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Sweetgreen’s Adds BBQ Salmon Protein Plate to the Menu

Sweetgreen is kicking off the new year with a fresh and health-focused campaign, “New Year, Full You,” featuring the introduction of their new BBQ Salmon protein plate. This innovative dish is a testament to Sweetgreen’s commitment to healthy, nutritious meals. It includes deliciously roasted salmon in olive oil, complemented by wild rice, sweet potatoes, and a housemade vegetable slaw. Topped with an exclusive honey BBQ sauce, this protein plate is a perfect blend of flavor and nutrition.

The BBQ Salmon protein plate is not just about great taste; it’s designed to cater to the growing consumer demand for healthy, high-protein food options. Sweetgreen’s initiative is a nod to the increasing awareness around healthy eating and a balanced diet. This menu addition aligns perfectly with Sweetgreen’s ethos of providing convenient and nutritious meal choices.

In addition to this new menu item, Sweetgreen is enhancing the customer experience with their Sweetpass loyalty program. This innovative program offers personalized free rewards, creating an engaging and rewarding experience for customers. Sweetgreen is taking customer loyalty to the next level by offering a chance to win a $1,000 credit, further incentivizing healthy eating habits.

The “New Year, Full You” campaign marks a significant step for Sweetgreen in redefining fast food. By offering meals that are both delicious and nutritious, Sweetgreen is leading the way in making healthy eating accessible and enjoyable. With this campaign, they invite customers to embrace the new year with positive dietary choices, highlighting the BBQ Salmon Protein Plate as a key element in this healthier, flavor-rich journey.

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