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What Kind of Beef Does Five Guys Burgers Use

You’ve probably heard of Five Guys if you enjoy burgers. Many people are curious as to what type of beef is used by the fast food company to produce its delectable, juicy burgers. Thankfully, we did the investigation for you, so you can learn exactly what type of beef is used in a Five Guys burger.

The Five Guys restaurant on Long Acre in Covent Garden, London

The business uses premium ground beef that exclusively includes steer and heifer meat, according to the Five Guys website.

Every day, fresh ground beef is used, and neither cow meat nor fatty trimmings are used.

Because Five Guys does not treat its ground beef with ammonia, there is no “pink slime” in its burgers.

The outcome is a burger made entirely out of pure, unadulterated beef, with no added fillers.

Five Guys Brand Philosophy

Five Guys’ brand tenet is straightforward: deliver premium burgers that are created to order, fresh, and juicy.

They use 100% fresh, never frozen beef that is free of any fillers, preservatives, or artificial substances since they believe in using only the greatest ingredients.

The goal of Five Guys is to provide you with the best possible burger experience. Their beef, which comes from reputable suppliers, is a blend of chuck and sirloin.

This guarantees that every time they serve burgers, they are of the greatest caliber.

Five Guys believes in giving customers the option to customize their burger experience in addition to using only the best ingredients.

They have several different toppings available, ranging from the traditional lettuce, tomato, and onion to more unusual choices like jalapenos and A1 sauce.

By doing this, you may make a burger that is customized to your own tastes and preferences.

The brand philosophy of Five Guys places a strong emphasis on effectiveness and speed. They are aware that individuals have busy schedules and don’t have time to wait around for food.

They concentrate on providing speedy service and have a streamlined ordering process as a result.

This guarantees that you can satisfy your craving for burgers without having to waste valuable time.

Overall, the core tenant of the Five Guys brand strategy is to deliver a quick, high-quality burger experience.

They adhere to the principles of using only the finest ingredients, providing a wide range of toppings, and offering prompt and effective service.

As a result, they have grown to become one of the most well-known burger franchises worldwide.

Type of Beef Used

One of the key distinctions between Five Guys and other fast food companies when it comes to their burgers is the sort of meat they utilize.

According to Mashed, Five Guys’ burgers are made with a combination of chuck and sirloin. This mixture of meats offers a flavor profile that is both juicy and meaty and is well-rounded.

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It should be noted that Five Guys takes pleasure in employing daily hand-made, fresh beef patties that are never frozen.

This indicates that the beef used in your burger is of the finest quality and wasn’t stored in a freezer for several days or weeks before cooking.

The absence of fillers in their beef is another feature that distinguishes Five Guys. The burger you’re eating is therefore created entirely from pure, unadulterated beef.

According to a Mashed article by dietitian Amy Shapiro, “The burger is made out of just 80/20 USDA ground beef, that is it. It comes in at about 300 calories and 17 grams of fat. All from the beef.”

Overall, the use of fresh, never frozen beef, the blend of chuck and sirloin, and the lack of fillers all contribute to the excellent flavor and high quality of Five Guys burgers.

Sourcing and Quality Control

Five Guys takes very carefully the quality of the beef that goes into their burgers.

They employ 80/20 ground chuck, a premium form of ground beef made exclusively from steer and heifer meat.

This indicates that their burgers don’t contain any cow meat or fatty trimmings. There is also no “pink slime” in Five Guys’ burgers because their ground beef is not treated with ammonia.

The meat served at Five Guys comes from family-run ranches in the US, Australia, and Ireland. They assert that their beef is always fresh and never frozen.

Less than 1% of the beef in the UK, according to the firm, is suitable for use in their burgers.

Five Guys has strong quality control procedures in place to guarantee the reliability and security of their beef.

They set high criteria for the treatment of animals, the safety of food, and environmental sustainability for their suppliers. In addition, Five Guys regularly checks its suppliers to make sure they adhere to these requirements.

When the beef is delivered to the restaurant, a trained team of staff members inspects it to make sure it satisfies Five Guys’ requirements.

When the beef is prepared for cooking, it is kept in a cooler at a temperature of 40°F or below.

Overall, Five Guys goes to great lengths to guarantee that their beef is of the greatest caliber and complies with their exacting criteria for sustainability and safety.

Preparation Process

The daily hand-made in-house burgers at Five Guys are cooked using fresh, never frozen beef patties.

Since there are no on-site freezers at the restaurant, the meat is always fresh. The beef has a distinctive flavor and texture since it is a combination of chuck and sirloin.

When preparing the beef, Five Guys staff members unload a box of ground beef and inspect it to ensure that it is at the proper temperature and that there is no visible blood.

Additionally, they check each vacuum-sealed container to make sure the plastic hasn’t been pierced. The meat is guaranteed to be fresh and of the greatest quality thanks to this attention to detail.

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It’s time to make the patties after the beef has been examined. To create flat, rounded patties out of the beef, Five Guys employs a custom burger press.

The patties are then grilled while being seasoned with salt and pepper. The patty’s outside is seared and the juices are sealed in by the grill’s high temperature setting.

The toppings are being made by Five Guys staff while the patties are cooking.

There is a large selection of toppings available at the eatery, including lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, mayo, mustard, ketchup, relish, jalapenos, and more.

Customers are free to combine and match toppings to make the ideal burger by selecting as many or as few as they choose.

The customer’s preferred toppings are added after the patties have been perfectly cooked and placed on a toasted bun. The end product is a juicy, tasty burger that will surely please even the pickiest eater.

Nutritional Value

You’ll be relieved to learn that Five Guys burgers are created entirely of fresh beef and include no fillers, preservatives, or additives if you’re concerned about their nutritional value.

As a result, you can savor a juicy, mouthwatering burger without being concerned about swallowing undesirable components.

Depending on the size and toppings you select, Five Guys burgers can have a variety of nutritional values.

However, a typical Five Guys hamburger patty has 700 calories, of which 55% are from fat, 22% are from carbohydrates, and 22% are from protein.

A Little Hamburger, which has a smaller patty and fewer calories, is an alternative if you’re looking for something with fewer calories.

In addition, you can add other toppings to your burger, such as lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, mushrooms, jalapenos, and more.

It’s vital to remember that adding toppings can drastically raise your burger’s calorie intake.

For instance, a Five Guys Bacon Cheeseburger with all the toppings has 920 calories, of which 50% are from fat, 17% are from carbohydrates, and 33% are from protein.

You can use a lettuce wrap in place of a bun or omit the cheese and bacon toppings if you’re trying to cut calories.

You can also select a milkshake or a side of Five Guys fries, but be aware that these options come with a lot of calories as well.

Overall, meat enthusiasts should choose Five Guys burgers as a nice and gratifying option.

You may easily change the nutritional content of a burger to suit your dietary demands and preferences if you have the option to personalize it and pick your own toppings.

Comparison with Other Brands

Five Guys is frequently contrasted with other well-known brands like McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s when it comes to fast-food burgers.

Here is how Five Guys beef compares to the alternatives:

  • McDonald’s: McDonald’s uses 100% pure beef patties that are seasoned with salt and pepper. However, the beef is a combination of different cuts and comes from multiple suppliers. Five Guys, on the other hand, uses 80/20 USDA ground beef that is free of any fillers or additives.
  • Burger King: Burger King’s patties are made from 100% beef, but like McDonald’s, the beef is a combination of different cuts and comes from multiple suppliers. Five Guys uses only one type of beef, which is ground fresh daily.
  • Wendy’s: Wendy’s uses fresh, never frozen beef patties that are made from 100% pure beef. However, the beef is not organic and is sourced from multiple suppliers. Five Guys also uses fresh beef, but it is 80/20 USDA ground beef that is free of any fillers or additives.
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Overall, Five Guys distinguishes itself from its rivals by utilizing only fresh, premium beef that is devoid of any additives or fillers.

Despite the fact that some companies may use only beef, it could not be as pure or as recent as what Five Guys offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of beef does Five Guys use?

Five Guys uses 80/20 ground chuck-high quality ground beef containing only steer and heifer meat, which does not include any cow meat or fatty trimmings. This means that there is NO “pink slime” in their burgers. The burger is made out of just 80/20 USDA ground beef, with no fillers involved.

Is the beef fresh or frozen?

Five Guys uses fresh beef, never frozen. The beef is delivered fresh to each restaurant every day, and it is cooked to order. This ensures that the beef is of the highest quality and that customers get the freshest burger possible.

What makes Five Guys beef different from other fast food chains?

One reason why a burger from Five Guys is so tasty compared to other fast food offerings is that it is pure, unadulterated beef, with no fillers involved. The beef used in Five Guys burgers is of high quality and contains only steer and heifer meat, which does not include any cow meat or fatty trimmings. This means that there is NO “pink slime” in their burgers.

Can I customize my burger?

Yes, you can customize your burger with a wide variety of toppings, including lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, jalapenos, green peppers, ketchup, mustard, mayo, relish, barbecue sauce, hot sauce, A.1. sauce, and more. You can also choose to add extra patties or bacon to your burger.

How many calories are in a Five Guys burger?

The calorie count of a Five Guys burger can vary depending on the toppings and size of the burger. On average, a regular burger contains about 840 calories, while a little burger contains about 480 calories. Five Guys also offers a lettuce wrap option for those who are looking for a lower-carb option.


In conclusion, the 80/20 USDA ground beef used in Five Guys burgers has 80% lean meat and 20% fat.

The burgers’ tasty and juicy texture is a result of the lean meat and fat combination, which many people adore.

The fact that Five Guys burgers are prepared entirely of pure, unadulterated beef without the use of any fillers is one of the reasons why they are so wonderful.

This ensures that you always get a great, filling burger because each burger patty is created entirely from premium ground beef.

The fact that Five Guys burgers are made to order is another factor in their popularity. This implies that every burger is freshly cooked and customized to suit your own preferences.

To construct the ideal burger for your palate, choose from a variety of toppings, such as lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, mayo, ketchup, mustard, relish, and more.

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