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Behind the Decision: Exploring the Reasons Behind KFC’s Removal of Wedges

The fried chicken and delectable sides at KFC, one of the most well-known fast-food franchises in the world, are legendary. However, the chain controversially decided to discontinue one of its most adored sides—the potato wedges—in 2020. KFC supporters were furious and vented their frustration on social media.

Cheesy wedges from Kentucky Fried Chicken

Why did KFC eliminate wedges, then? We’ll examine the motivations for this choice in this essay.

The History of KFC’s Potato Wedges

Let’s look at the history of this well-known side dish before delving into the reasons behind the elimination of potato wedges.

The potato wedges were first offered by KFC as a substitute for french fries in the 1980s.

Customers loved the wedges, and they rapidly established them as a menu mainstay on the KFC menu.

Fresh potatoes were used to make them, which were then perfectly seasoned and fried.

The formula for KFC’s potato wedges has undergone a number of adjustments over the years.

A new recipe that was intended to be crispier and more flavorful was released by the business in 2012.

However, customers’ reactions to this shift were conflicting. While some people appreciated the new recipe, others favored the old one.

The Decision to Remove Potato Wedges

The removal of potato wedges from the menu and the introduction of Secret Recipe Fries were both confirmed by KFC for 2020.

KFC cheesy wedges on the table

The decision was received with disapproval from lovers of the potato wedges, who vented their resentment on social media.

Why did KFC eliminate wedges, then? KFC claims that the choice was made to streamline their menu and concentrate on their main offerings, fried chicken and biscuits.

The chain needed to improve its processes so that staff could prepare orders swiftly and effectively.

KFC issued the following statement: “We know that many of our fans adore our potato wedges, but we have to make difficult decisions to streamline our menu and operations in order to provide the best experience for our customers.”

The Introduction of Secret Recipe Fries

Secret Recipe Fries were a new side dish that KFC added to replace the potato wedges.

Fresh potatoes are used to make these fries, which are then seasoned with a special seasoning mixture and fried till golden brown.

These fries, in KFC’s opinion, are a better fit for their menu than potato wedges since they are simpler to make and cook more quickly.

The fried chicken and biscuits from KFC are intended to go well with the Secret Recipe Fries.

Customers’ reactions to KFC’s introduction of Secret Recipe Fries were conflicting. Some people thought the new fries were fantastic and a nice alternative to the potato wedges.

Some others weren’t impressed, though, and thought the Secret Recipe Fries didn’t live up to the expectations.

The Impact on Customers

Customers have been significantly impacted by the KFC menu’s decision to remove potato wedges.

Many wedge supporters were furious and vented their frustration on social media. Some people even began petitions to bring the potato wedges back.

Another factor dividing KFC fans is the introduction of Secret Recipe Fries.

While some people adore the new fries, others enjoy the previous generation’s potato wedges and think the Secret Recipe Fries fall short.

The Future of KFC’s Menu

What does the menu at KFC look like in the future? Will potato wedges be reintroduced or will Secret Recipe Fries continue to be served?

Time will only tell. However, KFC has made it plain that they are dedicated to giving their customers the greatest experience possible.

KFC released the following statement: “We appreciate the feedback we have received from our customers and will continue to listen to their suggestions.

We are always looking for ways to improve our menu and give our customers the best experience possible.”


Why did KFC get rid of potato wedges?

KFC removed potato wedges from their menu to streamline their operations and focus on their core products: fried chicken and biscuits. The chain wanted to make it easier for their employees to prepare orders quickly and efficiently.

What did KFC replace potato wedges with?

KFC replaced potato wedges with a new side called Secret Recipe Fries. These fries are made from fresh potatoes, seasoned with KFC’s secret blend of spices, and fried to a golden brown.

Are Secret Recipe Fries better than potato wedges?

Opinions on Secret Recipe Fries vary. Some customers love the new fries and think they are a great replacement for the potato wedges. Others, however, miss the old potato wedges and feel that the Secret Recipe Fries don’t compare.

Will KFC bring back potato wedges?

It is unclear if KFC will bring back potato wedges. The chain has made it clear that they are committed to providing the best possible experience for their customers and will continue to listen to their feedback.

What other changes has KFC made to their menu?

In addition to removing potato wedges, KFC has made several other changes to their menu over the years. The chain has introduced new products, such as the Double Down sandwich and Nashville Hot Chicken, and has also made changes to their recipe for fried chicken.


In conclusion, KFC decided to eliminate potato wedges from their menu in order to improve efficiency and concentrate on their core offerings.

Fans of the wedges were upset by this decision, but KFC is dedicated to giving its customers the greatest experience possible.

Customers’ reactions to the debut of Secret Recipe Fries have been divided, with some praising the new fries and others longing for the previous potato wedges.

What the future holds for KFC’s menu is uncertain, but one thing is certain: the chain will continue to listen to its customers and make adjustments to enhance both its food and business practices.


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  1. I hate the fact that your chicken pieces are so small!!!! I so miss the big fat chicken legs, so tender and juicy. We have stopped getting kfc we now call it KFp. Kentucky fried pigeon.

  2. Bring the wedges back ! Love ’em !

    Please reduce the pepper amounts on your chicken. It’s so peppery I don’t enjoy any of the fried chicken at all . PLEASE

  3. Agree with both the request for bringing potato wedges back (assuming KFC does care for my customer experience) and for reducing the ridiculous and unpalatable amount of pepper.
    Actually, we’ve not returned since KFC abandoned Potato Wedges and talked us into substituting boring “Secret Potato Fries” or whatever silly name they chose for run-of-the-mill french fries.
    Another once yummy restaurant functionally bites the dust. Sigh.

  4. It is a real shame and a robbers for KFC to discontinue sell the wingettes. I don’t even frequent them anymore because of yhe heartbreak.

  5. Just bring back the wedges, period. Doing it to streamline the process is a cop out. They worked for decades, and all of a sudden, it slowed down production. Just bring them back and offer the not so good fries and the wedges and let the public decide.

  6. KFC only took out the wedges because they had to use fresh potatoes and it was cheaper to use frozen fries. KFC wanted to save money oh and bring back the grilled chicken too.

  7. They do not care about their customers. If they did they would listen to them. I find it wrong But what ever. I ray they change their minds. I will not be back until then so maybe never.

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