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What to Order on Wawa’s Secret Menu

Wawa is a convenience store that originated in Pennsylvania and is operational throughout the Northeast. In 1902, George Wood opened up a milk processing plant in Wawa, Pennsylvania, but in the 1960s, when milk delivery decreased in popularity, the company opened storefronts, and the rest is history! 

wawa storefront

The store has branched out from selling only milk and dairy products and has created a mass following of fans due to its delicious hot bar, incredible hoagies, and creative ready-to-eat snacks.

Indeed, Wawa’s stores sell more than 60 million customizable hoagies every year. There is also a Wawa secret menu with specials that come around a few times a year.

For those loyal to Wawa, it might not come as a surprise that the extensive menu is even more significant with the addition of tasty secret menu items.

Learning these creative ordering tricks will result in some of the best secret menu items available to customers. 

Rainbow Bagels

For the past five years, rainbow-colored bagels have been all the rage on social media outlets.

Wawa introduced the rainbow bagel to celebrate the store’s birthday. Every year, the store creatively celebrates its anniversary. 

To order a rainbow bagel at Wawa, order your bagel from the touchscreen kiosks.

Select the Wawa goose in the bottom left-hand corner, which will open a screen that reveals their secret menu items! 

Colorful Lemonades

The Wawa lemonade is a delicious and refreshing beverage that customers can enjoy, particularly during the year’s warmer months.

The classic sweet and tangy lemonade is always available, but for a celebratory moment or a punch of color, order one of the colorful options from the Wawa secret menu. 

The “Summertime Sips” collection includes green, violet, and orange colors.

The basic ingredients in the lemonade include filtered water, cane sugar, and lemon juice, and the color is added by food coloring with small flavor changes, but the lemon shines through regardless of the additional flavors and colors. 

Birthday Cake Milkshakes & Smoothies

The secret menu offers a collection of thrilling fan-favorites like the birthday cake milkshake and smoothie.

After pressing the small Wawa goose, the secret menu appears, and users can select a tasty milkshake or sweet smoothie.

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When new secret menu items first launch, Wawa discreetly promotes the items, but selecting the goose icon on the kiosk can lead you to treat any time of the year. 

Keep an eye out around April 12th every year for particular items that celebrate the store’s anniversary.

The birthday milkshakes taste like vanilla cookies and are topped with whipped cream and sprinkles. 


During Siptopia, all Wawa made-to-order drinks will be on sale for $1.99, including hot and iced beverages, frozen drinks, and milkshakes.

By using the kiosk or the smartphone app, customers can take advantage of the discounted drinks during Siptopia.

When Wawa first launched the campaign, it was wildly successful, and many people anxiously await the recurring deal. 

My favorite drink to order during Siptopia is the Blueberry Pomegranate Mango smoothie.

Other great options include the Bananas Foster Cream Smoothie, the Mocha Mint Frozen Cappuccino, the Berry Passion Fruit Refresher, and the Iced Chai Tea. The possibilities are nearly endless! 

Wawa Reserve Coffee

People visit Wawa every day—sometimes twice—to purchase a cup of coffee.

In May of 2019, Wawa launched a line of Reserve Coffee. The coffee is certified Fair Trade and organic. The Wawa Reserve Coffee is from the Guatemalan highlands.

Coffee experts roasted the beans to medium, creating a smooth brew smelling like orange blossom and jasmine and tasting like honey and dark chocolate.

This 2019 Reserve is not the first and will certainly not be Wawa’s last specialty reserve brew. Wawa takes the coffee game up to the next level with each iteration.

The man behind the special cups of Joe is Mike Sherlock, Wawa’a Chief Fresh Food & Beverage Officer. 

Secret Halloween Menu Items

The spookiest time of year is the best time of the year because of Wawa’s secret Halloween menu!

During October, customers can press the goose icon to access a secret Halloween menu with particular items like Spellbinding Strawberry smoothie! 

I most enjoy the Graveyard Smash, a chocolate cookie and cream smoothie topped with gummy worms.

Other seasonal items include Blueberry Pom Reader and Mystical Mango.

In previous years, the Fang-o Mango was a secret menu item; it is a mango smoothie with a drizzle of chocolate around the cup and a “pool of blood” or red strawberry sauce on top. Spoooooky!

How to Find Wawa’s Secret Menu

It is simple to find Wawa’s secret menu if you know where to look.

When you are standing in front of the kiosk, you will see the regular order menu that lists beverages, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and baked goods.

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You may even see specials that day, like a $4.99 breakfast hoagie combo. You can order normally at this kiosk but look for the small flying Canadian goose at the bottom left-hand corner to access the secret menu. 

The goose’s wings will be flapping, and the first time you press it, the screen may ask if you need more time to order; simply continue pressing the goose until a graphic pops up on the kiosk that looks like a bank vault.

The lock will spin! You will then see a screen that says secret menu and a button that reads enter here. Press the button and enjoy the Birthday Cake Smoothie, the Summertime Swirl bagel with cream cheese, or the Gravedigger Shake with gummy worms. 

Wawa is a beloved national convenience store chain that thousands of people visit every day. From Philly to Orlando, cities along the East Coast have hundreds of Wawa locations, each with a special menu. Don’t forget about the most popular items on Wawa’s daily menu, however!

Just “click” on the goose at the store kiosk to access the secrets. Also, take advantage of how customizable every menu option is when using the kiosk or smartphone app. 

For the most up-to-date intel on upcoming secret menus, follow #WawaSecretMenu on social media–the company has been known to make announcements this way! If you have a favorite secret menu item, not on this list, share it with us! 

Looking for other secret menu items? Check out our top picks from Starbucks’ secret menu or Chick-Fil-A’s hidden menu!

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  1. I love to go to WAWA; and was a regular customer at their 2nd location in Drexel Hill, PA. way back when! As a kid I recall all those family Sunday drives out from Drexel Hill on Rt #1 past WAWA & still recall seeing all the cows grazing on the hillside next to the dairy. And now living in NC for the past 15 years I am excited to see WAWA come to NC and hopefully have WAWA come to the Cape Fear area of Wilmington, NC! When we travel north along Rt#95, I stock up on WAWA coffee and hoagies along the way; and take lots of coffee and pretzels back home. I also buy soft pretzels to take to the grandkids in VA & NY!
    I trust WAWA for a tasty bite to eat and a clean rest room stop!
    All my close by neighbors tell me I have the WAWA wants/needs!
    My favorite is the WAWA Hazelnut Coffee and their hoagie.

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