Prince Harry’s Favorite Foods Revealed

When we think of the royal family, we think of pomp and circumstance, elegance and etiquette, and a life of utter luxury. A feast fit for a king has long been portrayed and romanticized in popular culture.

Prince Harry

The British royal family is no stranger to the finer foods, but you’d be surprised and humbled to hear that their favorite foods are the same classic comfort foods that we all love.

Prince Harry’s favorite foods are as pedestrian as us common folk. Below, you’ll find a list of Prince Harry’s favorite foods and the charming stories behind them.

Roast Chicken 

According to his autobiography, Prince Harry revealed that his favorite food is roast chicken.

whole roast chicken with lemons and carving knives

Coincidentally, Meghan Markle shared Harry’s affinity for roast chicken, and it became one of the first subjects they bonded over. 

Harry told Meghan it was his favorite food, but he didn’t know how to prepare it, so she taught him how.

They have cooked many roast chickens together since. Harry and Meghan also frequent Nando’s for their roast chicken.

Harry bought Nando’s roast chicken when Markle was going into labor to comfort her.


Waffles were Prince Harry’s favorite dish for breakfast as a young royal.

Whole wheat Belgium waffle topped with boysenberry syrup

He reveals that he stuffed his face with Mickey Mouse-shaped waffles when he went to Disney World. 

His love for waffles rubbed off on his son, Archie. Harry says his son loves eating waffles.

Archie adores waffles and wakes up begging for them every morning.

To fuel Archie’s love for waffles, the Queen gifted him a waffle maker for Christmas, which the family uses often.

Sunday Roast

One of the most notable English cooking traditions is the Sunday Roast, a hearty platter of roasted meat, Yorkshire pudding, stuffing, gravy, roasted potatoes, and steamed or roasted veggies.

british sunday roast with roast beef and assorted vegetables

You can find roasts at any pub for cheap, which is where locals spotted Harry and Meghan Markle enjoying one accompanied by a couple of pints.

Harry and Markle stopped into a Berkshire pub with their infant son Archie to enjoy a Sunday roast like the locals, which endeared them to the world as a down-to-earth couple who were just like non-royals. 

Crispy Bacon

Bacon is a favorite food for most pork-eating cultures, and the royal family couldn’t agree more.

crispy bacon on a plate

Not only does Prince Harry love bacon, but he has a very specific preparation method to ensure it’s up to his standards of crispiness.

According to former Buckingham Palace chef Darren McGrady, a very self-assured 8-year-old Prince Harry instructed him to broil the bacon, wrap it in a paper towel, and microwave it to achieve an extra crispy texture, a method he says he learned at Disney World.

Apparently, he was able to try another breakfast item besides Mickey waffles on those childhood trips! 

In-N-Out Burger

Thanks in part to his childhood and his wife, Prince Harry has always been a huge fan of a good old-fashioned hamburger.

In n Out Double Double cheeseburger with animal style

He recounts delighting in Happy Meals from McDonald’s as a young royal on trips to the USA with Princess Diana. 

After moving to his wife’s native state of California, he now gets his burgers from In-N-Out Burger, one of the most popular fast food restaurants on the West Coast.

He’s such a fan of these burgers that the staff at his local In-N-Out has his order memorized. 

Bread and Butter Pudding

Bread and Butter Pudding is Prince Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana of Wales’s favorite dessert.

bread and butter pudding with raisins

He either inherited the taste for it or enjoys it for sentimental reasons to remember his beloved mother with every sweet bite. 

Banana Flan and Banana Pudding

While bread and butter pudding may be a nostalgic and sentimental favorite for Prince Harry, his favorite sweets revolve around bananas.

banana pudding with nilla wafers and fresh bananas

The most notable desserts Prince Harry will most likely choose over anything else are either banana flan or banana pudding.

According to the staff at Kensington Palace, Princess Diana would always order banana flan or banana pudding for both Prince William and Prince Harry as per their requests growing up.

What is Meghan Markle’s favorite food?

As a California native, Markle grew up eating clean from the vast natural bounty California is known for.

fried fish tacos with slaw and avocado

Thus, Markle’s favorite foods include dishes like acai bowls, fresh produce, sushi, avocado toast, and fish tacos – quite a sharp contrast from her husband’s favorites! 

What food was served at Harry and Meghan’s wedding?

As Meghan and Harry were married in the daylight hours, their wedding food was a royal luncheon planned by Queen Elizabeth.

Entrees included chicken fricassee with morels and leeks and slow-roasted pork belly with apple compote.

The wedding cake was a delicious elderflower and lemon cake with multiple tiers adorned with white flowers.

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