Top 10 Vegan Options at Taco Bell

If you live a vegan lifestyle, you already know that most fast food places usually have very few truly palatable options. I love Taco Bell because it is one of the few fast-food restaurants with more than a few vegan-friendly options.

Taco Bell a Popular Mexican & American Fast Food

When ordering from Taco Bell, you should know that many items automatically come with cheese and sour cream. Luckily, once you remove those ingredients, the items are often fully vegan. The restaurant makes customizing your meal very easy.

The first time I went to Taco Bell, I was worried that certain ingredients, such as the refried beans, might unexpectedly contain animal products.

Luckily, the ingredients that contain animal products are all obvious. The refried beans, tortillas, and sauce packets are all vegan. All cream sauces at Taco Bell are not vegan.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best vegan Taco Bell items you can order to “live mas!” 

The Bean Burrito

The bean burrito doesn’t put on a big show, but sometimes it is exactly what I need.

It is simply refried beans and onions with some red sauce, wrapped in a flour tortilla. This reliability makes it one of the most beloved items on the Taco Bell menu

I highly recommend making the bean burrito fresco style so that you can get a bit of acidic tomato. This burrito is also delicious when adding some fire sauce to each bite.

I enjoy getting this item in combination with a few other things, but you can’t go wrong with a classic. 

The Crunchwap Supreme with Beans

If you want something more intricate, pick up a Crunchwrap Supreme with beans.

It comes with black beans, but you can also replace those with refried beans if you want. This menu item is known for its unique method of layering soft and crunchy tortillas.

The single hard tortilla in the middle of the wrap keeps the beans separate from the other vegetables. 

I enjoy this item because it provides a balance of fresh and savory flavors while also providing a balance of soft and crunchy tortillas.

This item provides the perfect bite if you love a mix of textures. Remember to ask for no cheese or sour cream if you want the specialty item to remain vegan-friendly!

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Fiesta Taco Salad

A mix of rice, beans, and vegetables fills a crispy tortilla bowl in this tasty menu item.

The mixture of different ingredients allows you to combine and experiment so you can try different tastes together. Thanks to its size, the Fiesta Taco Salad makes a great full meal.

I love this option because it is one of the most customizable items on Taco Bell’s expansive menu. I like to get this with both types of beans and jalapeno peppers.

Sometimes I also add potatoes to this item if I am extra hungry.  

Veggie Power Bowl

The Veggie Power Bowl is a somewhat “bulked-up” version of the Fiesta Taco Salad without the tortilla bowl.

On a seasoned rice base, you can get the bean of your choice, lettuce, tomatoes, and guacamole. These ingredients all balance nicely and can work well with any of Taco Bell’s sauces

I enjoy any of the menu items that have both beans and rice because they help me get the complete protein I want.

As much as I enjoy the tortillas in the other menu items, I do like having the option to go tortilla free on occasion. I also like adding potatoes to this item when I want a bit more bulk. 

Black Beans and Rice

Simple and exactly what you think it is, Taco Bell’s Black Beans and Rice is a great side for any meal that is filling and offers the protein you need to maintain your energy. 

taco bell beans and rice
Source: Taco Bell

I almost always get beans and rice to pair with whatever else I get at Taco Bell.

Adding a bit of the spicy sauces to this item allows you to get the flavor you want out of it. It is also nice to have on hand if I decide I want some more beans or rice in whatever else I ordered. 

Mexican Pizza

I know this one sounds a little all over the place, but the flavors blend so well.

The Mexican Pizza is simply a few layered fried tortillas covered with an assortment of whatever ingredients you want. It is great to have with a mix of beans, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, olives, and sauces. 

Choose this option if you want a well-orchestrated, complex, and unique dish. If I get this, it is usually enough for a full meal.

However, you may want to pair it with beans and rice, chips and guacamole, or other small items if you need more food. 

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Soft or Crunchy Tacos

Another simple and reliable option, the soft and crunchy tacos are always a delicious addition to a meal.

The bean tacos come with lettuce and black beans, but you can also get refried beans. This is another menu item that is great to get Fresco style to add more veggies and experience a different flavor profile.

Even though Taco Bell has so many intricate offerings, sometimes a regular soft or crunchy taco is what I want.

Often, I will get something larger like the crunch wrap supreme, and I add a few plain tacos if I need more food.

Veggie Power Burrito

Taco Bell’s Power Menu strives to provide you with plenty of protein, and the Veggie Power Burrito is no exception.

This item also puts plenty of veggies at the forefront. With a ton of guacamole, lettuce, tomatoes, and black beans, you get the flavors of the Veggie Power Bowl with the convenience of a wrap.

To make this burrito vegan, you will need to remove the avocado ranch sauce in addition to the cheese and sour cream. I enjoy this dish when I look for something with a bit more to it than a regular burrito.

The combination of beans and guacamole creates a delightful flavor balance. You can also add some potatoes for more spice and texture.

The Spicy Tostada

Enjoy an arrangement of beans, lettuce, tomatoes, and sauces on a flat, crispy tostada.

Taco Bell’s take on this classic dish hits the spot while providing a somewhat different bite than some other wrapped menu items. 

This Spicy Tostada is another one of my favorites at Taco Bell. I usually order it when I want a light snack but also something filling.

Seeing all of the ingredients upfront does create a different eating experience.

When ordered vegan, the tostada is a bit less than spicy since it comes without the chipotle sauce. So, if you want a touch more spice, I recommend utilizing some sauce packets. 

Chips and Guacamole 

This classic combination is always a great addition to any meal from Taco Bell.

Crunchy tortilla chips pair perfectly with refreshing guacamole. 

When I first tried the guacamole at Taco Bell, I was shocked by just how good it was. You might start just getting it as a dip for your tortilla chips, but you’ll end up putting it on just about everything! 

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Whether I want a light meal or a vegan feast, Taco Bell is my favorite fast food destination. As a vegan, the biggest issue I have when it comes to ordering from Taco Bell is having too many options. 

Not only do they have plenty of vegan-friendly options, but they make it easy to customize many things on the menu to fit my needs.

Not every fast-food establishment does that, so it’s nice to feel like I”m in control when I’m looking at the menu.

Whether you want something simple and satisfying like chips and guacamole, or you want to make a full meal out of a Mexican Pizza, don’t stray away from Taco Bell. It’s more vegan-friendly than you might think, and can scratch that itch whenever you have a fast-food craving. 

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