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7 Vegan Options at Sushi Restaurants

eating a vegan sushi roll with chopsticks

Eating out at a restaurant can be a challenge for vegans. Although there are now a lot more dishes that are vegetarian friendly,  some are still made using animal-derived ingredients which make them unsuitable for vegans. 

Traditionally, sushi is made from fish which is wrapped in seaweed. It often contains eggs too.

To keep up with demand, the concept of sushi is becoming more diverse and there are now many vegan options available that are super flavorsome and tasty.

Cucumber Rolls

6 pieces of a vegan cucumber roll

Cucumber rolls are a healthy and refreshing sushi dish that is enjoyed by vegetarians and vegans alike.

The cucumber adds a nice crunch and also delivers several health benefits. Not only does it have a high nutritional value, but cucumber also contains vitamins and antioxidants.

Moreover, cucumber is also thought to help with weight loss.

Edamame Beans

edamame beans on a plate with orange slices and a flower

Edamame is the name given to a dish of soybeans that are served in their pods.

They can either be steamed or boiled and seasoned with salt, although in Japan, they are typically prepared in saltwater.

These beans are a great source of protein and they are also rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber.

Seaweed Salad

a healthy bowl of seaweed salad and a lemon slice

A healthy bowl of seaweed salad is rich in nutrients, thus making it a great option for vegans, it is also a favorite in many sushi restaurants.

Moreover, seaweed also contains a combination of potassium, iodine, iron, magnesium, and calcium.

It is often topped with sesame seeds and soy sauce and sometimes served with rice.

Fried Vegetable Tempura

dish of fried vegetable tempura

Tempura is a staple dish in Japanese culture.

It is a dish of deep-fried vegetables that are coated in a light but crunchy batter.

Perhaps one of the most distinct differences between other fried foods and tempura is the texture of the batter. They also are not cooked using a lot of grease, either.

Traditionally, the batter is made from flour, cold water, and beaten eggs, however, it can be made vegan friendly but only using flour and water.

Tempura is a popular dish that can be made from any vegetable such as green beans, sweet potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. 

Seasoned Tofu Sushi

vegan tofu sushi roll on a plate

This dish, also known as Inari sushi, refers to a type of sushi that is stuffed in fried tofu.

The tofu can be stuffed with a range of vegetables such as avocado but taste just as delicious when consumed alone.

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Soy sauce and sugar are typically used to season this dish. If desired, you can also add a sprinkle of sesame seeds. 

Avocado Rolls

8 pieces of an avocado roll on a plate

You will find that the majority of popular sushi rolls include avocado.

Although they can be eaten alone, they will sometimes be served with vegetables. This dish is a favorite amongst meat-eaters and vegans alike.

Pieces of avocado are accompanied by rice and then wrapped in seaweed. Usually, these rolls are served with wasabi, pickled ginger, and soy sauce to enhance the flavor.

Avocados are high in monounsaturated fats and these are believed to help lower blood pressure. Furthermore, avocados are rich in fiber and potassium.

Vegan-Friendly Rice

vegan friendly rice in a wooden bowl

Rice is a popular dish that can be made vegan-friendly.

Whilst it often incorporates meat or animal-derived ingredients, in most cases, these ingredients can be deducted as desired.

If you visit a sushi restaurant and the rice listed on the menu contains eggs, chicken or oyster sauce, etc, it is likely that the waiter will be more than happy to alter it to cater to your dietary needs.

Rice is thought to act as a natural anti-inflammatory and it is also an excellent source of energy.

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