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The Beefy Crunch Burrito Is Coming Back To Taco Bell

Taco Bell fans, rejoice! The beloved Beefy Crunch Burrito is making a comeback to the menu in early August 2023.

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The burrito, which has developed a cult following among Taco Bell enthusiasts, won a spot on the menu after going head to head against the Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos in an in-app voting experience.

According to Fast Food Post, the Beefy Crunch Burrito will be available nationwide and will come as a combo special for $2, which includes a Baja Blast beverage. Without the drink, the burrito will cost $1.49. The burrito is made with the brand’s signature seasoned beef, nacho cheese sauce, and Flamin’ Hot Fritos, all wrapped in a warm tortilla.

The Beefy Crunch Burrito has a long and storied history at Taco Bell. It periodically appears on the menu and has developed a dedicated fan base, much like the McRib at McDonald’s. In fact, there is even a Facebook group called the Beefy Crunch Movement with over 58,000 members dedicated to bringing the burrito back to the menu.

While Taco Bell did not cite the ceaseless awareness campaign on behalf of the Beefy Crunch Burrito in announcing its return, the group’s leader, Richard Axton, expressed his excitement about the news. “I am extremely excited for everyone to be able to get a chance to reunite with the BCB,” he said in a statement to NRN.

So mark your calendars for early August 2023 and get ready to indulge in the deliciousness of the Beefy Crunch Burrito once again. Taco Bell fans, the wait is almost over!

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