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Smashburger’s $6.99 Classic Double Burger Deal

In a delightful nod to the past, Smashburger is taking us on a tasty journey down memory lane. For a limited time, from January 26 to February 1, 2024, the popular burger chain is offering its iconic Classic Double Burger at their original 2007 price of just $6.99.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer to the Smashburger experience, this throwback deal is a unique opportunity to enjoy the Classic Double Burger, a fan favorite, at a price that will transport you back to the early days of the brand. What’s more, this special offer isn’t limited to just the beef option; it includes the Classic Double Turkey Burgers and Classic Double Black Bean Burgers, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

To take advantage of this delicious blast from the past, customers can head to their nearest Smashburger location, use the convenient Smashburger app, or visit the website. Simply enter the promo code “OGDOUBLE” during checkout to unlock the 2007 pricing on the Classic Double Burger. It’s a simple and tasty way to indulge in the nostalgia of the brand’s beginnings.

This promotion follows a previous throwback offer earlier in the month, where Smashburger treated customers to Classic Single Burger at the original 2007 price of $4.99. These throwback deals not only provide a delicious trip down memory lane but also highlight Smashburger’s commitment to honoring its history and engaging with its loyal customer base.

Participating locations nationwide are joining in on this nostalgic celebration, so be sure to check with your local Smashburger to confirm the availability of the offer. With only a limited time to savor these throwback prices, now is the perfect moment to gather friends and family for a burger feast that combines the best of the past and present. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enjoy Smashburger’s iconic Classic Double Burger at a price that’ll make you smile.

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