicken wing with onion and sauce. Wingstop

Participating Wingstop locations provide boneless wings every Tuesday for just $0.60. The following are some advantages of utilizing this offer:

1. Save Money

You can save money on your preferred wings, which is the deal’s most obvious advantage. You may purchase boneless wings for just $0.60 per as opposed to paying full price.

If you’re purchasing wings for a large number of people, this can result in big savings.

2. Try New Flavors

The option to sample various flavors without spending a fortune is another advantage of the Wingstop Tuesday bargain. You don’t have to worry about the price while ordering a range of tastes.

This is a terrific way to broaden your palate and find new favorites.

3. Enjoy a Mid-Week Treat

The Wingstop Tuesday promotion can help make Tuesday, which is frequently believed to be the most mundane day of the week, more interesting.

You may help break up the routine of the week and give yourself something to look forward to by treating yourself to some delectable boneless wings.

4. Convenient Ordering Options

Wingstop makes it simple to take advantage of the Tuesday discount with its practical ordering options. You can place orders in-person, online, or via the Wingstop app.

This means that you can take advantage of your wings when traveling or at home.

Overall, the Wingstop Tuesday promotion is a fantastic opportunity to have a midweek treat, save money, and sample new flavors.

Whether you frequent Wingstop often or this is your first time, this offer is definitely worth looking into.

How to Avail Wingstop Tuesday Deal

You shouldn’t pass up Wingstop’s Tuesday special if you enjoy chicken wings.

Cajun seasoned rice served with boneless red hot wings and fresh salad at Wingstop

Wingstop sells boneless chicken wings for just 70 cents each on Tuesdays. Learn how to take advantage of this offer by reading on.

You can take advantage of this offer by calling your neighborhood Wingstop or placing an order in advance online at Your wings will be hot and ready when you arrive!

Both 10 and 15 boneless wings may be purchased as part of the Tuesday bargain.

With each order, you can select up to two different tastes. Prices start at $6 for 10 wings and go up to $9 for 15.

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It’s a good idea to place your purchase in advance to ensure that you get your wings before they sell out.

By doing this, you may avoid standing in line and guarantee that your wings will be prepared when you get there.

Wingstop offers several specials and promotions throughout the week in addition to the Tuesday bargain.

To keep informed about the newest discounts and offers, make sure to visit their website or subscribe to their email club.

So, if you’re in the mood for some mouthwatering boneless chicken wings, visit Wingstop on a Tuesday and benefit from their fantastic offer!

Terms and Conditions of Wingstop Tuesday Deal

If you enjoy chicken wings, you’ve probably heard about Wingstop Tuesday specials.

Every Tuesday, Wingstop offers specials on their wings as part of this promotion.

But before you can benefit from the offer, you must be informed of the restrictions and conditions, just as with any other campaign.

To begin with, the Wingstop Tuesday promotion is only valid on Tuesdays. The promotion continues from 11 am till business closes.

To take advantage of the discount, you must make sure that your order is placed during this window of time.

Second, only orders for dine-in and take-out are eligible for the promotion. So, if you were hoping to receive the discount on delivery orders, you might be let down.

Third, only participating Wingstop restaurants can take advantage of the promotion.

Therefore, it is advisable to check with your nearby Wingstop to see if they are taking part in the campaign before you walk out to get your wings.

Fourthly, only bone-in wings are eligible for the promotion. Therefore, you might not be able to benefit from the offer if you prefer boneless wings.

Fifthly, only individual orders are eligible for the promotion. As a result, you might not be able to take advantage of the discount if you are ordering wings for a group.

The promotion also cannot be used in conjunction with any other deals or discounts. As a result, you cannot combine the Wingstop Tuesday offer with any coupons or other special offers.

Finally, the Wingstop Tuesday promotion is a great way for you to get your favorite wings at a discount.

To avoid any disappointments, it is crucial to be aware of the promotion’s terms and restrictions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What flavors are included in the Wingstop Tuesday deal?

All of Wingstop’s boneless wing flavors are included in the Tuesday deal. This includes classic flavors like Garlic Parmesan and Lemon Pepper, as well as more unique options like Mango Habanero and Hawaiian.

Is there a limit to how many wings I can order?

There is no limit to how many wings you can order during the Tuesday deal. However, keep in mind that this is a popular promotion and your local Wingstop may be busy, so be prepared for a potential wait time.

Can I get the Tuesday deal on bone-in wings?

No, the Tuesday deal is only valid for boneless wings. However, Wingstop does offer a variety of other promotions and deals throughout the week, so be sure to check their website or ask your local restaurant for more information.

Are there any restrictions or exclusions for the Tuesday deal?

The only restriction for the Tuesday deal is that it is only valid on boneless wings. Other than that, there are no exclusions or restrictions. However, keep in mind that prices and participation may vary by location, so it’s always a good idea to check with your local Wingstop before ordering.

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